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Name Change & Return

Hi, all! I previously went by TheUmbrellaBoy. I have changed my url to brdgtree, and will be using that now. The last time I posted was in November I think! A lot has happened since then. I went through various health problems and battled with clinical depression since the start of the new year. At one point I think there was hardly anything left of me. I have also been working harder than I ever have in my life to overcome these circumstances, and I have graduated college with a BFA in illustration, too.
I hope my identity as an artist will grow/blossom (tree jokes) through this blog and the hard work I am looking forward to putting into it in the future.. Starting now! I have a lot of projects that I have been spending time on that I am excited to share.
Thank you to everyone who has stayed with me, it was a long absence. I’m really wanting to give this my all! Best wishes to everyone, -B


As a child, Anna Dittmann wanted to recreate the world as she saw it. Her first canvases were the walls of her bedroom and it’s been a strange, fantastic ride ever since. Born and raised in San Francisco, Anna is a 20-year-old digital illustrator with a strong passion for enigmatic portraiture. She eventually moved to Georgia to study at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and is currently working on her BFA in Illustration. Anna has a love for nature, biology, and portraiture which are recurring themes throughout her work. Her personal inspiration comes from organic natural elements, mythology and history, movement and texture, lyrics and melodies, expressions, color variations, pretty much anything which makes her want to grab her tablet and paint.

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Sang Jun Lee’s concept art for the movie Horton Hears A Who

Sang Jun Lee received his BFA in Illustration at the Academy of Art University in California. After graduating, he continued to explore his imagination by specializing in character, costume, and creature design for live action film, feature Animation, commercial and game studios. Such clients include Industrial Light & Magic, Lucas Film, Blue Sky Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Electronic Arts. His film credits include Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars Episode III, Men in Black II, Hulk, War of the Worlds, Dr seuss’ “Horton hears a who,” and Blue Sky’s 2011 release, “Rio”.


Meet the ICON9 Board Q&A: Marc Scheff - Events and Logistics Chair

We’re profiling the talented and dedicated individuals that comprise the ICON9 Board. Today we’d like to introduce Marc Scheff who joins the ICON Board as Events and Logistics Chair.

Location: Brooklyn

Brooklyn based Marc Scheff was born and raised in Boston, MA. Marc graduated from Harvard with a degree in Computer Science and baffled his parents by going on to earn a BFA in Illustration from The Academy of Art University.

Marc has worked as a concept artist and illustrator at game companies like Electronic Arts and Gameloft, freelance for a range of clients like Scientific American and Charlesbridge Publishing, performed art direction roles at Treehouse Brand Stores (now ThinkGeek), and curates the small works gallery Every Day Original. He runs art business workshops around the US with his partner at Drawn + Drafted. His illustration work has been featured in Spectrum, ImagineFX, Infected By Art, Prime, and other publications.

Tell us a bit about your position on the ICON9 Board & what you’re responsible for?

I am the Events & Logistics Chair for ICON9, your cruise director on the ground in Austin. I’m working with the rest of the board to make sure they have the space they need, and finding cool places around the conference for our special evening events.

Do you feel it’s important for illustrators to get involved with their industry?

Yes, for lots of reasons.

Self-promotion is certainly one. To do this in today’s network/ing ecosystem, it is absolutely necessary to be on social media. It’s a place to keep up with friends/contacts and engage in ways that are often more consistently human than old-school pavement pounding. Gone are the days of cold-calling as the only option, now you can geek out with people online and build a friendship before you ever pitch your work. It is simply de rigeur.

Beyond the walls of our own art-gardens, the industry and individuals within it require that at least some people put their efforts towards the overall health of the group. This is pretty basic group dynamics theory, when individuals act in ways that benefit the group then the individuals within the group are more productive, happy, and successful. That means we need artists who contribute some of their time to teaching, speaking, and producing events like ICON. Sometimes this means a short term cost to you, e.g. I don’t paint 8 hours a day because I have other projects going on, but by working for the world of illustration then that grows the opportunities for everyone, including me.

What do you do for fun?

Other than painting? I like getting out of town with my family and friends, and we go upstate most weekends year round. I love exercise and if I only do one fun thing in a day, that’s probably it. If I’m in full relax mode then I’m reading, but with two kids and many side projects I don’t get a lot of time for that.

Sketchbook or no sketchbook?

Yes. I almost left it at that, but I LOVE a great sketchbook. That said, I barely keep one and certainly felt the pressure in school to have a really really cool one filled with perfect drawings. The stress of that isn’t exactly great for being free with your ideas. I think people should have at least one place they make work that they don’t show anyone, a place to take the wheels off and fly without pressure to make it good. That’s how we evolve. Kyle Stecker gave me this advice, and it sticks with me.

Analog, Digital or a bit of both?

I do both and love each for different reasons. I have been working with Photoshop and digital tools for 20 years and am super comfortable in that medium. In October of 2013 I picked up the paintbrush again and fell in love with the process of painting. Working with my hands, with materials, and having something on the wall when I’m done, there’s no version of that feeling in pixels.

There’s a business angle as well. Digital commissions pay once (or more if you re-license). If you’re working in a traditional medium you can sell the original which means you can earn more with the same amount of work. That said, there are many commercial illustrators who just love the work and love the digital tools. I love their work too, and frankly I don’t get the sometime-rivalry between digital and traditional camps.

I recently finished a kids book/graphic novel and that was all digital, it just made sense stylistically. For my own personal work I stick to traditional tools.

Have you always wanted to be an illustrator or did you originally want to pursue a different path?

I always loved drawing, but when I got to college I figured you can’t really make a living with art so I graduated with a degree in Computer Science and went off to San Francisco in 1999 during the internet-tech boom. I realized that what I liked about programming was very much the same things that I liked about making pictures: the problem solving, the process of breaking down a project into pieces that fit together and produced a story (good software is story-driven, but that’s another interview). I slowly moved from programming, to design and then after taking a few art classes committed to a degree in illustration. I still use my tech skills to build some of the projects I produce, but I don’t take those clients any more.

All that said, many might say I’m currently pursuing other paths. I teach, and I curate a gallery. These take time away from the easel, but I love the work.

Who or what inspires you?

I wish I had an answer to this that wasn’t “you know, everything, sometimes.”

I do believe you can generate inspiration by simply focusing your attention to the present moment. When I am truly able to just notice where I am, the wonderful people around me, my peers, my mentor, my family, my fantastic kids, even just how fortunate I am to be doing this work in the world, it is inspiring. Part of how I find this space is in short meditations. I mediate once a day for about 10 minutes. It’s not a huge commitment by design, so it’s something I can be sure to do consistently. I’m not claiming enlightenment, and maybe it’s all psychosomatic, but I enjoy it and it helps get me grounded.

What was your first ‘real’ illustration job?

I got my first job while still in art school for a The Game of Thrones fantasy card game. I learned a lot on that job, mostly about how much I had to learn about making pictures. I sometimes show my students the work I did on that project as evidence that hard work does eventually lead to improvement.

You’re a bit of a fitness aficionado, does physical fitness help with your creativity & brainstorming ideas?

Absolutely. The positive impact of exercise on creativity have been clearly validated. There is plenty of research, including this paper, that measures creative abilities before and after exercise, and between groups that did or didn’t exercise. Even after brief, low-intensity exercise like walking, those groups that exercised were able to perform creative tasks at measurably higher levels than those who did not. It’s also great for your mood, longevity, and resistance to disease. I haven’t found a down side yet in the research to eating healthy and moving around a bit.

But science aside, it just feels good and puts me in a good and confident mindset for the day. I work out on weekdays and plan my workouts mid-day, and they’re about 25 minutes at-home bodyweight (mostly). I even started coaching artists on how to get into a program that they can actually do and keep doing. As I mentioned with meditation I’m focused on a system that I’ll actually use, so I keep things manageable time-wise. I wrote a long-ish piece on this breaking down my food and fitness strategies here.

Tell us about you latest venture Every Day Original & what it’s aims are?

Every Day Original is an online gallery of small works of original art. We have over 60 artists and post one piece each day from a different artist, mostly figurative/narrative work right now. We have a healthy, growing audience and we hope to expand in new ways over the next couple of years.

The goal is simple: to help artists sell work, and help would-be collectors buy it. Everyone I know wants to have an original piece of art, but spending thousands of dollars is out of range. Every artist I know makes small works, experiments, and special little things that are hard to market. We simply created a space where those two groups of people can get together and get what they want. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive and the work to make it happen has been worth it.

Do you have any particular highlights from ICON8?

I do. Some of the things that happened in Portland will stay in Portland. I think one for me was meeting Damian Kulash in the green room, introducing myself, then asking who he was (those just tuning in, he was our keynote speaker). Real smooth.

What are you currently working on right now?

Working on a new body of work for a show in October, planning a small show at the Society of Illustrators, the Illustration West show, some new exciting things for Every Day Original (stay informed here), and raising a newborn and a 4.5 year old. Oh, and ICON9!

Check out more of Marc’s work at:

Follow Marc on Twitter: @marcscheff

Hey class!

To be honest, I am very excited about blogging about this class and reading other’s blogs as well because since I spend a lot of my time reading online books, I now have another thing to read and I am intrigued by everyone’s different perspectives that I will be able to read into. 
For anyone who has not yet read my introduction, here is more about me and my goals: 

Hey everyone, my name is Neha Dharkar and this is my second online course and Foothill College, but I am going to be entering into my fifth semester at California College of the Arts as an Animation/Illustration BFA major. Before pursuing the arts, I was originally hoping to major in Mathematics but when senior year of high school rolled around, I realized I could not see myself working in that field and that the arts was always where my true passion was.

With Los Angeles being the heart of the film/television/music industry, my California dream involves being able not necessarily live in LA (the traffic), but be able to work for a studio and find a job that will really challenge my creativity. I have multiple friends working for companies such as Pixar, Fox and Nickolodeon; and my goal is to be able to reach to a position that they have as well.

Although I am pursuing Animation as my main major, as a hobby I have started a clothing company called “Relatable.” and also draw comics as a way to introduce the types of stories I would create if I were to work for a show or create my own. My apparel designs are mainly based off puns involving artists. For example, I made a shirt design for “Lorde Voldemort” with Lord Voldemort’s face but singer Lorde’s hair. I started “Relatable.” as a way to earn money but I am hoping to expand it into a group that helps spread music and one day be able to host music festivals as well and be able to contribute that money towards organizations that provide feminine hygiene products for women who do not have access to these materials. I have come to appreciate education more than I used to and I hate the fact that women around the world cannot achieve their own goals or go to school because of a lack of sanitary supplies. Although I am not religious, I come from a relatively religious family back in India and there is a tradition where woman are sometimes forbidden from participating in family functions because of menstrual cycles, a natural process of the female body and watching anyone being treated that unfairly was eye-opening to me. I was never one to speak out for myself or others, but I have recently been more open and I feel that speaking up alone is one step closer to making a difference.

My interests include playing the guitar, longboarding, drawing, finding new music, going taste testing in restaurants around different cities, and reading random facts that may never come in handy. With blogging, the experience that I have is Tumblr, Blogspot, and Wix. The website I plan on using is Tumblr for my blog as that is the blogging website I am most familiar with and the easiest interface for me.

My writing is not as good as I hope it would be and in order to be able to propose television shows or movies, my writing will have to be much more advanced. I hope to be able to further develop my writing with this course and look forward to seeing an improvement in my writing.

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She found the doll from my BFA illustration project years ago and has been treating her like a baby doll ever since. I created Molly the Ballerina as a puppet and a children’s book. I’ve always been obsessed with toys & I see them as an extension of art/illustration. (i’ve also always been obsessed with dolls. I’m afraid I might be the creepy old doll lady with a room just full of dolls. Just between me and you - I’m kind of almost partially there 🙀🙊😳). #thebanisterhouse by mer_mag

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What's your major in university?

I’m studying for a BFA in Illustration | Design. I might do the fashion track but as of now the program is pretty new, I don’t know if I trust the curriculum.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our Summer 2015 Featured Artist, Rehan Miskci. She won first FIRST PRIZE of The Camera Club of New York’s Annual Competition. Details found at #theartistcatalogue #NYC #art #publication #competition #photography #painting #drawing #illustration #sculpture #collage #NewYork #exhibition #congrats #Manhattan #city #urban #fineart #MFA #BFA #summer (at New York, NY)