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Zagreus sits inside your head. Zagreus lives among the dead. Zagreus sees you in your bed and eats you when you're sleeping. Zagreus is never gonna give you up. Zagreus is never gonna let you down. Zagreus is never gonna run around and desert you. Zagreus is never gonna make you cry. Zagreus is never gonna say goodbye. Zagreus is never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

asgdsghdgklh I hate this so much why would you do this to one of my favourite songs

  • Me on one hand: "Zagreus" is an overlong and convoluted continuity wank of the worst possible kind. It's poorly scripted, its plot falls to pieces under the slightest bit of scrutiny, and worst of all, it's boring.
  • Me on the other hand: "Zagreus" was an ambitious and innovative masterpiece with dozens of brilliant and underappreciated moments that formed a beautiful lynchpin to the most interesting Eighth Doctor arc ever.
  • Me on my third hand, which I swear hadn't been there a moment ago: Z A G R EUS SITS INSIDE M Y HEAD, Z A G R E U S LIVES AMONG THE D E A D

thought i’d try my hand at drawing the tardis today  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i recently rewatched the doctor’s wife and listened to zagreus, and they both have personifications of the tardis in them albeit very different ones and i knew i had to draw them together

so here’s the brigadier!tardis from zagreus and idris!tardis from the doctor’s wife!! ^^

Modern Mythology: Zagreus

“What would people look like if we could see them as they are, soaked in honey, stung and swollen, reckless, pinned against time?”

A modern Zagreus who can’t remember how to breathe without remembering how hollow his bones have become, his skin a gravestone. He was born with death on his tongue, grew black in his lungs, and even then, he was whole, as whole as he would ever be, as whole as he would ever hope to be with his cells only held together with the dust the underworld, veins like vines as if they were trying to hold his bones together, as if they knew where his heart would belong, as if they knew he would wander this earth searching for it again under each shadow. Put your to his chest, feel the pads of his fingertips, there is no warmth within him, no flush on his cheeks, he walks through flames, onto highways, blinded by light and begging for something, anything, anything besides the absent of the beat in his chest. They stitched him back together so long ago, but another already lived with his heart under their skin.

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re: the last two anons: However what texts you remain faithful to should always be up for debate. There were several earlier epics ( Alcmeonis (sp?) ) that listed Melinoe and Zagreus (at least) as Persephone and Hades' children. Western colonial historians practiced really lazy academia and had a tendency to turn all cultures barbaric in order to make theirs look better.

Oh certainly, I totally agreed. 

Futhermore, in many translations of the story the father of the children is referred as “Chthonios Zeus”, meaning Hades. And since Hades, King of the Underworld and the Dead, was very much a Zeus like figure, it’s very likely that Hades was in fact the father. But of course, many people took Zeus literal (I was one of them, I won’t lie.)