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So, I wanted to write something without kids…here we go.  Bucky and Sam.  Bro-nemies shenanigans after Darcy and Steve’s first date…

“Well well well, look who is doing the walk of shame.”

Steve furrowed his brow at Sam’s very loud announcement as he walked into the gym.  He didn’t quite understand that and shared a look with Bucky, who was standing next to Sam’s weight bench.  He had been heckling Sam as the man attempted to max out his bench press when Steve had walked in.  And he may have had a pinky on the left side of the bar, keeping Sam from reaching his goals.

But Bucky didn’t understand the phrase out of Parakeet Pant’s mouth either.  But a lifetime of being cool gave Bucky the good sense not to look perplexed.  Instead he plastered on that smirk that they had dug out of the recesses of his brain in Wakanda and nodded at Steve knowingly.

“I’m not—ashamed?” Steve shrugged his shoulders, dumping his gym bag on the bench and digging through it for his workout clothing.

“Berky over here said the reason you didn’t come down to the gym with him is because you didn’t come home last night,” Sam explained with a roll of his eyes as he got up from the bench.

Bucky simply started stacking his own weights on the bar, nearly tripling Sam’s maximum effort for his own warm up.  He had purposely kept Sam in the dark about the particulars about Steve’s date.  It had been with Pepper Potts’ right hand gal, one buxom and beautiful Darcy Lewis.  Steve was madly in love with her, had been for years now.  

And Bucky had strong armed the fool into finally asking her out.  And he’d spent the night with her on the first try.  

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what do we want? drugs! when do we want them? now! ( requested by anonymous )

Being a part of Team Free Will would include:

WARNING- There is one curse word in this.

-Living and traveling alongside the Winchesters.
- Whenever Sam and Dean get into stupid arguments or begin to act childish, you’re the voice of reason.
- You are BFFs with Cas.
- Sam and Dean are like your brothers.
- No one is allowed to flirt with you or they will have to deal with the boys.
- You’re a total badass.
- You also are incredibly knowledgeable on reasonably obscure monsters.
- The whole “There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you” deal is extended to you.
- Having to explain various human body processes to Cas.
- Cas trying to understand periods is especially hilarious.
- Singing along to the classic rock that is so often blared in the Impala.
- Whenever you have the chance, you bake a really lovely pie. Be it pecan, apple, cherry, or otherwise.
- This pretty much makes you Dean’s favorite person.
- Pretty much 90% of your wardrobe is flannels now.
- You have the best aim with a firearm. It’s seriously impressive.
- Cas and you watch Netflix together.
- Getting an anti-possession tattoo.
- Cas carving sigils into your ribs.
- You’re Castiel’s favorite because of how patient you are with him grasping human concepts.
- When you die, you definitely come back because you are just as incapable of staying dead as the boys.
- You cut your hair short so that it is more efficient and less of a liability in combat.
- This leads to Dean giving Sam more trouble over his longer hair.
-You actually are quite close with Death as you recognize the importance of order in an otherwise chaotic world.
- You actually remember to prioritize human life and often remind the Winchester’s to keep in touch with their humanity.
- You’re really the best hunter due to this and they know it.

DISCLAIMER- I do not own Supernatural or Netflix. The quote is not mine; it is from Supernatural. You are you. Nothing is mine; please don’t sue me.

“Alex, your friendship has brought glorious technicolor to my life, it’s been there even in the darkest of times and I am the luckiest person alive for that gift. I hope I didn’t take it for granted, I think maybe I did. Because sometimes you don’t see that the best thing that’s ever happened to you is sitting there, right under your nose. But it’s fine, too. Because I’ve realized that no matter where you are or what you’re doing or who you’re with I will always, honestly, truly, completely love you.”

- Rosie Dunne.

Love, Rosie (2014).

anonymous asked:

Geeeez that crotch shot. Using another anons words (thanks anon) Crotch-Jockey Cait and her BFF co-worker Sam. We're supposed to see nothing in that? Not read into any of it? Just pretend that it's normal? May I add this to my list of things I don't understand. At all...

As a reformed ho, I understand dick. As a former celeb gossip junkie, I understand the blurred lines of actors who have to get all up in each other’s crotchal business on the clock. Seeing the two mesh together after hours brings a tear to my loins.


anonymous asked: can you gif this scene in pp s4ep14 when they’re at the door cos she looks ridiculously adorable in that outfit?
         ↳ private practice 4x14 – home again

how many people in this picture are bending their knees or leaning forward so shepard doesn’t look so short? TRICK question it is ALL OF THEM. 

disclaimer before I inevitably get people whinging in my inbox and in the tags about how the heights/weights are inaccurate to the game: YES I AM AWARE THAT IN-GAME ALL THE FEMALE CHARACTERS HAVE ESSENTIALLY THE EXACT SAME MODEL THEREFORE THE SAME HEIGHT AND WEIGHT. I am choosing to totally fucking disregard that fact because it makes for really really boring character design.

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