Five Things I Like about Myself Tag

Once you get this, you must publicly say five things you like about yourself, then pass it on to fifteen of your favorite followers. Not back to me :)

Five Things I Like about myself:

  1. My hair color. I dyed it blonde and black like Avril Lavigne’s on the cover of her What The Hell single cause it looked cool.
  2. My music taste. Others can relate to that.
  3. How well I’ve been handling myself lately. Not hate, or self harm. :D
  4. My love for coffee. Cause I got paranoidnimrods addicted to it xD
  5. I kinda like my singing voice.

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A child?  Notification had come my way that you were engaged; however, I had not heard word of a pregnancy.

I believe that congratulations are in order, then.  When are you due?

As for me, classes began toward the end of last month, so between attending them, completing coursework, and maintaining my familial obligations, I have been rather busy.  This is actually the first weekend I have no prior engagements, which I am quite thankful for.