Lucas discovers he’s good at cooking when he and the rest of the gang get roped in to helping Karen Wheeler prepare her annual Thanksgiving feast. Not only does he have a knack for cooking, but he also finds it immensely enjoyable and starts helping his own mom and dad out in the kitchen a lot more.

El also loves to cook. One of her favourite pastimes is experimenting in the kitchen with spices and flavours she never knew existed; everything at the Lab had been so bland. Aside from cooking, El’s a talented baker and is quickly able to pick up on and recreate Karen’s recipes, including her celebrated chocolate chip banana bread and her caramel cookies.

So just imagine Lucas and El bonding over their mutual love of cooking and baking. And imagine them hosting the most adorable dinner party for their friends. They plan three courses (including dessert) and focus on making each plate look and taste perfect. After this first dinner party, hosted in the Wheeler’s basement, Mike, Dustin, Will, and Max continually ask when there’ll be another.

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any fun facts about kam & po or how is ken's relationship with his necrofriggian siblings?

Heck Yea!

po and ken have been bffz for Lyf, basically, bcs she’s of blukic + dribas kid (because i am the garbage king of blukic/driba shipping) (also po is adopted + an only child, and considering the fact that galvan are amphibious and probably have babies in large clutches, its kind of affected the way she interacts w/people socially. also having blukic and driba as dads Definitely affects the way she interacts with people socially lmao anyways i digress) so she and ken and dev have basically grown up around each other. she is like…..crazy smart, like, could one day become the first thinker smart, and while blukic n driba are … not, they are super proud to have a super smart daughter and encourage her to do all kinds of cool scholarly stuff. only the problem is all the cares about is tv and blowing shit up– her life goal is to make big guns for plumbers and she couldnt care less about any scholarly pursuits tht don’t align with that. i kinda want to make a romantic interest for her but im not sure…who or how or even if i want that for her at all or whatever yet. 

kamil is different, he comes from a big, but poor, family on khoros which he left to join the plumbers. he’s only got one sister, but lives with lots of aunts/uncles/cousins/niblings/etc , and he misses em a lot but he is excited to see more of the galaxy and what it has to offfer as a plumber, plus he can send money back home to help his family and whatnot. so anyways it turns out his dad is someone kevin knows from his own exploits on khoros, so kam ends up befriending dev in that Our Dads Are Friends way, nd ends up meeting kenny and po thru them, bcs he winds up talking to dev about some of his problems in school (he’s not stupid, he just performs really poorly in a traditional academic setting + has a lot of trouble keeping up with school work nd stuff, so makes bad grades and doesn’t understand whats going on half the time) and dev introduces him to the others who are his Study Group and kam just joins their clique. kam and ken both have crushes on each othr but neither one of them know what to do when you have a crush on someone.

and!!! ken loves his necrofriggian siblings!!! when he was younger there was some Jealousy btwn the two groups, just as far as sibling rivalries and stuff goes, but now whenever they visit its fun and exciting and the house is full and loud, and they always have such cool stories and go to such cool places. a few of his siblings are plumbers, and so he sees em more often, but others are more reclusive or live farther away and cant visit as much, but they all Love kenny and love to see him.