beyond the zone color jamz



So it was supposed to be blue fading to pink, but the pink turned to purple on accident D: Aw well, it’ll fade pink and pastel blue, and I’ll love it all over again. x3 There are about 7-10 shades in this that you can’t see because picture quality is r00d. 

I used Manic Panic Hot Hot! Pink (as usual, I never use any other pink), and then I tried a new brand (new for me anyway) called Beyond The Zone - Color Jamz Huckleberry Blue. 

Product review time! 

Manic Panic is, as usual, great. I let the pink sit in for 3 and a half hours this time because I want to see how long it’ll last. Once I rinsed it out, the color was vibrant and even, a very bright hot pink. 

Beyond the Zone is… interesting. So when I dyed my hair, I applied the blue (mixed with a little conditioner to lighten the dark color) on the top half of my hair and the pink (mixed with conditioner) on the bottom half. Let them sit for 3 and a half hours, rinsed it out… only to find that my entire head was pink. NO blue was left over, except this weird patch of like, pastel silvery/lavender near my bangs. So I dried my hair, and this time I applied the blue straight to my hair rather than diluting it with conditioner. It sit for close to 6 hours the second time around, and then I rinsed it out, and BAM! LOTS OF BLUE! So I guess the lesson for Beyond the Zone is, don’t dilute with conditioner, don’t try to apply this and another color/brand at the same time (aka, do one color, rinse/dry, then do the other color), and let it sit for a couple hours before you rinse it out. I’ve read 20+ reviews of this brand that said if you leave it in for the recommended amount of time (45-ish minutes), it will wash out immediately. 

All together, its a pretty good brand. I’ll let you guys know in a couple weeks how long it stays in before seriously fading, and I’ll try to give a final product review as well.