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I saw Moana with my boyfriend, and when he realized that Tamatoa was Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Concords, he was screaming, but when he started singing- my bf lost his shit. And I play "Your Welcome" all the time on repeat so I understand ya

GOD BLESS HIM THO his bowie impression is spot on

fr tho when is dwayne johnson’s album dropping i could listen to his lovely voice all day

What’s funny to me is that dan had always been super careful with his danisnotonfire videos. He is careful to barely mention Phil at all, barely had Phil in his videos, and even if he does he is careful enough to introduce Phil as a friend or best friend. 

In this latest video there was no introduction, he just went on about Phil, assuming his audience already knows that this “Phil” must be largely associated in his life and that he is partly what makes his life so eventful. 

No “my friend” phil, no “my roommate phil” just Phil.