Some of the best yoga practices are the ones when you allow your breath, body and intuition to guide your flow. Even if you don’t have a teacher or class to go you trust that you know exactly what to do. 😎🙏🏽 #beyourownteacher #intuitiveflow #beachyoga

I was about to join Crossfit this weekend, but then I watched that “take me to church” video with the Ukrainian ballerina babe + I decided to take up ballet instead. 👯👯👯 I start this Saturday morning, 9:30am. The dress code is pink slippers, pink tights + a solid colored leotard. 😂😂😂 FYI: this is either a mid-life crisis or just another one of my “I have to learn this before I die” decisions like pole vault, boxing + Bikram yoga. When I was thinking about Crossfit, I secretly knew I would be good at it. Basically I would be combining my gymnastics and college track backgrounds, I already did all that. It’d be a challenge + super fun, of course. But for some reason, my personality wants something new. So be it. 🌟 In my 30 and ½ years, a lot of people, boyfriends, “best friends,” co-workers, etc, have called me out on this personality trait of mine + claimed it as a flaw. … Fortunately, I have come to terms with this little repeat behavior and now welcome it with arms wide open. 💃 There’s this quote that I thought I had to live my life according to because I read it in a book. It went something like “Don’t dig a hundred shallow holes, just dig one hole really deep.” …….. Well, I say, “Feel free to keep digging your deep hole. I won’t judge you, but please don’t judge me. I’m planting a hundred seeds in all of these shallow holes.” 🌱🌻🌹🌷🌲🌳🌵✨ #fullmoontalk #thinkforyourself #beyourownteacher

The day I realized that I had free will to make my own decisions in life was the day I had to realize I am responsible for every action I commit, every word that leaves my lips, every emotion that I convey to someone or something. I have free will, and what I do with it determines the outcome of my journey. 📝🕉✝👁🔮📿☪☯✡🕥 #ofsoundbodyandmind #currently #progression #aspirations #livingmylifeoutloud #beyourownteacher 🔙🔛🔝🔜⏭⏭⏭🆗💚💙❤️