I decided not to run a race today.

Not sure how to feel about this. It isn’t because I couldn’t do it or because I’m being lazy, but because running should be fun and I don’t want anxiety associated with running.

The Bolder Boulder 10k is a phenomenal race and normally I’d be super excited. I was supposed to run it alone though and don’t even know anyone running, despite there being 50,000 runners.

That being said, traffic would be miserable (35 minutes away), parking would be even worse, and then I’d be walking all over town trying to get to the start and back to my car afterwards.

This is okay, right? Instead I am going to stay up, clean, and then get outside on my own before going to a BBQ.


Alfred: But yeah, I guess.
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[ M!A 1/5 ]


Mac came home earlier than usual. He did his normal routine, shoes off, kiss on your cheek and then asked the question you hoped he’d skip, at least for tonight.

“Where’s Y/D/N?”. Recognizing that the house was a bit too quiet for Friday evening.

Taking a sip from the wine glass, you got up to place it in the sink. “She’s out with a…friend”. Mac noticed your hesitance when it came to the word friend, he was a government agent, so therefore was specially trained to sense when someone wasn’t being completely truthful.

Crossing his arms, “Friend?. Which one?”.

Accepting defeat you sighed and rubbed his arms to provide your husband with some ease, even if it was only for a split second. “Logan, the lovely young gentlemen she studies with”.

Mac’s jaw clenched, he was mighty protective of Y/D/N and her dating was something he had been dreading, severely. “And you let her go on this-this date with him?”.

Holding back a smile, it unfortunately failed to get past Mac unnoticed. “I don’t think this is a smiling matter, Y/N. She’s not meant to be dating, not until I’ve thoroughly checked out this Logan fellow”.

Following Mac into the bedroom, he threw off his shirt into the hamper and put on a fresh, clean one. Standing in between the door frame, Mac was now lightly pacing. “Do you really think I’d let our daughter go out on a date with a guy that doesn’t treat her well? I’ve meet Logan, you have too, remember? You said that you liked him?”. Taking Mac’s hands, the two of you sat on the edge on the bed.

“Mac, she seems to really like him. Could you please just wait until you’ve had a proper conversation with him? We can do a family dinner, if that’d put your mind at ease”. Playing with his hair, Mac’s stress levels seemed to be decreasing. “I know you want to protect her for as long as you can, she’ll always be our babygirl, but Y/D/N is growing up into a beautiful young women. And if she likes Logan then we as parents should support her decision, and be there for her if she ever needs us”.

He let out a shaky breath and reclined back onto the bed. “For his sake he better not hurt our daughter. It won’t end well for him, if he does….I’m just saying“.

Hovering over Mac, you smiled. “I’m sure his more scared of you then you are of him”.

“That’s funny, truly”. He muttered in a sarcastic tone. His hands sneaked around your frame and rolled you over to the other side, laughing as Mac pressed soft, light kisses on your face. When it came to your lips, he teased, before taking it to a more heated level.

“Ew, gross”. A voice came from the door’s threshold, pulling apart Y/D/N was standing there with a disgusted expression. “Next time close the door or something, would rather not walk in to see my parents making out. I just came to tell you guys I’m home and now I’m going to bed”.

As she turned to leave Mac yelled out. “Wait, how was the um-date?”.

Y/D/N shouted back. “Fine, and that’s all you’re getting dad!”.

“Fine? What does that even mean?”. He asked, pondering over his daughter’s words.

“It means she doesn’t want to talk to her parents about her date, instead she’s probably upstairs calling Y/D/BF right now telling her all the details. Because that’s what teenage girls do”. Mac went to get up, but you automatically pulled him down, like a reflex. “And no, you aren’t going up there to eavesdrop, Macgyver”.

Now it was Mac’s turn to accept defeat. “Okay, okay, I won’t”. Eying him, not entirely convinced. Mac put up his hand. “I promise I’m not going to eavesdrop”.

“Good, because you my lovable husband need to relax”. Your eyes held a mischievous glint in them. “And I can absolutely help with that”. Pulling him down, you lips smashed against his.