… you look at him and you see the s t a r s, and he looks at you and sees the s u n.

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OK so I had a dream that I was with Dan, but I wasn't me. IDK who I was but I remember being tall. We were walking in a street. Dan looked at me and nervously asked me to dance. I said yes, but I couldn't hear it. Then the dream skipped around and we were in D+P's flat. We were looking at a camera, Then dan looked at me and said"Are u ready?" Then I woke up. I come from a family of psychics and ive had visions before. I've predicted things before. Ive seen another post like this. I'm freakin out

can we talk about emma basically getting up and getting ready just so she could go out and walk like 2 blocks cuddling with her boyfriend and kiss him before he went to hang out with belle for the day and she went off to check on regina, they are becoming the parents of storybrooke it’s adorable