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► Arrow Season 4 Episode 12 : Unchained

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► Arrow Season 4 Episode 10 : Blood Debts

► Arrow Season 4 Episode 9 : Dark Waters

► Arrow Season 4 Episode 8 : Legends of Yesterday (2)

► Arrow Season 4 Episode 7 : Brotherhood

► Arrow Season 4 Episode 6 : Lost Souls

► Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 : Haunted

► Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 : Beyond Redemption

► Arrow Season 4 Episode 3 : Restoration

 Arrow Season 4 Episode 2 : The Candidate

► Arrow Season 4 Episode 1 : Green Arrow

Emily Bett Rickards, Paul Blackthorne, David Ramsey, Stephen Amell, John Barrowman, Willa Holland, Katie Cassidy

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[#Arrow episode] Four is probably one of my favorite scripts of the new year, and one of the things I love about the episode is [that] the title refers to more than one person or thing. There’s a bunch of things in episode 4 that are beyond redemption. It’s something that keeps coming up in that episode. There’s a bunch of big revelations in that episode, and some key discoveries. It’s an episode where the title pretty much touches on the different storylines to that episode.

Marc Guggenheim at TCA 2015 [Green] x 

Beyond Redemption - 4x04 - Episode Review

This week’s episode was by far my least favorite of the season so far. Less Olicity, a lot of Lance family, too much fanboy service scenes… 

But this should not obliterate the quality and intensity of some scenes that have moved us, showing us how far the actors have come and the depth of the relationships between some characters. These scenes saved an episode that could have been weak without them, reminding us that the strength of Arrow relies on the relationships and emotions that the show masters at perfection.


I don’t know about you but I kinda miss my obvious Olicity moments. I totally understand that Oliver and Felicity are not the core of the show and that Team Arrow won’t save the city by kissing each other and making out but I miss the physical contact between these two. So I’m just gonna do this and then I’ll be able to continue…

I hope you feel better after this… I do!

Oliver and Felicity have shown their friends and family how serious of a couple they are. They love each other, live together, fight together, face difficulties together. There’s no Oliver without Felicity anymore and vice versa.

They have reached such a stability and strength as a couple that Thea is convinced that Oliver is ready to propose to Felicity. Well, knowing what secret the soufflé hid, we can’t really deny the evidence.

For the first time from the premiere, the proposal is mentioned again, not so subtly, but as a reminder that this chapter of the story is far from being forgotten. Oliver hasn’t forgotten about the ring and he has surely not changed his mind but it looks like the most beautiful gift he could ever give Felicity as an engagement present would be a city in peace, united behind him. A city where they would be able to get married, imagine a future together, raise their kids and spend the rest of their lives together.

If Felicity knows about the ring or suspected something after their last night in Ivy Town, she doesn’t show it.

But Oliver and Felicity don’t need a ring to be united. There’s no project that any of them will manage without the other’s back. Oliver wants to run for Mayor, he has Felicity’s unconditional support, ideologically and financially. She will provide him with anything he needs to make sure he makes the city a better place. Oliver’s purpose has become hers, just like Oliver’s crusade became hers a few years ago. And if Oliver built a new lair, Felicity was by definition a part of it. She supported him in his project because she knows how important it is to Oliver, to the Green Arrow, to Team Arrow and by extent to the City.

By creating a new work environment, Oliver insures that every team member will have enough space, enough resources, enough privacy and enough safety to be the best hero they can be. And to ensure the city is in good hands.

Oliver gave Felicity purpose. A purpose that is now a significant part of their lives and that cannot be taken away from them.

The bond uniting Oliver and Felicity comes from the time they spent together as a couple but as friends and partners as well.

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United. That’s what this city used to be. It’s what it can be, it’s what it must be again. Now I know I’m not the most obvious choice for mayor. I’m not a politician, I signed away my family’s company, I didn’t even graduate from college. Although, in my defense, I did go to four of them. I certainly don’t have a tradition background for leadership, but I can tell you this. After five years in hell, I returned home with only one goal; I wanted to save my city. And with your help, I can.  With your help, we will restore our home to the shining beacon we know it can be. The how we’re going to get there isn’t a mystery. We will overcome our challenges with help from our friends, our family, our loved ones, those we trust, and those we will need to trust again in order to prevail, because the only way that we are going to return our home to greatness is to do so together. United.
—  Oliver Queen’s Candidacy Speech, 4x04 “Beyond Redemption”