You have a crush on Jimin (and it’s getting out of hand)

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 “YAH! Stop cheating!!!!” Jimin screams at Taehyung while the other laughs, clearly enjoying how his best friend was reacting. “Do you really want to win this way?”

“Of course, Jiminie-ah, all I care about is beating your ass!” It was the five round of Halo they played, Taehyung winning every single one of them. “Don’t pout like that, Chim. It doesn’t work on me anymore” 

“Taehyungie, just stop cheating!” 

While they were screaming playfully at eachother, Jungkook walked into the living room groaning dramatically. Taehyung looked at him, earning a wink from the younger boy, and suddenly his interest was picked. He raised an eyebrow and waited to see what the maknae was planning. 

 “Jiminiiiiiiiiiie~~”, he sang, faking annoyance as he sat on Jimin’s lap. 

 “What is it, Jungkookie?” 

 “I’m gonna die. I can’t keep dealing with this” 

“You have to be more specific” 


At that, Jimin tensed and Taehyung’s brow furrowed, confused at Jungkook’s approach. “What about her?” 

“She is cute, isn’t she?” Jimin’s face changed automatically, his playful grin shaped now into a thin line. 

 “So the thing you can’t handle is a crush on y/n?”, he asked, wanting to throw Kook to the ground. 

 “You don’t have to react like that, Jiminie-ah. It’s not a big of a deal”, Jungkook continued to say, trying not to laugh at his hyung’s growing irritation and Taehyung’s clear attempts to hold his laughter. 

“Why are you clenching your fist all of the sudden, Jimin-ah?”, Taehyung asked, joining the fun of torturing Jimin. “You don’t happen… to have a crush on y/n, do you?” Jimin’s cheeks turned red on an instant, and his stutter didn’t help him when he tried to deny such accusation. 

“Wh-what are you ev-even saying, Tae. We are just really good friends” 

“I don’t cuddle all my friends like you did yesterday. You were all over each other”, Taehyung said, raising his eyebrow once again. 

“We weren’t. It was just… too comfy and there wasn’t enough room in the couch” “Yeah, keep telling yourself that. It’s such a shame… really”, Jungkook said as he decided to go for the final blow. 

“A shame? Why?” 

“Yeah… I guess you don’t want to know”, Taehyung chimed in, seeing where the conversation was heading. 

 “Yah!!!!!! Tell me” 

“But you said you don’t like y/n? I don’t see why you’d be interested” 

“Jeon Jungkook!!!! Stop playing me. Ugh, I DO LIKE Y/N” Jimin screams, breaking at his friends continous teasing. “I like her a lot” -he whispers- “Happy?”

Nah, not really, we already knew. It’s pretty obvious” 

“Yeah, you keep staring at her” 

“Tae! I don’t do that. It’s not staring. I just… like to look at her sometimes. It’s not my fault she is cute!”, Jimin rushed his words, clearly flustered. “Oh no, do you think she noticed?!?! What if she did? Oh my god, she’d never speak to me again. Please don’t tell her” 

“Stop panicking, Jimin-ah. I’m pretty sure she hasn’t noticed. If she did, I wouldn’t be getting texts from her all day”

“What do you mean? Texts about what?” 

“You”, Jungkook answers as he points at him. “All day. Every day.” 


“Yeah, you are the only thing we talk about with her lately”, Taehyung says, looking carefully at Jimin’s face. 

“Why? Is she tired of me? Oh my god, should I stop bothering her?”

“Oh my god, they are both as blind, Jungkookie” 

“Yeah, you’d have to write it in front of their face so they could finally know”

“Hey! I’m still here!!! What are you even talking about?” Jimin says while punching Jungkook’s back slightly. 

“Wait, but I could literally show them. Well, him.” 

“She’ll kill you, Jungkook-ah” 

“She’ll be too busy to kill me. She’ll thank me afterwards.” 

“Go for it… but I won’t pick up whatever is left of you”, the Daegu boy laughs, sitting on the floor in front of the others.

“Can someone tell me what’s going on? Stop acting like I’m not here!” Jimin shouted, clearly confused at the sudden turn of events. 

“Okay, hyung. I’m gonna show you something because my sanity depends on this. I can’t keep dealing with both of you.” After saying this, JK takes his phone from his pocket and shows Jimin a conversation he had with y/n that same morning. “See? You are not bothering her. She’s head over heels for you.”, Taehyung shakes the other boy, who is staring blankly at Jungkook’s phone.

 “Sh-she… likes me?”

Triggered - [BTS] Taehyung!Au

[A/N] He’s so pretty I’m– *sobs*

Soulful. It makes your heart sing along with him. His high notes, the way he potrays the identity of the song so majestically, it’s ethereal.

Kim Tae.

He sings behind closed curtains. Sings when no one is looking. No one had ever seen his face. “I only know his voice.” You wrote in your iPad. Accompanined by jazz instruments in the bistro KimTae frequently perform in. You decided that this month, you wanted to share the world, the voice that this men had.

He had a unique and sorrowful voice in him that just delve into the soul of anyone listening. An effective remedy for aching hearts, that heals and and mend, despite never having to show his face to people. You wondered if the article you’re writing will make him upset.. Should you be asking permissions first?

Will he see you?

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