It’s in these moments with you when I’m most happy, most true, and most human.. I’ve never experienced emotions the way they consume me now. I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. And how you manage to understand, accept, and commit to loving me every day is beyond me. I’m honored. This is all still too unreal but it’s beautiful. You’re beautiful… I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I am undoubtedly in love with you. #LUCKYME #bebrave #behappy #beyourself #loveislove ✊🏽
P.s. This was NOT easy.. but all too worth it. #mcm 😩🙏🏽

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Ήταν διαφορετική

Δεν είχε τη κοινοτυπια των άλλων κοριτσιών. Η μαγκιά της ήταν διαφορετική. Δεν την ένοιαζε να είναι όμορφη, σεξυ και καθωσπρεπιστρια. Χαμογελαστη ακόμα κι αν τα μέσα της έλιωναν. Η ζωή της έδινε χαστούκι,και εκείνη της έκλεινε το μάτι. Κι όμως,για εκείνη έγιναν τα μεγαλύτερα μεθύσια. Για εκείνη έγιναν όλα. Επειδή ήταν αυτή. Επειδή ετσι ήταν φτιαγμένη,διαφορετική.

I had someone argue with me recently regarding the bathroom laws and the fact that I go around and “announce” that I’m transgender. They stated that they don’t go around and announce they are straight.

First of all, sexual preference has nothing to do with who I am. Secondly, I will always proudly “announce” that I am a transgender woman, there should never be shame in that. In my opinion, the term transgender is a positive word that describes how hard I’ve fought to be the woman I am. Visibility is a wonderful opportunity to educate, encourage, and inspire others. Life is too short and fragile to constantly judge and pick people apart. We are all created equal and we all deserve the same equal rights to live our lives happily, authentically, and abundantly.

This is true. I’ve done that & it does help me see things clearly & from a different perspective. It’s amazing how you can change how you react & deal with things. It’s amazing how much your perspective can change too. I’m still working on it. #workinprogress #bethebestyouthatyoucanbe #beyourself #loveyourself #iamwhoiam #gottabeme #selfcare #selflove #selfdiscovery #selfacceptance #selfworth #selfsacrifice #selfreflection #empaths #highlysensitiveperson #empathetic #empathic #empathy #empath #introvertproblems #introvert #introverts #introvert #introverted #ambivert #ambivertproblems #ambiverts #ambiverted

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It’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to feel out of place. It’s okay to be upset and feel lonely sometimes. It’s okay to cry once in a while. You’re not weak. You are human and it’s normal to feel those things. They do say, there is braveness in being soft. So, don’t ever give up. Trust me. Everything will be alright.
—  Unknown