Went to the mall after work yesterday with my older brother and my bff. Mostly just go there to look at all the pretties and see if the bookstore has any books we would like to read in clearance. AMAZINGLY they sell anime merch and they had the Sailor Moon Ice Cream petit charas, so naturally I bought two of them. I ended up getting my baby girl Saturn and Chibi Moon. I gave Chibi to my friend bc yeah, bffs you know? Even tho we went pretty late I had fun.

you know what characters i want more of ( from different fandoms ofc )? the iron bull, zant, ganondorf, ghirahim, fi, impa, bofur, khal drogo, azog the defiler, eragon, brom, murtagh——THOSE CHARACTER + more but i can’t think of them presently


All a girl really needs is a best friend to hold her hand through the hard stuff #bff👭

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anonymous was so surprised her BFF for years was me, Oai!

in the beginning, i told her to go wait behind the wall, so i could film her birthday surprise!!!

after at least 3 minutes, she confessed that she ALWAYS wanted to meet me!

we both ended up crying tears of joy!!!!

Skype Chat - Aria’s Shame

Aria and her cousins were such bffs, Skye and Gale were like the only people she’d ever actually chill out and be honest around
Because with her parents she always felt like she had to maintain some expectation because she loved them and didn’t want them to be disappointed with her, and with her siblings she wanted to maintain an image of respectability and steadfastness and strength that they might aspire to and look towards for guidance
But she didn’t need to impress the twins. They’d been with her through thick and thin, and she knew they were past judgment and doubt. They were just there to hang out with and have fun. So that’s what she did. She was never better than when she was with them.
Which makes the fact that their trust in her and their love for her is ultimately what got them killed even more tragic

Aria becomes friends with Claude because 1) he’s kind of on semi-decent terms with her dad so he’s probably cool (or so she assumes) and 2) she comes in after the whole Karin vs. Claude shitstorm kinda mellows out to a very awkward tension, which does make things a little strange but through sheer strength of will and pure tenacity she manages to ignore everything and have one (1) light-hearted conversation with the guy, in which they connect over their shared history with emotional repression and military service

He says her guns are: “Cool, I guess…?”

She always appreciates a supportive pseudo-friend

Whenever someone disses her choice of weapon she looks at them like a kicked puppy

some fucko: get a real weapon
aria: i trusted you….. i offered you Friendship…………. and you insult me like

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anonymous asked:

Well, what British accent do you like the most?

alksdfjladksjf there’s so many to choose from omg. Okay so I watch AGT and Mel B’s accent fucking slays me. EVERY WEEK. It makes me weak, I love it so much!! She’s from Leeds!

And someone I follow is from Surrey and her accent is gorgeous, I love it. And then my bff @joyscott13, she’s from Kent, she has a fantastic accent!! 

theuntamedsyrian  asked:

7,26, 32, 52, 62, 66

  • 07:What did you last eat? Blueberry poptarts (Agron just laughed and said Nasir)
  • 26:What are you craving right now? Spartacon3 (Agron wants MORE Nasir)
  • 32:What is your favourite color? Green (Agron says brown, or the red of Roman blood, spilt upon the ground)
  • 52:Do you believe everything happens for a reason? I do. I don’t generally believe in coincidences (In this Agron and I are of a mind)
  • 62:What makes you happy? Making others happy (or Spartacon and Agron) (Agron says Nasir)
  • 66:Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around? My bff Toby, yes. (Agron says Naevia, Mira and Saxa)

Met this beauty when I was 14 years old and she’s been stuck with me ever since. We both ended up in Miami for college and I used to hit her up all the time freshman year for details on the best spots to party since she was older than me LOL Years later, I move back to NYC and she ends up setting me up on a blind date with her BFF whom I am now stuck with and adore. Her best friend then proceeded to connect and introduce me to so many dope people whom I now have the pleasure and honor to call friends. NYC simply would not be the same without all these special people in my life and I’m so thankful for my inner circle. ✨ Cheers to fun summer days and nights with amazing friends. 🍸 Hope all you Bellas are enjoying the last few weeks of summer with your bestest. 💖👯

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Adelyn Lashes

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Molly Cosmetics + Discount Code Calling all beauty fanatics! This message is brought to you by makeup brand Molly Cosmetics. Based in Hong Kong, Molly Cosmetics is co-founded by two BFFs!
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