bf: light at the end

A concept for canon OUAT S6-S7 that I know will most likely never fucking happen because Kitsowitz suck, but would still totally save what little remaining integrity this show has left, and make it 10000x times more worth watching again: Emma dies, Hook dies, and Zelena dies. Rumple becomes the Savior by stopping the BF, gets TLK with Belle, gains light magic, gets a happy ending with Gideon and Belle, the narrative stops shitting on his redemption arc and happiness with stupid OOC character assassinating plot twists and storylines every other half arc, and Kitsowitz actually start treating his character with the dignity and grace that both the character and actor (Robert Carlyle) deserve. Regina actually starts getting recognized for her good deeds without having to clean up after CS with no thanks.

You know the old saying “Theres light at the end of every tunnel”?  For longest time I have considered this a fact, and applied to much of my day to day life.  Whenever something happens that put me in the dark, in the back of my head, I always knew that there would be an end, that tiny pinprick of light would grow bigger and bigger until I was out of whatever mess had occurred.  So I would put my head down and battle through on my own.

What I've discovered recently, (and I must say, being in college, on my own for the first time, I’ve discovered a lot) is that it shouldnt be about the light at the end of a tunnel.  It should be about the light all around us.  The sun rises from the night to bring light, and as soon as it goes down, the moon takes it place. Maybe not quite as bright, but providing light all the same.  The only time we are truley in the dark is when we put ourselves in the tunnel, and in retrospect we do that quite selfishly. We do it for some sort of attention, a test maybe, to see who is out there to help us.  I freely admit that I am quite guilty of that.  There is always someone or something there to help us through, to light our way.  By putting ourselves out there, reaching out for that hand to pull us up, we become stronger.  We risk everything in the hope that someone will be there, and I can promise you, even when you think there isnt someone, there will be.  

Just maybe not what you expected, or even hoped for.

I was talking to a friend recently, and we were going through the three stages of human growth.  We start out dependent, with need for everything.  This is when we are a child and everything is given to us.  As we grow, around the teenage years, we become independent, doing everything for ourselves, trying to prove that we can make it on our own.  And this stage could last several years, or it could last a lifetime.  Finally, the stage that not everyone reaches is interdependence. This is when we combine the two stages, and are able to function on our own, but the hard part is being able to reach out for ideas, help, and advice with the issues of our life.  The reason it becomes so hard to obtain is because it requires a breakdown of our personal pride to utilize that dependence that we all need.  For some people it is easy, for some its hard, for many its impossible.

So here is my challenge to you.  Try to open up to the idea of interdependence. It wont happen over night.  It might take months, it might take years.  But opening that door is like waking up looking through new eyes.  There is so much you cant do on your own, but there is so much you can do with others.  I know im not quite there yet, but I acknowledge the amazing support network I have unwittingly built around myself over the past 18 years i’ve been alive.  Its a good feeling.

With an open heart, open soul, and an open mind I will continue on this path of growing up, trying to not look for the light at the end of the tunnel, but to look for the light all around me.



  • The Seventh Doctor and Ace fall out of a vortex
  • Peri Brown: Who do you think they are?
  • Sixth Doctor: Peri, Remember the ghost images of my past and future selves?
  • Peri Brown: You mean?
  • Sixth Doctor: Yes, that's a future version of me.
  • Peri Brown (in regards to Ace): And that's a future version of me.
  • Sixth Doctor: Hardly.
  • Peri Brown: Just joking

And because I feel better I took a few pictures of the awesome limited edition of BF Light at the End. For the case some of you don’t have this beautiful piece of work and would like to see it.

You know, the televison anniversary special can’t make me sad or dissapointed or something like that because this is such awesome story, moreover wrapped in real awesomness and warm and loving work of Big Finish people. Whatever happens in TV special I’m okay with it and I’ll enjoy watching it once I get to watching it (surely not on the 23.11.) although I admit I’m not as excited for the TV special as I was (and still am) for this one from Big Finish. :)

I am a realist, Doctor-


DOCTOR (interrupting) :
Oh here we go.


The Light at the End, Big Finish Productions (2013)


That’s it. That’s Doctor Who. I love this moment so much, possibly even more than “EVERYBODY LIVES”.

Because I've been there. We’ve all been there when some asshole says “some of my best friends are [blank]”, or “you have to be realistic [about horrible injustices]”, or “we just don’t know ~all the facts~”, or “how do you expect to convince people when you’re so angry”. To hell with those people. Six knows what’s up.

Six is the best Doctor.

(Seriously though, listen to this bit if you can. It’s great. It’s so great.)