bonhwappetit: nem entrei no avião e já quero sair. Mais 12 horas. DOZE HORAS! ლಠ益ಠ)ლ

  • bonhwappetit: pelo menos meu kit me distrai 10000/10 @bc-hyunah

bonhwappetit: um livrinho para acalmar. ninguém precisa notar que eu não saí da primeira página (・・;) #neuromancer 

bonhwappetit: como pedido e nada obrigado @bc-mimo

bonhwappetit: FINALMENTE! 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜 London~~, be ready for me~~

bonhwappetit: aquele momento de ‘era pra chegar no silêncio mas tem uma comitiva do lado de fora???’ JITAE EU TE AMO.

bonhwappetit: no rest for the wicked 

18 sep 2017, Seul/London/Dance Studio

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sasuke-kun ▸ apparently, some shinobi from the hyuuga have been going around && saying stuff about the uchiha
sasuke-kun ▸ i don’t know what exactly it is but??
sasuke-kun ▸ are the uchiha and hyuuga rivals by any chance? 

Jicheol: Spotted being boyfriends off camera constantly, have their dialects mixed up cause they spend too much freaking time together, other members admit their relationship is special, have literally never stopped caring about each other…

Fans: “omg Jicheol is falling apart😭😭😭😭 I wish they never drifted away from each other 💔😭😭 what a tragic love story💔💔💔💔”

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Kisses padmé's cheek uwu.

                        marge,         you’re tipsy aren’t you,         my darling   ???   “

                      padmé gathers   THE   TALLER   girl inside her arms,        giving her   A   GENTLE   SQUEEZE   &&   presses a kiss upon her soft brown hair.           “   well guess what   ???            I’M   DRUNK,        so we can be intoxicated together.   “                

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Hands placed on her waist, as he lifts her up easily; a proud smile danced on his lips. " Told you, Lil' Red. You're too small I can lift you. "

        WHA — !! ❜

     THERE IS OBVIOUSLY A huge part of her that takes pleasure in this —– but ruby’s mind takes her back to the conditioning of yang’s special SUPERHERO TRAINING, featuring supplementary lessons from uncle qrow time to time. sure, she was SIX years old then, but it’s surprising what the mind will hold onto. it definitely wasn’t because she got a genuine THRILL out of it, no way. as if to prove her wrong, ruby’s body betrays her; chortles break free to complement the swelling GAIETY in her eyes.

     WELL, RUBY WAS NEVER good at lying — especially to herself.

      pfft, lance, i can carry you too! ❜       ruby only has to bend her knees some before she goes for it, resulting in lance THROWN over her shoulder like a flour sack. he weighed less than crescent rose, that’s for sure — and with some shifting, her small arms crushed against his long abdomen, he SWUNG even easier!


Sorry Not Sorry | Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon