Guest Comic #5 by Jonathan Griffiths is just something you gotta see for yourself.

Jonathan draws an awesome comic called Beyond the Canopy, so go check it out!

This concludes the guest comic break! Normal updates resume on Tuesday, so I’ll see you then!

Also as an aside, if you’re part of the Sequential Art Society in Savannah, Mad and I are participating in the Webcomics Panel this Sunday- February 23rd from 2-4PM. Come see us if you can!

Problems of being obsessed with webcomics and cartoons:

Why am I so afraid of a triangle in a top hat

Why am I crying over tiny lesbian gemstones

Why am I so emotionally attached to this plant and his glowing stick

Why do I squeal about an evil green teddy bear man and his relationships

Why am I so amused by this horrifically melodramatic child seriously dude you’re in middle school not Mordor

Why does a potato child and his singing frog bring me so much happiness

Why is my emotional state so easily influenced by things that make no sense when I stop to think about it for five seconds


How would I adapt Other Cartoons? - Kirblog 12/17/13

David Giordano asked me about what pre-existing cartoons I’d like to do my own interpretation or adaptation of, if given the opportunity. I go over a few IPs I’d love to take a crack at and why I think it’d be cool to see them reimagined, whether it’s by me or not. He-Man & the Masters of the Universe, Rainbow Brite and Yu-Gi-Oh! are just a few. What shows, games, comics or movies would YOU wanna see get a reboot or adaptation? Who would you want to have direct it?

Got questions or ideas for subjects? Leave a comment here, tweet at me, shoot me a question to my ask-box on tumblr or anything you like; I’m always open to suggestions!

There’s a webcomic called Beyond the Canopy and I am really disappointed that it’s not getting any attention.

I mean, look at this.









Please, just give the comic a try. I really want to see more fanart of it and people discussing it.

As much as I love Paranatural I think Beyond the Canopy deserves some sort of prize for most wildly confusing out-of-context panels.

Look at this

What the hell he pulled a chicken out of a paper bag that’s also his head

Dude are you okay why does a skeleton even have a tongue like that

NOT THE CHEW TOY - wait what?

I don’t even know what to say about this one.

Poor… glowy… stick thing?

It’s a webcomic about plants. This is a webcomic about anthropomorphic plants. And this kind of crap keeps popping up in it.