We start the weekly update! Toby is a hero :O

Poor Papyrus, for one puzzle that should work, and the dog has been biting the switch device. Now it’s broken :P

I know some people expected the trap to work… sorry? xD

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It’s the last episode of GMM ever. Link goes to spin the wheel as Rhett tells everyone how grateful they are and always will be, and how they will miss everything.
What the boys don’t know though is that the crew rigged the wheel to end on a certain spot. The final spot will have everyone either laughing, freaking out, or surprised.
The wheel ends, and Rhett goes to read it. “Rhett and Link confess their love for each other and kiss…”
The two men look at the crew, confused and maybe even a little pissed off. How were they suppose to confess now? After years of hiding it from each other, they’re suppose to confess it now? What about their wives?
“Look, man…” Link started. Rhett stopped his best friend by grabbing his shirt collar and pulling him as close as possible.
Without saying a word, Rhett closes the small gap between them and kisses Link with all the love in the world. Right when Link kisses back though, the video cuts out.
That’s the end of GMM.

i procrastinated checking me inbox for like 15 mins cause i knew i’d have to answer asks about donald glover as lando calrissian so i will answer them all in one LMAO

uhhh im… i liked him in community??? he was very funny and very smart and i liked him a lot but then i found out about him bein Problematique™ as f (if you wanna know google it it’s very easy) and so i just… like…. stopped being a fan of him lol

objectively i think he will be a very good lando and bring out new things in the character and probably make me love him more but….. i dont care for him