danielleaddison– a generally super sweet, adorable girl and it all translates into her blog. :) Looking at her posts definitely cheer me up and makes my cold, robot heart feel like it’s capable of love.

beyondcloudnine– this blog…I’ve been following it from day one. I feel tougher and smarter just by following Preeti, she’s literally a riot and posts the most amazing, colorful pictures. Definitely follow if you’re interested in everything outside the american-pop-culture-bubble.

ohmygoodness234– mah home gurl who I just started following but idk what to say except she’s super cool and funny with dry wit and I should actually look at her blog ok bye.

surrendertosummer– okay, this is actually one of my best friends. She’s really taken to tumblr even though she’s pretty new. Her posts are a mixture of summer-hipster-blog and quirky, funny things, which is a nice mix if you’re not already following a ton of “hipsters” (aka posers who all claim to live in Sydney and live at the beach and don’t know what pants are and yadda yadda surfing turtles mermaids blaahhh)

frozencoke– another blog I’ve followed since the beginning. This is a good one if you’re a Sherlock-Fangirl (like my dad). She also posts amazing fashion photos and a ton of other pretty, arty things. Wow I suck at describing this, but this is one cool chick. Please just follow omg.

thecatwithtwoheads– This blog is the perfect balance of personal blog and things that relate to people who aren’t actually living her life or take part in it in any way. All the posts are quirky and cool, and cat lovers will surely enjoy it. This blog is pretty diverse in posts so idk how else to describe it so I’ll just ladeedadeeda