[BF meme] → [1/5] songs: Only the young

“Aural suspense fills the atmosphere as somber keyboards descend from the darkness. Flower’s vocals seem Skyped from another continent: “Nothing is easy/ nothing is sacred/ why?/ where did the bough break?/ it happened before your time.” Then the dawn breaks, and there’s a gentle gallop of a Ronnie Vannucci’s drums. The multi-tracked voice of Flowers in the chorus is like a world music chant: “Only the young can break away, break away/ lost when the wind blows, on your own on your own.”

[BF meme] → [3/5] songs: Mr. Brightside

“I guess it was somewhere around 2001 - I guess it was the end of 2001, to be exact - we were four lost souls, wandering the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada, and, ah, kinda looking for like-minded, you know, musicians and they have these, they have these weekly free magazines that you can get there, and they’re called "Las Vegas Weekly” and “City Life” and, ahm, yeah - and ah Dave Keuning, our guitar player, he put an add out in these classifieds, looking for, you know - he was looking for - looking for anything you could get out there, a singer, a drummer, you know, anything. I happen to be skimming through, skimming through the paper and I liked his influences, I liked the bands he liked, so I, I gave him a call. And it was very exciting because you never knew who was going to, who opened the door when you knocked and you never knew who this person was gonna be. And me and Dave got along all right, I think , yeah he was okay.“ Flowers says, giving the guitarist of the band a small wave. "On that first - on that first, ah, on  that first meeting he gave me a cassette that had, that had five ideas on it. So I took the cassette and I stuck it in the tape player of my 1992 GO Metro, that I had at the time and ah, this was the first thing that was on it.” The Intro of their famous number one hit “Mr. Brightside” starts to fill the halls of the Royal Albert Hall"


[BF meme] → [2/5] songs: A Dustland Fairytale

“It explodes at the end into something that’s a lot bigger than my mom and dad. It’s what they represent, their devotion to each other. They’ve been together 50 years. It strikes a chord with me, it’s something I want to have with my family. It’s not very rock and roll.” - BF