Best Friends VideoGame Club | PC Gamers

PC Gamers vs Console Gamers.  A debate that has raged for many years.  Admittedly, I think it’s a pointless argument.  Games are games.  Who cares what you’re playing on as long as the games are good?  This episode may lean a little further to one side but it still does a good job of showing us how silly this argument truly is.


Best Friends! VideoGame Club - Episode 02 - Intervention

Marina’s bad habits are ruining game night, so Caldwell, Owen and Murph decide to hold an intervention.

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Best Friends! VideoGame Club - Finale - The Party

Caldwell accidentally throws a cool party, which Murph, Owen and Marina actively try to sabotage.


Best Friends! VideoGame Club Teaser Trailer

In this clip, Owen and Caldwell show two girls how cool and totally normal they both are. 

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Best Friends! VideoGame Club - Episode 04 - Dn’D

Owen creates a custom Dungeons and Dragons campaign that challenges everyone to discover exactly why they dislike Owen.