The Edge

When I was growing up, I always thought life was like a video game. I did everything I could to keep up the illusion: doing homework was like completing a quest, talking with friends was like navigating branching dialogue trees with NPCs, and making it to the podium at graduation was like killing the final boss.

I kept these fantasies to myself and didn’t think much of them until little details started standing out. Sometimes I’d be walking along a trail in the woods and my eyes would gravitate towards a tree that looked just a bit blurrier than the others. Other times I’d be talking with my parents and the conversation would seem off, as if their responses were just vague enough to make sense if I had said something else.

“Mrs. Bainbridge gave us way too much work tonight!” I’d argue. “Homework is important, son,” Dad would say. “There’s no way I can finish this project on top of baseball practice!” I’d yell. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” Dad would say.

I grew skeptical. I started testing the universe to make sure it was real. One by one, the pieces of the puzzle that I thought I had solved became detached. One afternoon, I punched my best friend Aidan straight in the teeth. His face recoiled a bit, but then snapped back into place, his big smile unfazed.

“Want to play Smash later?” Aidan said immediately after, grinning from ear to ear.

The next day, I tried to get my parents to say my name.

“Come down for dinner, honey!” Mom called. “How was your day, sport?” Dad asked. “Elbows off the table, dear,” Mom said.

This went on for the rest of the night. I couldn’t remember the last time my parents ever said my name.

Looking back on it, I should have just accepted it. It wasn’t hard to live my life as the game intended. I could have been happy if I had drowned out all the red flags. It’s too late for that now.

Yesterday, or at least I think it was yesterday, I decided to push the game to its limits. Right before school I stole my mom’s keys, got in her truck, and drove. It didn’t matter where I was going, so long as it was somewhere new.

Eventually, the road got less familiar. I was entering the wilderness. In a half-hour, I had reached the city limits, beyond the thick canopy of trees that isolated our town from the outside world.

Except…there was nothing. The road ended there. The land just stopped. Everything was blue. Up, down, and out into the endless expanse. It was all blue.

I stood there on the precipice, wondering what my life had been up until that moment. I wondered what it could be. I took my first step into the blue unknown. I started to fall.

In those final seconds, the scariest thing I could imagine was living a life that someone else had chosen for me.

But now?

I’m still falling.

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Can I get Romanogers and 48 - accidentally married in Vegas, please ❤️❤️

48. “We accidentally got married in Vegas oops” (fluff meme)

“What do you mean, it just happened?

Natasha grins from behind the rim of her glass, glancing at Steve as he reaches for her hand across the table, curling his fingers around hers. An act that would’ve caused the whole table to groan, except everyone seems to be in a particularly good mood this morning. Whether it’s because they’re wrapping up a bachelor and bachelorette weekend with a brunch only Tony Stark would think perfectly acceptable to pay for, or because they’re too amused with the situation altogether to mind all of the public displays of affection, Natasha isn’t sure. But she finds that she doesn’t really care right now.

“Babe,” Pietro says with a laugh, bending his neck to press a kiss to her shoulder. “It’s fine.”

“I’m sorry, they got married in Vegas at our bachelorette weekend, and you say it’s fine?” Darcy asks. She’s smiling too widely to be genuinely upset, though Natasha does feel a little bad about breaking Darcy’s rule about it being a girls only trip. Their weekend hadn’t been particularly crazy as far as bachelorettes are supposed to go: no strippers, no private dancers, and only a little bit of club-hopping. Really, they just shopped all day and danced all night, and drank way too much complimentary alcohol that the bartenders pushed their way whenever Darcy told them that she’d just gotten engaged.

“Well, not to be redundant, but they were already married,” Bucky points out.

At this, Steve lifts Natasha’s hand to his lips and kisses her knuckles, and then the spot on her ring finger just above her wedding band, nudging it with the pad of his thumb like he likes to do sometimes. The small chapel had been nothing like the stretch of beach that they’d rented out for their original ceremony, and she hadn’t even been wearing white, or anything even a little appropriate for a wedding, even of the Vegas kind. They’d used their own wedding bands and recited the same vows, and she’s pretty sure the “priest” that married them must’ve been able to tell all of this.

She wasn’t even all that drunk, and she knows for sure that Steve wasn’t. So why they had even done it, she wasn’t sure.

Well, that’s a lie. She just really likes how it feels when Steve slips her ring onto her finger, and she knows that Steve just likes the excuse to touch her as much as he wants, to kiss her breathless when someone, anyone, is watching. Like he wants to show off how much he loves her, how much he wants her and needs her.

“Beautiful day for a wedding,” Sam says, almost out of the blue as he squints up at the bright, clear blue sky just beyond the terrace canopy.

“Don’t even think about it,” Darcy says, narrowing her eyes at Steve and Natasha.

Steve chuckles, kisses the back of Natasha’s hand again and winks at her when she meets his gaze. He’s playing with her ring again, and honestly? She has half a mind to drag him back to a chapel right now if he keeps staring at her like that. He probably wouldn’t mind at all.

The Return (Legend of Zelda au)

Hey everyone Mr.E here with my big project i had planned for @starcoweek3 ‘s au you of choice. haha man am I late with this but i hope you all still enjoy it.

So this au is heavily based on the Legend of Zelda’s newest game breath of the wild but I did try to add little jokes and references from the entire series here and there especially a certain well known disguise. 

This one is more serious than usual as Star deals with intense feelings of disconnection and loss as she awakens from a slumber only to find the world is different than she remembered. There is humor and romance but when i first started writing this forever ago, i wanted it to be a reminder that we must always do our best and keep going even in trying, difficult times. it isn’t easy but we can do it and make the world a better place through drive and a determination not to give up.

This means flashback 

That’s it for me, have an amazing day, a great week and stay awesome and remember I believe in you! 

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Before The Soldier [Part 4 / ?]

Post-Civil War Series

[Read Part One | Part Two | Part Three ]

Pairing: T’Challa x Ex-Avenger!Reader

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Okoye (Comic Character), Natasha Romanoff, T’Challa, Yvani (OC), Ramone (OC), and Brief Mentions of Tony and Vision.

Warnings: CIVIL WAR SPOILERS, Explicit Language, Sexual Reference, and Suggestive Themes.

Word Count: 4.8k+

A/N: This one is definitely more based on forming the plot, but it has a perfect balance of everything. So, enjoy! x. T

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The Villa  |  20 Minutes Later


               “How long are we looking to stay in Odessa?” Your eyes flickered over to Steve who was bent over the dining table right beside you, his hands squared on the map of Ukraine he scrounged up. He was gazing down at where your finger rest over the city marker, brow drawn in thought as he mulled over the mission.

           Steve lifted his head and met your questioning eyes. “I don’t want to put you two in any more risk than you already are, but can you find him in seventy-two hours?”

           You took your bottom lip into your mouth and knew what he was asking was going to put a lot of stress on both you and Sam. This wasn’t any ordinary manhunt—it was a damn hunt for a Winter Soldier. It would take a good twelve hours to situate a fake alias and have a place to stay, most likely meaning you would have to share a hotel room with Sam, but that didn’t cover scouting out the block for places to get away if you or Sam would get spotted by anyone who knew just who you were.

           “We have three days to pinpoint a man who doesn’t want to be found in plain sight… I think we can handle it.”

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The air in the Shroud is thick with fog, and she worries, for a moment, that the airship will not find its way in it. She waits at the dock, boot tapping the wood planks as she looks to the skies, tries to see beyond the canopy of trees. She hears the airship before she sees it, her ears perked high, and a steady flicking of her tail from side to side starts up. Cid brings it in to land at the station, and she waves, ecstatic, to first him, and then to her good friend.

Sure, this was supposed to be a diplomatic visit, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t be ecstatic to see him. She has so much to tell him when they get time, and as the engine dies down to a less deafening rumble, she steps a bit closer to the plank.

“How was the trip?” she calls out, and the silver haired man at the helm offers a wave, grins.

(26) It also emits a light called “Adornment of Fragrance”:
This light can awaken all beings,
Causing those who sense it to be pleased
And assured of a fulfilling enlightened virtues.
Spreading the ground with exquisite incense
To offer to the supreme Guides,
And also therewith making shrines and icons
Is how this light can be made.

(27) It also emanates a light called “Various Adornments”:
With jewel pennants and canopies beyond number,
Burning incense, scattering flowers, playing music,
Filling cities, inside and out.
Having originally presented the Buddhas with various adornments:
Wonderful dancing and music,
Perfumes, flowers, pennants, canopies, and such,
Is how this light was made.

(28) It also radiates a light called “Purification”
Which causes the ground to be flat as one’s palm.
Adorning the Buddhas’ shrines and their surroundings
Is how this life can be made.

Avatamsaka Sutra - 351, 352

Note on the image: Amitayus, Nepali tradition.

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Would you mind doing 10 for NozoEli?? I love the way you write Nozomi!

10. “Goodbye” kiss

A/N: set in some AU from Dancing Stars on Me!

“Hmm~ I can’t believe I had to rely on pirates’ help… but you all did good!”

“Of course. I have faith in my crew,” Eli nonchalantly sheathed her cutlass and sent the buxom woman a dashing smile. “We’re rulers of the sea, so it’s natural that we’ll do everything to maintain that title.”

That and I’ve fallen for you the moment I saw you. The blonde pirate took a confident step closer to the giggling witch, whose long byzantium hair fluttered along the breeze by the docks. Now that they had successfully escorted Nozomi back to her island, Eli was ready for the next phase.

She had it all planned out: just before they part ways, she would swoop down and capture the witch’s lips in a heated kiss; then, she shall declare that pirates always take whatever they want. “I want you,” she’d say, and Nozomi would surely swoon. Lastly, as discussed beforehand, Umi and Honoka would fire the cannons and let confetti and flower petals shower the docks as she carries her lady aboard in bridal style.

Absolutely flawless. 10 harasho.

Her meticulously-planned scenario sank faster than a creaky old boat when the enigmatic witch tugged her by her frilly tie and gave her a thorough kiss. There was an odd crash in the background then some several muffled explosions, followed by Umi’s angry shouting and Honoka’s pleading whimpers. Eli could care less at the moment though, for all the could think of were those soft lips moving against her own and the sensual tongue inside her mouth.

“Well then, I guess this is goodbye yan~” Nozomi’s mystical emerald orbs shimmered in mirth, and her breath was still hot against Eli’s parted lips. The blonde pirate nodded dumbly and leaned in for another round, only to recoil from stinging pain near her head and by her feet.

Blinking, she looked down to find a black cat with pink paws biting her leg, and glanced up to see a crimson-eared bat clawing at her ponytail.

“Ara~ Nicocchi, Maki-chan~ Now now, settle down, I’m happy to see you two too~”

The witch lazily clapped her hands to recall her two minions but only managed the feat after several attempts. The scowling bat perched on the tip of her hat while the hissing cat hopped onto her shoulder and draped there. Eli childishly glared back at the two magical creatures, but chuckled sheepishly at Nozomi’s teasing smile.

“Alright then, until we meet again, Elicchi~”

The pirate felt a soft brush of supple lips against her cheek before a powerful gale blew past her. She watched in silent awe as the witch’s flowing cape and broom quickly disappeared beyond the canopy of the forest. She rested her hand on the hilt of her cutlass and smiled.

Things didn’t go as planned, but hey, there was always next time right?

Problems of being obsessed with webcomics and cartoons:

Why am I so afraid of a triangle in a top hat

Why am I crying over tiny lesbian gemstones

Why am I so emotionally attached to this plant and his glowing stick

Why do I squeal about an evil green teddy bear man and his relationships

Why am I so amused by this horrifically melodramatic child seriously dude you’re in middle school not Mordor

Why does a potato child and his singing frog bring me so much happiness

Why is my emotional state so easily influenced by things that make no sense when I stop to think about it for five seconds