Bts reaction to when you have a wet dream.

вtѕ rєαctíσn tσ whєn чσu'rє hαvíng α wєt drєαm.

┊           ┊           ┊           ┊

┊           ┊           ┊              ☆・゚

┊           ┊           ☆・゚

┊         ☆・゚



He’d have come home late from practice and had texted you that he would be late seeing as he wanted to take the boys out for dinner. So when he got home he was quite tired as he shuffled through the house discarding his bulky jacket and dad cap. Going straight towards the bedroom wanting to have a good nights sleep.

Once he walked into the bedroom he’d smile once he saw you cuddled up into the bed and heard you call out his name. With a coo, he quickly says “Go back to sleep y/n I’ll get into bed soon.” Without a response, Jin walked towards the bathroom getting ready for bed. Once he walked in he got under the covers wrapping an arm around your torso.

Before he could even think about closing his eyes to drift off to sleep he watched you say his name again but now fully aware of how whiny and needy you sounded. At first, he just laid there trying to process that you were actually asleep and you were having a wet dream. Quickly waking you up not knowing how he could go from so tired to awake in seconds from you.

Once you’re awake he’d grin explaining that the real thing is much better and he’d love to show you just that. Causing you to quickly agree once you were don’t Blinking away the sleepiness. The two of you defiantly didn’t get the sleep you needed that night.

“Y/n wake up baby”

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He’d crash into bed with you as soon as he got home. You were wrapped up in his arms as the two of you slept like rocks. Both of you weren’t heavy sleepers but it did take a lot to get you two fully awake or out of bed. He’d wake up to you muttering his name and he’d just reply groggily with go back to sleep. This happened every few minutes before he knew he was wide awake. Sighing out once you called again he asked what was wrong only to get no answer in return.

Frowning he listened carefully realising how fast your breathing hoping you weren’t panicking before that thought was pushed away immediately when he heard you call his name out again, now blatantly aware of the neediness in your voice causing him to smirk. So you were a having a wet dream huh.

You’d wake up moaning from Yoongi going between your legs that night quickly tugging at his hair breathing fastening by the second as he looked up with a smirk and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m just giving you want you wanted baby now relaxed, I’ll take care of you.”

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The two of you had watched a movie before going to bed dragging yourself to bed tired from the long movie not realising it was just under three hours long. Once in bed, both of you quickly fell asleep with Namjoon hugging you tightly. After what seemed like a few minutes Namjoon peeled his tired eyes open as he started to feel really thirsty wanting to get up to get water but froze.

He felt you slowly rolling your hips against him letting out a moan. Thinking you were awake and wanted something he grinned looking down at you shocked to see your sleeping face before you moaned out his name. With a light chuckled he quickly gave you a peck on the cheek before waking you up. When he told you what happened he cooed at how flustered you were. Once he got out of bed he said he was going to get a glass of water. When he got to the door he turned giving you as a smirk.

“But when I come back I’m more than happy to help you out, baby.”

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The boy would be coming home late and would take a shower straight away before moving into the bedroom through tired eyes he’d plop down onto the bed before getting frightened at your voice suddenly saying his name. Holding a hand to his chest trying to recover from you fighting the life out of him he snapped his head in your direction about to scold you before stopping mouth already hanging open as you moaned out his name this time.

Letting an award-winning smile go onto his face he was slightly proud of the fact he got you to dream about him in that type of way without needing to do anything. Shuffling over you he forgot about his tiredness as he rubbed one of your thighs provoking a moan out of you. He couldn’t hold back now as he woke you up before kissing you making you have to process sleepily what was happening but it didn’t take long for you to kiss back wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Mm the best thing to come home to is you y/n.”

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He’d wake up to your moans but wouldn’t do anything about it at first just laying there awake biting his lip. He had a hard-on from just your moans but when you moaned out his name he could help but quickly straddling you waking you up with kisses to your neck explaining your situation and now his.

He would love how flustered you were when he explained as he sucked and nibbles at your skin before pushing his not so subtle hard-on against you as he explained his own situation. The night was a long one but neither of you were complaining.

“You’re so tempting baby.”

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He’d wake up straight away at you calling his name wrapping a hand around you asking you in his husky voice what was wrong only for you to moan his name again pushing into his touch. Causing him to be completely awake straight away looking at you with a mischievous grin before giving you a kiss on the lips muttering “A wet dream huh?”

Before waking you up sweetly knowing straight away the reason why you were blushing. He quickly dove in for a kiss before saying how you didn’t need to dream of him like that because he’d gladly give you what you wanted. Before making you straddle him loving how you desperately tried to become fully awake. Chuckling before quickly getting destructed by your lips on his now.

“God y/n your so fucking hot.”

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The boy would be smug and proud as soon as he’d hear you moaning out his name in your sleep. He would wake you up for a while wanting to listen to you but couldn’t handle it when you started to subtly move your hips. Quickly waking you up he said next time that he’ll wake up up straight away because he couldn’t handle just listening to you. Wanting to touch you and make you melt in his hands.

He’d quickly take action pleasuring you straight away loving how you snapped wide awake in seconds as you tugged on his hair from how good his fingers felt. Letting out a curse as he watched you, he could wait to have you.

“That’s it baby moan for me.”

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Yup… he went there.

      It was about mid-day, the light was peaking from behind their thick curtains, casting a small stream of light across yoongi’s face.

     He could see the light from behind his eyes as he slowly woke from his slumber, body still tucked up against namjoon in the previous position from the night before, his head stuffed in the crook of namjoon’s neck, hair slightly tickling joon’s face as he laid there, admiring the sleeping beauty. 

    Yoongi angled his head slightly to get a better look at namjoon, seeing his eyes already glued to him and a soft smile on his face “Mmmh been awake long?” His voice a little rough from sleep but so soft, a soothing melody to namjoon’s ears.

    “Not too long, just long enough to admire your pretty face.” Yoongi rolled his eyes at that, still too sleepy to remember how to blush. “You’re a weirdo, this is why I close my curtains when you’re not here, because you’re probably just looking at me sleep through the window”

     “I wouldn’t need to go that far, now would I?” Namjoon said, a cocky smirk present on his face. “We both know that you would never pass up the opportunity to cuddle, among…other things” He winked at yoongi who just rolled his eyes again in return.

      The retort on yoongi’s lips was cut short by the sudden jerking of namjoon’s leg, forcefully shaking the entire bed, yoongi included. Yoongi just eyed namjoon again, a single eyebrow raising “You have to pee, don’t you?” Namjoon just feigned innocence, trying his hardest to stop shaking his damn leg, but it was obviously conspiring against him. “No, i’m just a giant ball of anxiety” 

     “Mmhm, just how long exactly did you watch me for?” Namjoon gave up, lying is hopeless when the cutest face he’s ever seen is staring him down with his adorable bedhead. “It wasn’t that long! Just two…*cough* three hours” He rubbed the back of neck sheepishly, looking anywhere but yoongi.

THREE HOURS!! What the fuck, namjoon! Why didn’t you just push me off?”

“Yoongi have you seen yourself!! Would you be able to push a sleeping kitten off you?!?” 

“Namjoon, that is the most absurd thing I have every heard.”

“Ahh, but you’re still blushing”

“Just shut up and kiss me, idiot”

This time it was Jiminie’s turn to do the shoot dance with Kookie 😆💕

I think the next member doing the dance with Kookie might be Hobi or Joonie, but it might be Yoonie as well, we never know 😉
So what do you guys think? Who will be the next member to do the shoot dance with Kookie? 😋

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BTS reaction | you confess but they think its a joke

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kim seokjin (jin)- 

king of jokes would take this one as a real joke. he would take this time to reflect on whether you really like him. 

“this isnt a joke right?”

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min yoongi (suga)-

yoongi wouldnt really expect YOU out of all people to like him. lets admit, he did have quite a crush on you, but he didnt think you would really like him back. 

“did you start a prank youtube channel or something?”

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jung hoseok (j-hope)-

he wouldnt know how to cope with the sudden confession so he would just laugh and soon start to avoid you thinking he might make himself boo boo the fool. 


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kim namjoon (rm)-

namjoon would be serious in this situation. he knows how its hard to confess and the outcomes to majority of the confessions people make. similar to jin, he would think its a whole joke.

“its a joke right? RIGHT?”

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park jimin-

jimin would be a blushing mess, but he would stop blushing knowing his crush just confessed to him. he would be extremely confused to why you liked him. 

“wait what? why? this isnt a joke right?”

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kim taehyung (v)-

taehyung would be all smiley until you confessed your feelings. his face went empty in a matter of seconds. 

“y/n, youre not playing around with my heart right?”

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jeon jungkook-

similar to yoongi, he would think you opened up a prank youtube channel. when you reassured him you really did like him, he still couldnt process reality. 

“maybe this isnt a joke, but it may be a dream. pinch me please!”

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Bts reaction to when you can’t walk well in the morning from last night.

Btѕ rєαctíσn tσ whєn чσu can’t wαlk wєll ín thє mσrníng frσm lαѕt níght.

┊           ┊           ┊           ┊

┊           ┊           ┊              ☆・゚

┊           ┊           ☆・゚

┊         ☆・゚



He woke up with a grin on his face as he remembered the night he had already ready to make love to you all over again. Looking over at you he was met with an empty bed. Frowning he sat up guessing you’d gone to cook breakfast which was different since usually you cooked together. He only snapped out of his thoughts when he heard you clearing your voice. Quickly turning his head he seen you sitting on the couch in your guys bedroom saying not looking at him “I was going to make breakfast…”

Confused Jin prodded on as he asked “was?” Making you puff your cheeks in embarrassment as you continued ”but I only made it to the chair… Because I can’t really walk.” As soon as you got the words out Jin’s windshield wiping laugh was the only thing you could hear in the room before he said ”I didn’t think when I said I’d fuck you so good you wouldn’t be able to walk in the morning, it would actually happen.” feeling amused yet somehow slightly proud of himself. He got up going over to you giving you a hug still slightly laughing at your pout.

”It’s okay baby I’ll cook breakfast you can sit on a stool and watch.”

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Yoongi would most likely sleep through the morning with you wrapped up in his arms which you didn’t mind at all seeing as you slept through the whole morning too. Once the two of you woke up you checked the alarm clock before your eyes widened at what time it was as you shook Yoongi awake.

Waking up groggily as he wiped his eyes he asked you why you woke him up before you replied ”Yoongi were are supposed to be meeting my parents at the restaurant near their house in an hour, it takes us an hour just to drive there.” Now Yoongi was wide awake as he said ”Alright baby we’ll make it in time ill get or clothes you-” cut off by a loud thump.

Looking over he was faced with you on the floor before you look at him annoyed saying ”I can’t walk because if last night Yoongi.” Yoongi couldn’t help the smug grin go onto his face before helping you back on the bed before kissing you softly saying a ”sorry but you’re the one who asked me too.”

”It’s alright y/n I’ll tell them you got that 24-hour bug flu or something.”

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As soon as morning came around Namjoon was woken up by a light slap to the shoulder. Blinking away the blurriness he groggy says ”what is it Y/n?” before he seen you sitting on the bed still only draped in his long story reminding him if last night. Smiling at the thought it was quickly going wider as you complained you couldn’t walk well and that it was too much work, worse you had a meeting you had to go to today at work.

Namjoon grabs you making you snuggle back into him as he muttered into your shoulder it was alright and that by tomorrow you’d be fine. But you still were all pouts and grumbled as he listened to your complaining and watched your pouty face.

”Just move the meeting to some other time or call in sick baby.”

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He’d wake up first and get up humming as he made breakfast in your kitchen wanting to wake you up with breakfast. His phone rung making him pick it up answering it without looking at the ID caller since his eyes were trained on the eggs he was cooking. “Hoseok I can’t fucking walk.” Hoseok couldn’t contain his laughter when your voice came through the phone. He says quickly “It’s alright baby stay in bed I’m making breakfast i’ll just bring it to you.”

Hanging up he continued cooking amused at the fact not only could you not walk but your called him not wanting to shout which made him think you might have been yelling too loud last night for your throat.” He was kind of smug and proud of this as he played up the food walking towards your bedroom. Coming in he seen you leaning against the headboard with your phone in hand and a pout.

With another laugh he set the tray on your lap saying “at least you don’t have work today.” Making you nod before you say “but now I can’t do anything today.” Letting out an obviously exaggerated sigh. Hoseok only pointed to your breakfast.

“Just eat your breakfast Y/n.”

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Sometimes he really didn’t realise just how strong he could be and neither did you, but in the morning uou defaintly did. Jimin would up to you complaining on the floor and he quickly got you back on the bed before you explained it was hard to walk causing him to let out a short cute string of laughs. He quickly cuddled you to him saying how proud he was of how well you took it last night anyway.

After a couple of minutes you both decided you weren’t going to be able to go out anywhere so you both choice to have a movie day with Jimin getting all the stuff to eat and coming back after putting in the movie. Both of you laid there watching the movie snuggled up more then happy.

“I guess we forgot how strong I can be huh y/n?”

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He’d wake you up wanting morning sex, yes he wanted more. The more he thought about how good last night was the more he wanted you again and again and again. He would kiss you to wake up before kissing down your next with a grin saying “Morning baby~” as he kissed down your neck you grumbled tiredly pushing him away saying you needed a shower and break first.

He nodded watching you as you got up only to take one step before sitting down on the bed again wincing saying “no sex thus morning I can’t even walk Taehyung.” Causing him to let out a disappointed noise but nodded not wanting to over due your body wanting you to feel okay. Pushing you back on the bed properly wrapping you in his are cuddling saying “at least cuddly with me y/n.” Which you agreed to and did for most of the day both of you happy in each others arms.

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He’d be so smug about it. As soon as you’d told him he’d make some remark about it causing you to slap his shoulder playfully with a scowl. Yet the whole day he’d insist on carrying you around the house ignoring your protest and embarrassment. He loved it whenever you would get flustered and things like that so he enjoyed teasing you all day.

When you’d say it’s his fault your like this he would defend himself saying you were the one who wanted him to harder and faster. With a few more complaints from you he’d just laugh and kiss you to shut up. You can count on him bringing it up every now and then in the follow months causing you to roll your eyes or get flustered both reactions he loved.

“It’s not my fault you kept asking for me to go harder and faster baby, if you want we can do it again even harder hm?”

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BTS Reaction: Your forehead gets red when you become embarrassed (Hyung line)


“and so, I’m walking, and this girl just comes up to me and falsijksnd.”

While in the middle of a rant, you somehow just lost the ability to speak English and your jaw lost all of its function. What exactly happened? You weren’t sure. Maybe you had just gotten so caught up in taking that you forgot to formulate proper and articulate words or maybe your body had given up on you but either way, this situation was definitely not something that you wanted to happen.

It took a second for Namjoon to realize what you had just said, or rather not said, which was evident as at first, he continued on as if nothing had happened but then a split second later, finally coming to the realisation of what happened, shot his head up and stared at you in utter shock and surprise.

“uhhh sorry could you repeat that please?” he said while laughing. At this point, you were more than embarrassed. You wish that you could just shrink and disappear right now but unfortunately, you knew that wasn’t possible. To make matters worse, your forehead started to heat up which was something that frequently happened when you got embarrassed.

“Awww are you embarrassed? Are you becoming shy?” Namjoon joked as you turned your back towards him and hid your head in your hands.

He took a step forward and rested his hand on your head. Slightly shocked, you jumped a little under his touch.

“It’s alright.” He said rubbing your head softly.

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How exactly you got into this situation, you weren’t sure, but Jin was laying on top of you, a hand besides either side of your head and his face so close your noses were practically touching. You could feel the movement of his stomach and chest as a breath escaped from his mouth while his eyes seemed to stare into yours forever. It was as if time had slowed down, much like the cliché everyone describes.

Even though it was only for seconds it felt as if you two were laying there for years. A cough erupting from Jin’s mouth suddenly brought you back to reality and to the awkward situation which was happening in front of you. Well, more like on top of you.

“Uh…uhm. Oh-uhm sorry. Shi- Sorry Y/N” Jin said as he fumbled to try and get off of you. Not knowing what to do you just laid there becoming more and more embarrassed about the situation.

“Oh no it’s ok- it’s my fault- I’m sorry.” You were having just as much trouble as Jin speaking. You felt your head start becoming hotter and hotter like the rest of your body. As he finally Jin finally got off you, you sat up leaning on your elbows while trying to calm yourself down and trying to make your bright red forehead less apparent.

“Woah Y/N are you ok? Did you knock your head when we fell?”

“Oh, about that haha,” you tried to say casually with a laugh “It just happens when I get really embarrassed.

“Don’t worry. Happens to my ears.” Jin said while lifting one finger to the side of his head where you saw his ears mirroring your forehead.

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Quiet. Peaceful. Serene. Walks with Yoongi were always your favourite. If you wanted to talk you could, if you didn’t then you didn’t. It was quite nice being able to have time for your own thoughts while still spending time with each other. You two had sort of gotten into a routine. Every Saturday around 5pm, just before the sun started setting, Yoongi would call you and you two would meet at a tiny coffee shop which was situated on a street corner near his house. Once you both had gotten your drinks, you would make your way to the park which you were currently strolling around.

As you were walking, something quite unfortunate happened. The drink which had been in your grasp seconds prior was not laying all over the floor and splattered on your shirt. You froze in your tracks as Yoongi let out a chuckle which he was trying so desperately to suppress.

“I’m sorry Y/N,” he said in between laughs, his gummy smile making an appearance “but this is just too funny.” A grumpy pout formed across your face. Yoongi then grabbed his phone from his jacket pocket and started snapping photos of you in your messy state.

“Hey! Stop that!” you said while trying to simultaneously block your self from the camera and take it away from him. You were so embarrassed that your forehead had turned as red as a tomato which was certainly something you didn’t want to be captured on camera.

Yoongi continued his antics for a few seconds before coming to a stop. You looked down, not wanting to see his face.

After hearing some slight rustling from beside you, you felt a heavy fabric cover you from on top of your head to just above your thighs. Yoongi had grabbed his coat and draped it over you.

“Don’t be embarrassed.”

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Clearly, sitting was not your strong point. It had been a while since you last missed a chair so you thought that maybe you had grown out of it. Oh boy were you wrong.

As you and Hoseok were taking a seat after have a very intense dance practice, you once again missed the chair completely. You weren’t sure if it was because you were clumsy or if your legs had just given up.

A loud thud echoed through the almost silent practice room as you fell straight onto your butt which causes him to burst out in cackles of laughter and wheezing every few seconds or so. Your head turned red from embarrassment but you couldn’t help but to join him and laugh at your own stupidity.

Hoseok then thought it would be a great idea to recreate your accident which, of course, only added to your embarrassment.

Noticing how embarrassed you felt, Hoseok felt a slight guilt evoked inside him as he worried that he might have offended you or hurt your feelings.

“Y/N I’m sorry! Please don’t be upset!” he said while rushing over to you. You couldn’t even form a reply so you just sat silently. “How about I do something embarrassing to make it up to you? Yes? Alright great.” Without even a word from you, he stood up and started dancing like a complete fool. At one point he even started twerking which made you lose it completely, laughing so hard that you folded over and ended up rolling around on the floor. When he finished, he walked back over, panting while catching his breath.

“Are we even now?” You nodded. He chuckled.

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Also I can totally relate to this bc my entire body turens red when im embarrassed

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I swear this is Taejin’s honeymoon and BigHit are trying to cover it up by saying that this a world tour 😆💗

Yoongi and Namjoon are once again in the back when Taejin are flirting, Namjoon didn’t even know which way to go 🤣

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