My favorite thing about Grog and Scanlan’s friendship is that Scanlan doesn’t patronize him??? So often the rest of VM (especially the twins) treat him like a child, albeit one who is really good at killing people, but Scanlan just… doesn’t?

He talks to Grog like an equal and asks and respects his opinion on things (and actually uses logic and reasoning to try to change his mind when they disagree!) and chooses him to go on diplomatic missions and he gets exasperated when Grog acts like an idiot, yeah, but he doesn’t just dismiss him or act like he’s useless aside from his physical strength.

Like no wonder Grog loves the gnomes so much. They respect him as a person more than a weapon of mass destruction.

man I know I complain about depression and shit a lot and say I’m not happy but I’m so thankful for my best friend and my boyfriend. I don’t know what I would do without them, they’re the best people in the world.

I always feel like shit about myself but I don’t think there’s anything out there that I can’t talk to my best friend about. No matter how embarrassing or stupid it is I’m never afraid of her judging me or not wanting to be my friend anymore and I love her so much.

I’m such a petty asshole sometimes but my boyfriend has stayed through everything even if I’m on a raging bitch fit about something that doesn’t even matter and he doesn’t have to stay but he does and it’s just so cool to me that even if everything is changing, there’s still two people that will still be there no matter how different things are and I’m just happy right now.

Tonight isn’t a bad night and I’m enjoying it even through I’m kinda lonely and I can’t sleep.

I think everything is gonna be okay.

[text: Orophin] even when i’m durnk ic ant sotp thinking about oyu
[text: Orophin] wait wrong borther


the cutest thing ever just happened.. I was sitting in my car and this old dude in a skirt walked by and I told him that his skirt was nice and he got all happy and was like ‘thank you so much! do you have a cigarette to spare?’ so I gave him one and then we bonded over skirts it was so cute.. I asked him where he got his from cause it had these blue daisy things on them and he’s like ‘forever 21 actually! it’s nice in there but the employees give me weird looks when I ask to try things on’ and then I was like ‘yeah man not everyone gets it, but I think it looks great. matches your eyes!’ and he’s like ‘you are so kind!’ and then tried to give me $5 for the cigarettes and I was like dude no it’s okay and then he threw the money in my car and ran away.. the most Pure interaction ever