bff camp

  • harry: i'm sorry ginny...i've got to go and hunt horcruxes to stop voldemort...i have to break up with you because you'll be in danger too...
  • ginny: i mean, first off, dude's probably gonna take over hogwarts so technically i'll be in less danger if i go on your little soul-searching bff camping trip
  • ginny: second of all, i don't think voldy's gonna give a shit if we're dating or not when he murders me for being a 'blood traitor' or whatever bullshit reason
  • ginny: and thirdly, i am better at magic than you and ron combined so like, move over scrub, me and hermione are gonna be killing us some dark lord
oldschool exo-m things
  • peacock gege
  • duizhang
  • romantic kungfu panda ab-style tao
  • baozi
  • the mc who kept hitting on chen
  • that one taiwanese show that ended up exposing all of kris’ kinks
  • lu han and yixing’s late night tea parties
  • six members
  • yixing being bffs with the happy camp hosts
  • chen is chinese
  • lu han is korean
  • chensing machine
  • yixing popping on every show
  • xiumin and lu han being football/shopping/coffee bros

but imagine if clarke never left and she was on patrol with the squad in the rover with her protectively padded jacket similar to bellamys new revamped one, (he helped her make it bc my headcannon still stands he made his bc his mom was a seamstress) with a red cross symbol on the arm to represent a medic, happier and more carefree then she’s been in a long time with her friends along side her joKING AROUND, SMILING MORE AND BEING ABLE TO BE THE KID SHE WAS BEFORE EARTH DESTROYED THAT


More crappy doodles from today, AU where Dipper is a local author and Wirt is at one of his book signings, Dipper obvs gives this cutie his #, Highschool AU where the two of them play in Romeo an Juliet, AU where Dipper and Wirt meet at a summer camp, become BFF”s and Dippindots gets another highschool crush uwu