bf's camera


In case CBS is a dick and you can’t watch the performance in your country or you really wanted a better idea of the staging,

You’re welcome!

Submission: I’m not sure if this constitutes “cute” in the traditional sense, but my bf has a Flir camera (thermal imaging camera, for those who aren’t familiar with them). I took a picture of my cat with it last time he was visiting and he apparently has a very cold nose!

Okay, this is a hella cool image, thank you! Cats are supposed to have cold noses, but I can’t actually find any conclusive evidence on why they’re so cold. 

I wasn’t very happy with the way my cover from yesterday turned out so here’s another one! Straight to Video by that shitty band MSI

 (it took me an hour to record this… I always mess up the bridge …)

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“Can you see?” - - Minhyuk endorses a game about hungry sharks