bfi sherlock preview

I think it’s my startling lack of charisma

Rupert Graves, on why Sherlock can never remember Lestrade’s first name [x]

Mark Gatiss: Because it doesn’t matter to him - and if he knows it, he deletes it immediately - but then as you see at the end he does remember.
Steven Moffat: And he does like to play games with people a little bit. I mean he keeps people at a distance so when it really mattered he remembered his name.

Anybody want a ticket for the TFP screening tonight?

London-based Sherlock fans: in my haste to attend the screening, I seem to have accidentally bought a second ticket to the preview screening of TFP at the BFI tonight. Releasing it at the price I paid for it- £17 (non-member price plus gift aid), in right block, row F, seat 6.

If you want it, just drop me a line. I’ll be at the BFI box office to collect my tickets about 20 minutes before the screening, so happy to meet you there.

If you’re not in London, please share regardless. Thanks!