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The DJ, fitness expert, and beauty lover dishes on CLINIQUE Pep-Start Eye Cream and more.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up feeling perfectly rested and peppy? While sure, sometimes we feel that way (like on a tropical vacation), the truth is, it’s a rare day we can get out of bed without a loud alarm, a coconut milk latte, and a feeling of deep regret for staying up way too late on Instagram. Enter: CLINIQUE Pep-Start Eye Cream. This orange tube of magic is filled with a hydrating, brightening, peptide-packed formula to help you get wide awake, stat. Busy girls, consider this eye cream your new BFF. At the product’s launch—a morning rave, natch— we caught up with DJ, fitness expert, and total girl crush Hannah Bronfman to hear her take on eye cream, morning mantras, and more. 


Can you describe Pep-Start to me in your own words?

“It is a really great texture. It illuminates so it gives you a little bit of a pop, while also not drawing attention to the bad parts of undereye circles.”

How does it make you feel when you put it on?

“Refreshed and ready.”

Do you remember when you started getting into eye creams?

“Yeah—it’s been a recent thing. I’ve probably just gotten into eye cream in maybe the last two years. As I learn more and more about skincare and preventative skincare, I started really getting into eye cream. It’s not necessarily because I have crow’s feet now, but preventing that is something that I am really trying to do, actively, because I feel like it really does matter what you do now in the long term.”

How do you survive the morning? Do you have any essentials?

“I like to start the morning off with a hot cup of matcha and a great playlist in my house. I love to put on music when I first wake up. I think it can really set the tone of your day.”

What’s the vibe of your music like? Is it upbeat or low-key?

“Every day is different. Some days I’m in the mood for a really mellow morning, some days I’m really into an energetic, hip-hop morning. I think it just depends on the mood in which I’ve woken up.”

Are you more of a night or day person?

“I think both, to be honest. I love utilizing day hours and I love having fun at night and setting up maybe a dinner party—I love the idea of entertaining in the evening. But I do love to really have a full day and feel like I got a lot accomplished in my day.”

Do you have a mantra or something you tell yourself to pump yourself up for the day or a party?

“Well, my mantra for the day and my mantra for a party are very different. My mantra for the day is ‘Mind right body tight.’ And that usually helps me get ready for a workout, to really start to feel and hone in on my intentions for the day. And for a party, I always just—it’s not necessarily a mantra—but I always just think to myself, ‘Go in with an open mind, you never know who you’ll meet tonight—don’t worry about anything except having fun.’”