Sorry for no video today, I was kinda finishing a SUPERCOOL SPACESHIP HECK YEAH! This is a collection of angles of the Heart of Mushbury, the MSS-Supercool Class-Research Ship-001

Now I’m going to rest but hopefully we can start recording soon and get this out to you promptly!

It’s time to go… BEYOND MUSHBURY!!!

cool crew

so the beyond mushbury trailer released yesterday and it revealed the members of the crew, there’s a lot more backstory to these that’ll be explored in the actual episodes but i figured this might help any budding fanart or fanfics out there:

Zoey Proasheck - joint spacetime commander of the mushbury mission who must save her planet in the most stylin’ way possible

Fiona Saberial - joint spacetime commander of the mushbury mission who hates paperwork and just wants to kick butt and make money

Ringlette D. Sheep - captain and pilot of the MSS Heart of Mushbury

Dr. Gruknurp - super smart brain, spock/data-like figure

Lt. BEEP-R - a cute little robot lieutenant who can interface with the ship and control the systems, sort of the ship’s AI

Meltee Fryd - snowperson engineer who has to work very closely with hot engines

Mr. Ribbits - ship’s biologist/researcher studying plant, animal, soil and other samples to help identify mushbury prime’s corruption… probably.

Ensign POINT-R - a recent addition to the crew, robot who only has one programmed function, a finger extension that allows it to point at things. still a better character than wesley.

redshrooms - like redshirts but with a mushbury twist get it get it heh, random survivors and recruits from mushbury prime and alternate worlds and dimensions

Sir Puffsworth the fish tambourine also made it from Mushbury Prime but he is a fish so it would be silly for him to have an important role on a high-tech spaceship heh. lives in a tank in proasheck’s quarters

so there we go, all of these characters have about a page worth of notes and story already written on them that will be revealed later but that covers the basics and i’m really excited to see if this develops in to cool headcanons, art, stories of previous adventures (because the start of the series is a few years after leaving mushbury prime), stuff like that. i hope you can all enjoy the world we’re creating along with us. :)

edit: i guess it’s important to note that the MSS Heart of Mushbury has no weapon systems whatsoever so there’s no ace gunner crewmate or anything like that