Year 2011

This year has taught me to be the one thing I’ve been needing to be– independent. 

I honestly thought this year would suck ass. Just in the beginning of the year I lost and drifted apart from a close friend of mine for years. Fortunately, I learned from that quickly and learned not to trust easily. The only good thing that came of that is that someone I had been feuding with for years reached out to me when I was extremely sad. Hell, that day, I learned how many friends I truly have there for me. As much as it hurt to lose a best friend, I gained two bfffls who I can constantly count on for being there for me. I also like to believe I made a lifelong friend, who is also my roommate. I’m still scarred from my friendship in the beginning of the year, but I just know not to keep anyone too close to me. 

School wise, this year has been crazy. I graduated from high school! I didn’t get accepted into the school of my choice which I initially felt bummed about, but I have no complaints now because I love the school I ended up attending. But I had really bad work ethics in high school, such as not studying, ditching all the time, and putting in minimal effort. Those work ethics eventually transferred into college. Without the worry of getting in trouble for ditching, I ditched more than I attended class. Without my teacher reminding me about my grade slipping, I let it slip completely. Much like many college students, I learned the hard way about keeping my grades up. 

I also moved out of my parent’s house this year when going to college. I moved exactly an hour and a half away. It was the perfect to distance to not visit every weekend, but close enough to see if there was an emergency. I learned how to do my own laundry, wash my own dishes, clean my room when it became messy, and feed a pet without being told to. I never realized how fortunate I was to have my parents help me out so much. 

This year, I had no romantic life whatsoever basically. Which, I think is good for me because I go crazy when I’m in a relationship. Haha. Though I am talking to someone now, I’m learning to take my time. I’ve always rushed relationships. Which I’m tired of doing because it’d end so quickly. Its nice to know that I’ve really matured in my relationship aspect. 

Overall, I learned so many life lessons that its crazy to believe that I still have more to learn. I learned time management. I learned to be independent. I learned to be patient. And I learned who to and who not to trust. 2011 was an unbelievably great year for me. I’m kind of sad its ending, mainly because “11” was so easy on my papers. Haha. 

  • Me:Hi! What's up?
  • Me:The sky.
  • Me:Haha.
  • Random person:Are you talking to yourself?
  • Me:Yes, why?
  • Me:Yeah why?
  • Random person:Okaaayyy then.
  • Me:Bye!
  • Me:Yeah, cya!
  • Me:I have MPD.
  • Random person:Oh, of course! Introduce me to your different personalities!
  • Me:I'm April, I'm kinda the randomest/funniest if I do say so myself.
  • Me:I'm Krystine, I'm realllyy shy and I talk alot for a shy person.
  • Me:I'm Rebel. I don't need friends. So, go away.
  • Me:I'm Shine. Nice to see you.
  • Me:I'm Eline. Also known as Fire. And 'Miss-Know-Nothing'. I get bullied alot, I'm also kinda the main person.
  • Rebel:Yeah sure
  • Eline:Just go away Rebel ;-;. I also have depression sooo don't get in deep convos with me.
  • Random person:I'm Catherine. Wanna be friends?
  • April:Sure, why not~!
  • Krystine:What April said.
  • Rebel:Piss off.
  • Shine:S-Sure!
  • Eline:Of course, glad to have you on board. If you jump off we will not save you but we cry over the loss of a friend. :)
  • Rebel:Yeah sure I won't.
  • Eline:You're a bitch though.
  • Rebel:I know.
  • Catherine:Wanna come hang my place?
  • Eline:Sure. Do you have any knifes?
  • Catherine:Yeah but I'm not allowed to give them to depressed people for some reason.
  • Eline:Okay. Just wondering. Meet you at yours?
  • Catherine:Sure, here's my address. -hands piece of paper with address on it to you-
  • Eline:Thanks, cya there.
  • Catherine:Cya there.
  • That was how I met my first friend at the age of 14.