Messerschmitt Bf.109F-4/trop (W.Nr 10074) Gelbe 5 of 6 Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 27, piloted by Leutnant Gerhard Mix, Western Desert, Egypt. 14 August 1942

It had made a forced landing in the rear of the Australian lines near El Alamein and was loaded on to a transport to be taken to RAF workshops to be examined by experts.
Other German planes had tried to destroy it after it had landed, in order to prevent disclosing any secret technical developments.
Lt. Gerhard Mix was uninjured and taken POW.

This Bf.109 is camouflaged in RLM 78/79 with atypically undefined colour demarcation line in the middle of the fuselage (but slightly lower than per standard).
Markings include white spinner and collar, white fuselage band and wing tips, and yellow lower cowling.
Number ‘5’ and the horizontal bar are yellow outlined in black.
The squadrons emblem of the 'Berlin Bear’ is painted on either side of the cowling.

(Photo source -Australian War Memorial)

(Colourised by Richard James Molloy from the UK)

Australian Flight Officer Hillary scored a kill on 31 August 1940 when he used his aircraft to down three Bf 109s and scoring one probable over Dungeness - he had accidentally formed up with a flight of Bf 109 Emils thinking that they were Hurricanes after he was separated from his own unit.

Source:  Aircraft of the Aces: The Legendary Spitfire Mk I/II 1939-41 by Alfred Price (1996)