[Fanaccount]130711 Masters Diving National Championships

When it started, he must have been tense when doing type A dive. He heard the whistle but hesitated, then dived cleanly. He checked his score right away after coming out from the water.
After others dived, and his turn returned, he had to do type B. He breathed few times after the whistle, and dived. It was better than the first time. He smiled when he saw the score after coming out from the water.
While watching the game, he got curious about others’ scores, so he went to the staff and checked the sketchbook. Others’ scores must have been good, he smiled and returned to his seat.
When he did type C, he stood there for few moments. The type C looked very complicated but he didn’t make any mistake. When he came out, he shook hands with all the athletes, greeted them, and ran to the coach. He hugged the coach, and closed his eyes while sighing. When the coach patted his back, he started crying. Others went to comfort him, which made him cry even more. He went to the waiting room for few minutes to calm down, then came back and recorded like a pro.

cr: UniqueSilver_ 
Trans: Nksubs