bfast art

Happy Birthday Ildy!!!!! <333

waaa;; i’m so sorry i’m a day late, sob <33 i really hope you like it ;u;

i know we don’t talk as often these days, but i’m really grateful to have you as a friend! i really love your awesome sense of humor, your taste in music, and i lovelovelove how much of a wonderful person you are. ;u; you take the time to give honest/caring advice to so many different people, regardless of their problems, and it’s really inspiring & i admire you so much! gush gush gush <3


sisters i created based off color pallets ; v;

edit: added some breaks to the sister of fire’s hair because i realized it looked like fabric, and that’s already been done by someone who also incorporated it with a color palette similar to this, and i didn’t want to step on any toes;;