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@kylorenvevo | landscape with a blur of conquerors

“I am also Kira Ka Djo of Hapes, Isolder’s daughter and Ta'a Chume’s heir. I am She Who Will Come After, and I have power here. The next time you manhandle me here, you will regret it. Do you understand?


Never forget EXO’s cover of Luis Miguel’s Sabor A Mí.

anonymous asked:

Love all the backgrounds so far!! Do you happen to have the lineart for any of them? It'll be cool to see how the colors and glowy stuff you do enhance the drawings. Sorry English is not my native language.

hello, thank you! i only have one bg saved as a psd, here’s a comparison. unfortunately i don’t know who the layout artist is!

one of our wonderful layout artists tommy scott also posted some concepts and linework he did for episode one here!

p.s. your english is great :)

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