GPOYW- My Boyfriend’s Wardrobe “Live Evil”

This isn’t from today… but Jacob just uploaded all of his iphone pics on the computer and I rediscovered this picture/outfit.  This was actually the night of Peter Feld’s palindrome themed birthday, where I dressed like “Live Evil”… which I interpreted as wearing dark colors, dark lipstick, and a python bag (um… garden of eden anyone? snakes are evil right?).  

I’m pretty sure everyone said it was a cop-out outfit, because I would wear that any given day.  HOWEVER, numerous people at the bar I went to AFTER the party told me I looked evil without me even telling them I was dressed in theme.  So THERE.


  • Plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters (I bought it for him!… probably so I could wear it)


  • Tripp skinny jeans in black
  • Christian Siriano for Payless booties
  • Kooba Dakota python bag (DesignerSocial)
  • Alexander McQueen red skull cuff (Jacob present! <3 <3)
  • Trifecta necklace- Semi Precious Weapons tooth, silver noose, stud ring
  • Purple eyeshadow that I mashed into vaseline to make purple lip gloss…

(I dunno wassup with the t-rex pose though…)

My Boyfriend’s Wardrobe: GofG/ELLE Party at Burberry

Remember that time I made that blog about wearing Jacob’s clothes?  Bringing it back, but keeping it to BiancaRocksOut this time. :)

With Jacob’s wardrobe, the options I usually have are cardigans, button up shirts, and t-shirts.  Jacob’s black v-neck cardigan from Uniqlo (as seen on him below with Reni Lane) makes the perfect outer layer to the outfit I put together around my new favorite hat.  I could’ve gone safe wearing all black, but I wanted to bring in a few other neutral colors and textures– I happened to be ‘layering motivated’ that day.

External image


  • black Uniqlo v-neck men’s cardigan


My photo: Billy Farrell Agency
Jacob’s photo:


The Things I Wear: Bringing ’My Boyfriend’s Wardrobe’ back… also titled My Nouveau Beau’s Wardrobe

Ok, so I’ve been wearing men’s clothing for a while… namely Jacob’s which started the “My Boyfriend’s Wardrobe” posts on my blog.  That was actually a misnomer because I also posted outfits wearing men’s clothing that I borrowed from guy friends, my brothers, and/or I bought for myself.  

However, this is a special bf wardrobe post to begin new bf wardrobe posts, because there is a new bf whose wardrobe this outfit came from… ‘my new bf’s wardrobe?’… nouveau beau seemed more approps.  Apparently people still use the term beau in a tongue in cheek way in FL, or something like that.  Plus it rhymes.  We like rhyming.

Anyway, I digress.  Back to the outfit.  There have been a few instances in which I’ve worn a men’s shirt as a dress in different ways.  This is a new one for me though, re-discovered in a youtube tutorial that I will post in a sec.  Button the shirt askew, and use the sleeves to create a halter… belt that shit up, and you’ve got this really interesting top, to wear with jeans, a skirt, or in this case my favorite American Apparel figure skater dress.

I’m so into it.

On a random note, Mallory got an iphone so there’s no need for me to try to creatively take photobooth pics as outfit pics since she can take my outfit pics, but I really like using photobooth so I figured, why stop?


The Things I Wear… to a Fashion Party: No Makeup, Sneakers, and Boy Clothes…

I experience this thing where I might not have something on my calendar and then one or two hours before I get invited to an event last minute, and it’s like UGHHH (lol. jknot really ugh, i <3 parties).  This happened more often than not during NYFW, which you would think I would’ve known better and prepped in terms of what I wear to work.  

But no.  Instead, I throw together an outfit crafted out of pieces from my BF’s closet and whatever random articles of clothing I have left at his place.  This particular event was a Lexus thing at Milk Studios, and so I went with my friends in their chic sweater dresses, heels, vintage something or others, etc. and I stroll in wearing the following:

  • Aaron’s Sweater: which he actually wore the two days in a row prior.  Is that weird? I mean, he doesn’t have very many sweaters, and also it smelled like him (which is a good thing #pheromones = #love).  Plus I was into the sort of trompe l'oeil painted pocket thing happening.
  • Aaron’s trouser socks pulled all the way up (or tried to at least): because they were the longest things I could find in his sock drawer, and I figured I could get away with mid-calf socks.  It was cold that day and I didn’t have tights.
  • My Levi’s Chambray shirt: Aaron has an almost identical one, but I spared him the wardrobe stealing since I conveniently had my own.  Worn around my waist 90s style- an attempt at keeping part of my legs warm since all I had in terms of bottoms were…
  • Cut-off JBrand Shorts
  • Haviana sneakers which I got from the StyleCaster Hamptons house this summer
  • + my pink vest from Urban Outfitters.  Because why not? Also, I figured with all the ‘boy’ action in the look, I may as well throw something slightly girly on.
  • ++ my Sorrelli cuffs #duh*

I got some weird looks. It was fine. Mike Abu was dressed sort of similarly so I was like… ok kewl.  Then I just went backed to Bushwick and chilled with some friends where it wasn’t so weird and they didn’t judge me for what I was wearing.

*Small Girls client


The Things I Wear: My Way, Your Way, My Way

The title of this post is a triple entendre as it describes the photos taken (selfies in the mirror and Aaron capturing my looks), the outfit I’m wearing (my take on Aaron’s clothing), and also a thinly veiled commentary on my current living situation

These days people ask me where I live and I stare at them as I try to craft my answer, because I’m in that relationship limbo of ‘your place, my place… your place’- that point where you practically live with the person you are dating yet you still maintain your own apartment for security/sanity/desire to maintain independent lives.

My normal response of “technically I live in Bushwick, but I’m always in Jersey City because the guy i’m dating lives there” has turned into “my closet lives in Bushwick, i basically live in Jersey City with my bf. sort of. idk." 

On this particular day, I managed to throw all of what I owned into the laundry (save these jeans), then realizing I literally had nothing to wear.  That, and the turn of weather was not anticipated, with my lack of warm clothing at my "2nd home”.  I did manage to find a blazer, which I wore out, only to realize that the collar made my hangover feel more stifling.  So I took Aaron’s offer of wearing his jacket out as well.  


Not Men’s
  • Jeans- Levi’s
  • Sequin booties- Aldo (purchased during a shoe emergency) 

Half the things in this outfit, were purchased with me, so I’d say my fashion sense has equal representation in the pieces.  Then I went to Urban Outfitters and bought more girl clothes… ok, and a men’s jacket that technically we can both wear.

I’ve also included a photo of BF Aaron and gay non-BF Corey from the previous night… wearing basically the same thing.  Am I a menswear blogger yet?

Gender Bender.

I love wearing men’s clothes.  Sometimes just incorporating one piece into my outfit and dressing around it, and other times a little bit more creatively.  

I’ve dipped into Jacob’s wardrobe quite a bit.  Which brings us to a contest we’ve been having over who looks better in his clothes… me or him?

* just to throw it out there, I got snapped by WGSN for a Street Style Profile today when walking around Soho… and umm, yea and I was wearing Jacob’s cowboy shirt.  Also, the first three links up there are his shirt and his sweater… :)

Public School

I very rarely find myself midtown, except for when I do showroom visits for DesignerSocial.  So after a quick designer meet & greet at COC+Co, Lani and I decided to pleasantly surprise Maxwell at Public School’s CFDA Incubator showroom.  

I tried on this awesome hooded men’s jacket … which I think looks pretty darn cute even though it’s GIGANTIC on me.  I would totally wear that out (just like that).  Small girls… that’s what it’s all about right now.

Also… Remember that random showroom dancing video we did? Maxwell is still embarassed about it.  I think it was fun. :) 

A Twist on the “Men’s Shirt as a Dress” Look

GrandLife/ Inauguration Party @ the Tribeca Grand Hotel 1/20/09

After last night’s meetup, I ran to meet Luna at the GrandLife Inauguration Party.  Since it’s kind of a big occasion, I decided it was tuxedo inspired attire all the way.  I took a white men’s shirt, tied it around in such a way to create a tube dress (you can see from the photo where the buttons are in the front, and the collar in the back, with the sleeves tied to make a bow), belted with a cumberbund.  I’m pretty happy with the end result.

Everyone seemed to be pulling out the creative stops in what they were wearing.  Amidst the stylish downtown crowd there were some really interesting characters-this guy who really reminded me of Willy Wonka (purple jeans, the hair and everything), some dude wearing a pirate’s hat and red/blue striped trousers, and another guy wearing a visor and a leopard fur (faux? i have no idea) coat.

GPOYW- Bamboo Shoots Armour Release @ Hi-Fi

Snappity Snap Snap Snap Bracelets.

GPO-my I’m so short Shiv has to crouch down to get in the frame with me.

In my thrown on “I’m running down to meet you (Sara Zucker) right now” outfit

  • Jacob’s Navy V-neck
  • Grey pantyhose that I accidentally burned a cigarette hole in so I burned more so it would run
  • Miss Sixty shorts that used to be the best skinny jeans ever until they ripped and I had to turn them into shorts
  • Jacket I took at Lit a year ago after some other girl took mine
  • Favorite black Fluevog boots
  • Bamboo Shoots stickers as “holy tights band aids” and snap bracelets on my wrists, purse, and ankle…

Sara’s response on the phone when she saw me walking up the block-

S- Are you not wearing any pants?
Me- I’m wearing shorts.
S- You’re not wearing any pants.

The Things I Wear: BFB Launch in Le BF’s Shirt

also titled “I’m like… the superhero for men’s shirts”

So, Mal and I stopped by the BFB Launch party at Milk Studios a couple of weeks ago… I know, I know, 2 weeks later?  What? I’ve been busy.  Cut a girl some slack on her personal blogging, yo.  There will probably be more ‘week late’ party outfits coming your way.

At any rate, my sentiments on this outfit and the sort of anecdote about how the BF hates plaid button up shirts is the same even if it is 2 weeks later.  [Again, I know… WHAT??  I’m dating a guy who hates wearing plaid button up shirts… idk, i just dk.  Don’t give me that look.  Sometimes, it’s just about the guy behind the (not plaid button-up) shirt.  Does that statement make me less shallow, btw?]

I took this one off his hands (tags still attached after a year of owning), and decided to wear it out.  By taking it off his hands, I mean he literally handed it to me saying he was never going to wear it.  I can’t let a perfectly good men’s shirt just go to waste, hidden in a drawer where it’ll never see the light of day!  I have plans for you shirt!  Don’t worry. 

In my version of the urban cowboy look- tied at the waist, with grey denim, a moto jacket, and moto boots-I was ready to dance the night away, and match le biz partner at a super fun fashion/media party.  Thanks to me the shirt got to stand two feet away from Russel Simmons.  I’m sure that never in its wildest dreams did it think that would ever happen… ever, let alone on its first public outing.  Also, thanks to Lindsey Green & BFB for the invite.

Serving & protecting men’s shirts forever.

  • Men’s Shirt- taken from the bf
  • Jeans- Levi’s
  • Jacket- Target
  • Boots- Buffalo Exchange
  • Mallory Blair- Small Girls PR (best party accessory ever, your biz partner)

(Photos by Guest of a Guest)