bffs in sync

Alright honestly though

As much as I loved this book, and as much as I positively adore Sarah, this ending was taken straight out of fucking ACOMAF.
Asshole character who was douchey but not the worst thing in the world all of a sudden becomes Satan Incarnate™ when he summons the evil fucktruck to save his bae.
Secret wedding before the Queen/High Lady’s sudden astoundingly huge self-sacrifice by giving themself over to the fucking evil enemy, who wants to start a war using several magical items.
Ultimate Bae™ is now Ultimate Squad Leader™, trying to direct everyone else and save our leading lady.
Leading lady’s kickass lady bff is super in sync with her and has helped in the self sacrificing in some way, by saving her sisters (ACOMAF) or pretending to be her (Lysandra), all for the good of their people.

The thing is, either Sarah is so into these books’ worlds that she can’t help blending them, e.g. Cresseida’s name being in both books
Or she’s preparing us for the biggest most insane cross over ever, when the wyrdkeys open up the world and take us directly to Feyre and Rhys and somehow explain the fact that FENRYS CAN WINNOW??????!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?! BECAUSE THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION
So I am expecting a crossover, because I refuse to call Sarah J Maas a lazy writer

but imagine if clarke never left and she was on patrol with the squad in the rover with her protectively padded jacket similar to bellamys new revamped one, (he helped her make it bc my headcannon still stands he made his bc his mom was a seamstress) with a red cross symbol on the arm to represent a medic, happier and more carefree then she’s been in a long time with her friends along side her joKING AROUND, SMILING MORE AND BEING ABLE TO BE THE KID SHE WAS BEFORE EARTH DESTROYED THAT


BaekChen Chodings - playing footsie under the table 

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꽁냥 꽁냥  \kkong-nyang kkong-nyang\ 

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: an activity of two people whose mutual gesture, behavior, manner and so on are almost at the level of flirting

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