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IFC Midnight Snares Martin Freeman-Starring Supernatural Thriller 'Ghost Stories'
The film is having its world premiere at the London Film Festival.

Today is the premiere of Cargo at the Adelaide film festival in Australia
as well as the premiere of
Ghost Stories at the @BFI London Film Festival.

The film is having its world premiere at the London Film Festival.

IFC Midnight has acquired North American rights to the supernatural thriller Ghost Stories, based on the Olivier-nominated stage production, co-written and directed by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman and having its world premiere Thursday at the BFI London Film Festival.

Nyman also leads the cast, reprising his role as Professor Goodman alongside Paul Whitehouse (The Death of Stalin, Corpse Bride, Alice in Wonderland), Alex Lawther (The Imitation Game, Goodbye Christopher Robin, Black Mirror) and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit franchise, Captain America: Civil War, Fargo and Sherlock).

Professor Phillip Goodman, psychologist and arch-sceptic, has his rationality tested to the hilt when he stumbles across a long-lost file containing details of three terrifying “hauntings.” Shaken by what he reads, Goodman embarks on a mission to find rational explanations for these ghostly stories.

As Goodman investigates, he meets three tormented people, each with a tale more frightening, uncanny and inexplicable than the last. Night-watchman Tony Matthews had a horrifying encounter in an empty warehouse and it has haunted him for years. Teenager Simon Rifkind took a late night drive that has rendered him unable to sleep. Mike Priddle, a brash banker, has had his worldview shaken to the core by unquiet spirits that apparently inhabit his otherwise perfect existence.

As Goodman digs into their stories, his carefully maintained and rational world starts to dissolve around him. Is it a trick of the mind or are darker forces at work? Gradually Goodman is drawn towards the unearthing of a long-buried secret that will pull his life, and everything he thought he knew, apart

Dyson is best known as a member of sketch comedy team The League of Gentlemen along with Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith which started as a stage act and went on to become a BAFTA Award-winning TV series. He also co-wrote and directed Sky Arts hit series Psychobitches which won the 2015 Rose d’Or for best comedy.

Nyman’s acting career has included roles in many films including Death at a Funeral, Kick-Ass 2, Severance, Automata and Black Death. Nyman is a co-writer and director of magician and illusionist Derren Brown’s TV and stage shows including Russian Roulette, Seance, and Messiah. Their collaborations have been nominated for and won both BAFTA and Olivier awards.

The film is produced for Warp Films by Claire Jones (Sightseers, Kill List), and Robin Gutch (‘71, Kill List) and is backed by Ultimate Pictures and Screen Yorkshire.

Catalyst Global Media and Screen Yorkshire serve as executive producers. Altitude Film Sales is handling worldwide sales. Lionsgate will distribute the film in the U.K./Eire in Spring 2018.

so i went the pictures tonight & saw the live screening of ‘Loving Vincent’ beamed from london . It actually exceeded my expectations with great performances from Aidan & eleanor. The whole concept is incredible achievement & the story content kept my attention.. it’s well worth going to see.

There was a Q&A afterwards, sadly no aidan or eleanor. The only cast in attendance was douglas booth & helen mccrory, along with head honchos & one of the many painters. .. LOL however, as impressive as it was, I was desperate for somebody to ask why, when the story is set in Auvers, the characters performed using british (& irish) accents.. hilarious! Aidan’s boatman voice was smooth gorgeous irish which was really beautiful to listen to & i’m not complaining, who knows, the boatman might have been an irishman!.. I do get that we’re to accept that the actors aren’t french & it doesn’t really matter & of course there could be danger of them sounding a bit ‘Allo Allo’ .. it was way too classy for that! BUT eleanor spoke in a northern accent & douglas with a seriously bad mockney geezer accent wtf?.. Saoirse Ronan was very posh plum in mouth & helen mccrory was northern.. Yes i know eleanor’s a northern lass, but when interviewed there’s no trace of a northern accent. So my point is that they were cast with english accents that don’t even belong to them, bizarre! what’s that all about? I didn’t think it added anything but gave me a laugh anyway!