beyond the grave love


1. For a couple of seconds I thought Mary might be alive

2.Your allowed chips.

3. Mrs Hudson continues to be a total badass

4. John didn’t you hear Molly Sherlock is KILLING HIMSELF WITH DRUGS

5. Culverton Smith is so slimy and creepy it made me feel uncomfortable to watch him

6. John hitting Sherlock had me flinching

7. I don’t want to die

8. You cock! Trust Sherlock to have me laughing 5 seconds after crying

9. Mycroft bow chicka wow wow

10. Mary giving great advice even from beyond the grave

11. Yay Irene I love Irene

12. Awww Happy Birthday sherlock

13.John crying was the most heartbreaking thing

14. THE HUG! Need I say more

15. Totally thought for a second Euros was Moriarty in disguise. (Seriously I thought he was gonna pull of some elaborate prosthetic mask and be like hiiiiiiii)

mary reminds me of something. this whole scenario where an omniscient narrator talks about her friends and loved ones from beyond the grave, judges their decisions and makes ambiguous allusions to their future. what i’m saying is we didn’t just watch a shutter island/Saw crossover. it was also an episode of Desperate Housewives.

headcanon/writing prompt:

Branch is getting ready to go to his first sleepover and Poppy is showing him all the cute stuff they do and she’s like “Whoa i haven’t used this in forever!” and blows dust off a Ouija board that’s like covered in heart stickers and Branch is immediately freaked out and 100% believes in it. Poppy convinces him to try it out and he almost jumps out of his skin when it starts moving.


"I don’t know Branch, let’s ask the Ouija board,” Poppy says, giggling, and she takes the chance to do all sorts of dorky things to spook him. Or maybe just tease him.

Poppy: Oh spirits from beyond the grave! I ask! Is Branch in love with me? 
Branch: *sweats profusely as the marker slowly moves to “YES”*

Poppy: Hey dead guys…. do you think I’m cuuuute? 
Branch: *stares down the board until it moves to “YES”*

Poppy: Okay I got a good one, has Branch written any poetry about m–

Neal Cassidy lived and died a hero.

He loved his son.  He loved his father.  And he loved Emma so much that his true love reached beyond the grave.

If you are going to lionize canon… respect the canon.

OMG...I just got the Blackstar CD in the mail, finally...

He…printed the lyrics in black…on a black background.

Thus making them almost impossible to read.

He’s messing with us.

This is the first time I’ve really laughed in two days.

David Bowie…is messing with his fans…from beyond the grave.

Oh god, I love this man.


Derp Emblem: The Ghosts of Fathers’ Past

I guess you can say that Seliph is suffering from “Blue-Haired Jealousy” (bless anybody who gets that reference), but at this rate the boys are going to end up calling an exorcist or the Ghostbusters.

It’s totally okay to exorcise the spirits of your dead fathers though. It’s not like they’re just trying to show their sons they still love them from beyond the grave.


I made this really early in the morning and it’s a lot of babbling but whatever scrap of hope you need, this is it
Things I didn’t mention:
-Mycroft willing to die for Sherlock to be with John
-That other scene filmed with Sherlock driving as Mary had Rosie
-John being upset over the death of a woman he didn’t love
-Same woman mailing DVDs from beyond the grave?
-WTF was that thing with Molly and why was there never a follow up???
-No mental repercussions from their literal torture????
-Culverton’s point????
-They leaked the Russian ep???
-Why the fuck did Eurus go BACK to Sherringford????
-How was Eurus Talking to them and also comotose and also a little girl on a plane????
-All those Billys man all of them
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[Chapter 0] The Land of Witches [JPN Version]
  • [Chapter 0] The Land of Witches [JPN Version]

Okay, guys. I apologize in advance, but this is going to be very sappy.

This is the project I’ve been spending the last few days on. Basically, I transcribed the text from the Wadanohara manga’s prologue and dubbed it in Japanese so that it sounded like audio from an anime (or at least as close as I could get it because I’m bad at this lmao). I provided all of the voices here, the sound effects are from, and the tracks are The Great Witch and Opening / Samekichi’s Resolve respectively.

I originally had both the English and Japanese audio, but my English files got corrupted so I’ll have to re-record them another day. I’m sorry for that orz

Here is a translation of the text in this clip (and by proxy, a translation of the prologue haha). Don’t mind my stupid notes in there; I used them to help record the audio and I’m far too lazy to edit them all out lmao


Like I said earlier, all of the voices here were done by me. I wasn’t expecting to sound so bad on Chlomaki, and I knew my Memoca would be annoying. My Wadda, though, is something I’m relatively pleased with.

There are probably bits of the audio that sound weird, especially the music splicing. I’d like to try and work on that in the future, but for now, I’m quite proud of this!

I also wanted to do this for you all because I just recently noticed I managed to find 152 people who were interested enough in me to follow me. I truly wasn’t expecting something like that when I came here, so this really, truly moves me. Thank you so much, guys! ;~;

I want to take a moment here just to give some shout-outs! I made this blog and decided to write as Wadanohara to cope with some pretty awful stuff that was happening to me IRL, and it’s thanks to all of you – and Wadda, too! – that I was able to get through my tough times and smile again. Really, all 151 of you have done so much good for me by accepting me into this fandom, but I’ve made some really close friends here who I think deserve extra mention! In no particular order, of course!

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You guys are all some of the greatest friends I could ever ask for, and I’m so happy to have met you. Thank you all so much for being my friends. If you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to hit me up on Skype or something like that.

Also, please enjoy this Vocal Friday, if you can! I will try to post the English version as soon as I can re-record it!

Evolution of Captain Swan Emotional Responses
  • Emma Swan: "You traded your ship for me?"
  • Killian Jones: "Aye."
  • Fandom: **sobbing**
  • Emma Swan: "I can't lose you, too."
  • Killian Jones: "Love, you'll never lose me. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's surviving."
  • Fandom: **ugly sobbing**
  • Emma Swan: "Wait, if you're afraid of losing your happy ending that means you've found it...what is it?"
  • Killian Jones: "Don't you know, Emma? It's you."
  • Fandom: **sobbing uncontrollably**
  • Emma Swan (to Killian Jones): "I love you."
  • Fandom: **sobbing from beyond the grave**
Spook Me
  1. When you die, what do you want done with your remains?

  2. What is the weirdest thing you own?

  3. Have you ever played with a Ouija Board?

  4. Do you believe in ghosts?

  5. Have you ever had an encounter with things that go ‘bump in the night’?

  6. Do you have a Deja Vu story?

  7. Do you still trick-or-treat?

  8. Have you ever had a black cat cross you, and have a streak of bad luck afterwards?

  9. Least favorite thing about Halloween?

  10. Favorite Serial Killer

  11. Favorite thing to do in a Graveyard

  12. Favorite Halloween Movie?

  13. Favorite Ghost Story

  14. Have you ever contacted a loved one from beyond the grave?

  15. Your biggest fear

  16. Favorite Pumpkin flavored food?

  17. Candy corn or Popcorn Balls

  18. Trick, or Treat?

  19. Best halloween you ever had

  20. Do you go to Corn Mazes ?

  21. Haunted Houses?

  22. Do you own any human remains that arent your own?

  23. Have you ever smashed a pumpkin

  24. Do you like Apple Cider?

  25. Do you live near any ‘spooky’ places?

  26. Do you ever get goosebumps?

  27. Have you ever seen a dead body apart from a funeral?

  28. Have you ever broken into an abandoned house or building?

  29. Do you believe in Vampires? (not sparkly ones, kids)

  30. Your scariest memory?

  31. Ever heard white noise from a turned off tv or radio?

  32. Weirdest Coincidence?  

  33. Have you ever bobbed for apples?

  34. Ever had your fortune told?

  35. Favorite skin disease

  36. Do you see figures in your Peripheral vision?

  37. Have you ever seen someone die?

  38. Have you ever caught something large on fire?

  39. Favorite ‘fictional’ bad guy or monster that you wish was real?

  40. Do you believe in multiple dimensions or worlds?

  41. Ever held a Seance?

  42. Ever made a potion of any sort

  43. Ever worn ‘funeral attire’ outside of a funeral?

  44. Have you ever made a blood pact?

  45. Have you ever worked a spell?

  46. Do you believe in curses?

  47. Ever had an animal or pet see something that you cant?

  48. Have you ever gotten lost in the woods at night

  49. Have you ever caught a photo of a ghost?

  50. Have you ever played Bloody Mary?