bffs for life ok

fenris as the herald of andraste AU
  • fenris closes a rift for the first time like “why is there magic on my hand?!?! mage, remove it at once.”
  • solas like “wtf dude chill this is useful calm down”
  • fenris and cassandra BFFs for life
  • Fenris like “if this is from Andraste then the Maker is a *tevene curse word*”
  • varric has to come everywhere, it’s required
  • fenris: come on man just call hawke I know you know where they are
  • varric: shhhhh cassandra will murder me. we’ll be ok.
  • vivienne is one of like two mages Fenris actually likes [the other being hawke or bethany]
  • solas can’t resist asking questions about Fenris’s tattoos/life as a slave, Fenris is like “dude shut the fuck up” but can’t resist answering and their relationship is so vitriolic it’s like Fenris and Anders but on ~The FADE~
  • Fenris and Iron Bull BFFs for life. Casual conversations in Qunlat. “OK this is cool and all but you’re making the boys twitchy.” *continues talking in Qunlat anyway*
  • Fenris tells Bull about the Fog Warriors. Bull is conflicted 
  • Fenris: “magic is unnatural and bad” 
  • Solas: I should tell him but….nah
  • Fenris is surprisingly blase about Blackwall’s lie. “IDK man I murdered a bunch of Fog Warriors who rescued me and took care of me for months because Danarius told me to and you guys still like me” 
  • Fenris is confused by and afraid of Sera. The feeling is mutual.
  • Cole won’t fucking leave Fenris alone, fasta vass I don’t need your help demon
  • Cole like “It’s OK I know you don’t hate me :)”
  • “I most definitely do”
  • “:))))))”
  • fenris probably does not like Dorian. At least not at first.
  • If he’s not already in a relationship with Hawke, probably romances the Iron Bull. 
  • Fenris in Orlais like “andraste, this is almost as bad as tevinter”
  • Fenris is also confused by and afraid of Briala
  • Fenris physically in the Fade like “this is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone”
  • Corypheus gets his ass beat by a former tevinter slave. Corypheus gets his ass beat by a former tevinter slave. 
  • Fenris finding out Solas is the Dread Wolf. Just blue screen of deaths right the fuck outta there. “What?”
  • “I’m the Dread Wolf. I fought the false elven gods.”
  • “You’re the what?”
  • “This is also my anchor.”
  • “You did what now?”
  • “And I’m going to tear down the veil.”
  • “?!?!?!?!?!?!”
  • “Also I’m taking your mark and your left hand.”
  • “?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”
  • “…Fenris?”
  • “?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!”
  • “Is it ok to just leave you here?”
  • Fenris contacts Merrill post-trespasser like “I don’t like you and you don’t like me but do you wanna take down the Dread Wolf?”

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I still don't understand why they're trying so hard to make us like that guy. Why, if the band is formed by 4 people, the spotlight is only on him. They keep saying "he worked in a pizza place" harry keeps saying "I met him in a pizza place, and now he's one of my closest friends " ok. We get it! They're BFFs for life. But WHY they keep saying it? Maybe they want to create a new bromance like larry in 2011/2012? Lilo, zouis? What do you think? I'd like to know your opinion. Thank you.

The reason it’s weird to me is that…didn’t they anticipate we would cling to the female members of his band? maybe they were scared it would be too het but lmao his promo is too late for that. Tell me how you met clare and sarah…my gay ass wants to know

am i the only one who’s sad t.amaki wasn’t one of the people who knew the truth behind l.elouch’s plan

i mean

not that it would’ve made sense for him to be trusted w/ that information when lulu only trusted like 2 ppl & a peanut with it & didn’t even tell n.unnally what he was doing

that doesn’t mean i can’t be sad abt it……….


You want people to look at you differently? Make them.

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xjkcngvsojdngfoaj youre so excited omg is this @froppylesbian  

pantone: describe a person close to your life in detail.

ok so my bff Lily shes my #1 id do anything for her shes really intelligent and nice and shes so so beautiful and thoughtful and shes helped me so much through lots of things and i owe her my life tbh. we’re long distance friends wich really sucks bc shes my sun & stars her full name is Lilia and i think thats honestly one of the most beautiful names ive ever heard but she doesnt like it but shes such an incredible person and shes fucking hilarious and she has this really thick long brown hair its so gorgeous and she has brows that are to DIE for and shes incredibly good at makeup and shes one of those people who can rock any hair color but she keeps her hair dark and shes real short shes a fucking baby tiny ass lady and shes adorable bc of it and shes really relatable and her voice is absolutely wonderful its music to my ears and i love her with my entire being id literally kill someone for her like i adore her so much anytime i talk to her my heart goes crazy aefjnaeujkdnfua this is really long but i just love her so much i love my best friend

messy bun: the world is listening. pick one sentence you would tell them.

“can yall……….fucking chill out i swear”