Inehra doing some quick morning gardening before anyone sees.

I drew this for an art trade with the awesome beyondbedtime, I really hoped to have this up earlier but stuff got in the way I guess.

I LOVE this character oh my, It was fun to take some liberty with her clothes.

how that planter is floating i do not know

"Because Drummers love Giraffes"

A request for a good friend of mine.He’s a super talented musician so I snuck in a sort of music note inspired spot on the neck (I KNOW I AM LAME I ACCEPT IT)
This is the first time I’ve drawn a giraffe! They actually have huge tongues but…I used my artistic license to make it more cute instead haha. Maybe took 8 hours….I am not sure really, it was a lot of fun.

*hyperventilates* learning how to fanart guys. THIS IS AN ASSIGNMENT LIKE, SCHOOL WHY ARE YOU SO COOL (BUT ALSO INCREDIBLY TAXING, WHERE DID MY SOUL GO). I am in love with Garnet’s design and character, actually just in love with the art of Steven Universe (the show, in all its entirety, really) and thought that it would be a great show to learn to draw other people’s characters and work in other styles! :D

More progress! Been meaning to get some other pieces up but the past little while has been crazy busy!
Hrah can I just say that as much as I love painting/drawing hair…I also really hate it. Aha it takes so long /crying in a corner/. Anyhow, fun fact for the day- this is my favourite hairstyle! It’s like a faux hawk updo and makes me look like a little boy but I absolutely love it. :) That’s all for now!

"The Fog will Hold You"
Quick speedpaint of something I had in my head. A lady made of fog, or maybe she’s the one who brings the fog. Not sure yet, but I think I’ll do a few more like this to play around with the idea. I also am exploring the colour wheel again so…! YEAH, COLOUR THEORY. /dead/