I consider myself extremely lucky, partially because at the age of five I knew that I wanted to sing, dance, and act. I’m also lucky that my parents encouraged me to pursue all my dreams and provided lessons, support, wisdom and love. At the age of thirteen, my professional career began; voicing the title role in the animated series, “Hello Kitty”. Since then I have voiced over 100 animated series and countless episodes of on camera TV shows and some fabulous stints on stage.

I consider myself especially lucky because I’ve always been healthy enough to pursue my dreams. No child should experience health problems that prevents then from playing, laughing, enjoying life, and dreaming about their future.

My son is great friends with a little girl named Melanie. They have been friends since kindergarten. Whenever Melanie would come play, little sister Tiffany would join along. This little girl; nicknamed “Kiki” was the cutest little firecracker you ever saw. She made me laugh every time she was over. Two years ago, her father Ami called with the news that little Kiki had a stage four brain tumor, shutting her down completely. My heart broke for her family and for her. Ami stopped working, pulled Melanie out of school and devoted every waking moment to saving his little girl’s life. Even when doctors told him there was no hope, and to let her die; Ami was defiant. Nothing could stop him. They have tried every treatment imaginable. They have spent every last dollar. They need help.

Through my twitter account; @tarastrong, my incredible fans have raised over $40,000. The outpouring of love for little Kiki has been overwhelming and beautiful. Kiki is the first little girl I’ve helped, and now we are helping others, like Grayson; also with a devastating brain tumor. His mom and I are friends and every time a fan sends love to Grayson it warms his heart. There are so many others in tremendous need of of help.

My fans are a COMMUNITY. We are loving and supportive and they make me laugh. is a website for purchasing fun items for all my fans. Every item comes with a free autograph. A portion of all items sold will be given to one of my favorite charities, some items 100%. This site will also be a place for fans to discuss topics, post pics and art and lots of fun contests and giveaways.

As a neurosurgeon Brony once said to me; “Where there is life; there is hope”. I believe that miracles and possibilities are the same thing. Let’s make some miracles happen together…..and have some fun doing it. I wish to send my deepest gratitude to all my fans, the ones who give financially, and the ones who give with words from their hearts….I love you all.

You are all very #TWILIGHTLICIOUS.

—  Tara Strong, Taralicious’s About page.