Lucas discovers he’s good at cooking when he and the rest of the gang get roped in to helping Karen Wheeler prepare her annual Thanksgiving feast. Not only does he have a knack for cooking, but he also finds it immensely enjoyable and starts helping his own mom and dad out in the kitchen a lot more.

El also loves to cook. One of her favourite pastimes is experimenting in the kitchen with spices and flavours she never knew existed; everything at the Lab had been so bland. Aside from cooking, El’s a talented baker and is quickly able to pick up on and recreate Karen’s recipes, including her celebrated chocolate chip banana bread and her caramel cookies.

So just imagine Lucas and El bonding over their mutual love of cooking and baking. And imagine them hosting the most adorable dinner party for their friends. They plan three courses (including dessert) and focus on making each plate look and taste perfect. After this first dinner party, hosted in the Wheeler’s basement, Mike, Dustin, Will, and Max continually ask when there’ll be another.

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