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Raylan/Tim Fic Recs

Some of these are slash, some of them are friendship, and some are either ‘pending on which way you squint. Just check the summary before you read if you’ve got any reservations one way or the other. 

Friends With the Enemy (Series) by thornfield_girl

Too Close by Destery_Gutterson

Guardians by Destery_Gutterson

Falling by crowberry

Trust Me by verdreht

Shot in the Dark by verdreht

Don’t Worry About It by verdreht

Under The Blacklight (Series) by menel

With A Gun In Your Mouth You Only Speak In Vowels by twincy

It’s Not All About You! by shadowolfhunter

The Heart Wants (Series) by shadowolfhunter

Fire Away by lymricks

That’s definitely not all the good ones out there. If you got some you can think of to recommend, shoot me a line and I’ll add 'em. Always looking out for new lit.


Raylan/Tim Fics

Had these posted on, so I thought I’d post them here. 

Title: Don’t Worry About It

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Suspense

Pairing: Raylan/Tim

Summary: A bank robbery goes south, and Raylan and Tim are stuck in the middle of it. With Tim injured and a wall of concrete and debris standing between them and help, Raylan’s got to figure out how to get them and everyone else out of there before it’s too late. Raylan/Tim slash, hurt!Tim

Title: Pray Tell

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Angst

Pairing: Raylan/Tim

Summary: Things have been tense between Tim and Raylan for a while. Too bad Tim’s pretending there’s nothing wrong, and Raylan certainly won’t say anything. So, what’s it gonna take for them to figure it out? Pray tell. Raylan/Tim Slash

Title: Soft Skeletons

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Angst

Pairing: Raylan/Tim

Summary: For the past couple weeks, Raylan’s watched the Marshals pony Tim out to other state services. Tim’s good, but even he has his limits, and Raylan’s wondering if he might be just about to reach them. Sequel to Pray Tell, can be read alone. Raylan/Tim slash (Sequel to “Pray Tell” but can be read separately)

Title: Shot in the Dark

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Horror, Suspense

Pairing: Raylan/Tim

Summary: Raylan knew Harlan had some sick people. Rapists, dealers, psychopaths…you name it, Harlan probably had it in kind. But with Tim missing, it seems like a bad time to find out that it gets worse than even Raylan could’ve imagined. Raylan/Tim slash sorta

Title: Trust Me

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, essentially plotless fluff

Pairing: Raylan/Tim

Summary:  Something’s missing in the bullpen. When Raylan goes to investigate, he learns more about Tim and himself than he’d bargained for: scars, old and new, and feelings he never expected. It’s about trust. Raylan/Tim slash
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the time has come.

first chapter of the tim/raylan vamp au is up on ao3.


Laughed myself to tears at the ending.
Touch Faith (7954 words) by norgbelulah [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Justified
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson
Characters: Raylan Givens, Tim Gutterson, Dan Grant, Karen Sisco
Additional Tags: Undercover, Gay Bar, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Homosexuality, Homophobia, Blow Jobs, Intoxication, Workplace Relationship, Secret Relationship, Alternate Universe, Miami
Series: Part 2 of Undercover in a Gay Bar

For complicated and unofficial reasons, Raylan and Tim go back to the gay bar in Miami.

But is it really undercover if you’re screwing your partner?


For You - A Timlan Production

This is probably one of my favorite pairings right now, so I decided to make another video for it. :)

I don’t own any of this. I’m sure you already know that, and I myself am painfully aware of the fact, but I’m crossing my i’s and dotting my t’s…or something like that.

Anyhow, enjoy! I take requests, as well, so please feel free to leave me a song request for any of the following pairings: Nathan/Duke (Haven), Clark/Oliver (Smallville), Arthur/Merlin (Merlin…redundant, but okay), Becker/Connor (Primeval) or, obviously, Tim/Raylan (Justified).

For wellhellolazlo <3

27. meeting at a support group au (tim/raylan):


It was about a quarter after seven before Raylan realized Tim hadn’t arrived home yet, despite him leaving the Marshals’ office about twenty minutes before Raylan had. If they hadn’t stopped at a burger joint between Tramble and Lexington, Raylan might have thought Tim had stopped off somewhere to grab them dinner, but as it was, Raylan could think of no reason for Tim’s absence. Not being Tim’s keeper, Raylan generally didn’t pay too much mind to his comings and goings, but this was the third Thursday in a row that Tim had failed to show up without giving warning, and Raylan was starting to grow suspicious.

He considered calling, but immediately was struck by the inanity of anything he might think to say. “Hey, Tim, just wondering where you are,” felt too nagging. “Tim–call me when you get this,” felt too urgent. “Hey, Tim, just calling to check in” felt too desperate. So instead of calling, Raylan did what any sensible man who respected his partner’s boundaries would do and got in his car to go hunt Tim down.

Lexington wasn’t small by any means, but there were a few haunts Tim had that Raylan figured he’d have the best chance of finding him at. He tried the office first, in case Tim had turned back around before arriving back the apartment he’d come to share with Raylan. Then he tried the veteran’s bar Tim more or less considered his home away from home. Then Raylan spent the next hour driving by every other bar he knew Tim was known to visit, however rarely. But Tim had proved less predictable than Raylan had anticipated, and his truck had been missing at all of them.

It was only his own luck that had Raylan spotting Tim’s vehicle parked outside a nondescript community building about fifteen minutes away from the apartment at about 8:45. He pulled into the lot and then made his way over to Tim’s car, where he perched himself on the hood and readied himself to wait.

Twenty minutes later and Tim was there, stopped a few yards away from where Raylan was sat, his face wearing an unreadable expression.

“Howdy,” Raylan said with a small wave.

Tim’s expression shifted subtly from unreadable to unimpressed.

“Raylan, what are you doing here?” he asked, voice flat.

“Is it too obvious if I point out I could ask you the same?”

“Well we all know I ain’t fucking you for your wit.”

“Now, that’s patently untrue,” Raylan said. “And a bit mean to boot.”

Tim raised an eyebrow. “Forgive me if I’m not feeling too charitably towards you at the moment.”

“Then how are you feeling?”

A well practiced and long-suffering sigh. “In a word? Vexed.”

Raylan stepped off the hood. “That is a mighty fine word.” Tim finally finished making his way over to Raylan and then sat on the hood himself. Raylan took that as an invitation to take a seat again. “So what’s going on?”

“You worried about me?” Tim asked instead of answering.

“Should I be?”

Tim offered a small snort. “Or are you worried I’m stepping out on you? Fucking some twink in the Lexington City Community Center’s bathroom?”

Some of Raylan’s facade of good humor fell. “I’m not worried about that,” he said.

Tim dug around in his coat pocket and came up with a piece of paper he then handed to Raylan. It was a flyer for an alcoholism support group.

“Shit, Tim, now I feel like an ass.”

Tim looked skyward. “As if driving around Lexington looking for my car didn’t make you an asshole to start.”

“Well. Depending on what I’d found I might have come off as less of one.” Raylan skimmed the rest of the flyer and saw the group ran from 8:00-9:00. “If this thing starts so late, why do you keep avoiding coming home beforehand?”

“So you noticed my absence.”

“Did you think I wouldn’t?”

“I never can tell what’s going to catch your attention, Raylan,” Tim said, and he sounded tired of the whole conversation.

“I’m being serious. How come you didn’t just tell me?”

“I didn’t want to.”

“That’s a shit answer,” said Raylan.

“And yet it’s still an honest one.” Tim extended his hand and Raylan returned the worn flyer back to him.

“So where do you hang out between getting off work and going to group while you avoid me?”

Tim shot Raylan a look that clearly communicated, Oh you poor baby. “I go to that bar up the street.”

“Jesus, Tim,” Raylan said, but he had to laugh. “Then what’s the point of the group?”

Tim shrugged. “You haven’t noticed I’ve been drinking less? Cause I sure have.”

Raylan looked thoughtful. “You have been moodier.” Tim punched his arm, none to lightly. Raylan rubbed at the tender skin and scowled. “I guess I noticed you were having fewer beers with dinner.”

“The point is I haven’t quit drinking. Just doing less of it.” Tim shifted on the hood and made himself smaller, shoulders hunched and legs pressed tightly together.
“I go to a bar and nurse a damn glass of Wild Turkey like it’ll be my last. Drives the bartender crazy, but he’s a dick so I don’t much care. And then I go to group and don’t say shit because I’m a fucking impostor while these people actually deal with their shit. But then…” and here Tim had to pause. “I don’t know, Raylan, I come home and it’s somehow the tiniest bit easier not to drink the fourth or fifth beer of the evening.”

Raylan was silent, unsure of how to respond to such candidness. It was rare Tim spoke of his feelings without dressing them up in barbed wire and steel wool. He wanted to embrace Tim right then and there, but was uncertain whether Tim would appreciate the gesture in such a public place, people still trickling out of the community center. “I’m proud of you,” he finally said, voice gruff.

Tim nodded and relaxed himself. “So, meet you at home?”

“I’m gonna pick up an ice cream cone. Want one?”

Tim hopped off the hood. “You ply me with ice cream everytime I struggle with this whole sobriety thing and I’m going to get fat.”

“And I won’t mind a bit,” said Raylan as he got off the car as well. “What color you want?”

“Swirl,” answered Tim. “With sprinkles.”


Raylan/Tim - Rest In Pieces

I have mad love for this song. 


Rest In Pieces - A Timlan Production

I’ve thought Tim was adorable from the get-go, and after Commitment, this just had to happen. I mean, if it walks like a married couple, talks like a married couple…you get where I’m going, yes? Besides, Tim’s always been a bit ambiguous, don’t you think?

I don’t own any of this. I’m sure you already know that, and I myself am painfully aware of the fact, but I’m crossing my i’s and dotting my t’s…or something like that.

Anyhow, enjoy! I take requests, as well, so please feel free to leave me a song request for any of the following pairings: Nathan/Duke (Haven), Clark/Oliver (Smallville), Arthur/Merlin (Merlin…redundant, but okay), or, obviously, Tim/Raylan (Justified).


Raylan/Tim - For You by verdreht


Tim/Raylan - How to Save A Life by DinosaursCandyRawr. 

Hankies at the ready.

The Tim & Raylan Show: a summary (part one, seasons 1-3)

Sometimes I like to imagine what Justified would be like if it were a more conventional cop show about Tim and Raylan as awesome partners. Here’s how I imagine it would go: Raylan would get transferred back to Kentucky (as in canon) and Tim’d be pissed that he gets stuck with him because he doesn’t need any more shit in his life and he and Rachel made a good team - they were fucking efficient, which he and Raylan really aren’t, at first. It takes a long time for them to ease into it and work out how their skills compliment each other. (Because Raylan is shit at doing paper work but he’s really fucking good at getting what he wants.)

In between all the episodic crime-solving stuff, you’d get a lot of stuff about Tim’s life and people teasing him about having a crush on Raylan (which he would, of course, deny). He’d hang out with his old Ranger buddies and be all repressed but, near the end of season one, it’d be revealed that his closest army buddy knew he was gay all along and he’d tell him that if that’s what his issue with Raylan is (that he’s into him) he should probably just go for it. Of course, he doesn’t - not yet anyway - and that storyline’d get benched for most of season two because they’d finally be becoming a bit closer then. They’d progress from occasional beers after work to proper bromance and start hanging out at Tim’s place and eating pizza - and they’d still be snarking at each other, just like always. People at the office would make jokes about them being married or why don’t they just fuck already and Raylan would do the typical Raylan charm-offensive thing and say “well, I asked him but he just didn’t seem interested” and Tim would look super unimpressed.

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