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Just a little reminder of what’s to come this year. ;D

Happy New Year!

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Top Music/Idol Animes

My current top 10 Music/Idol Anime. This is my own opinion based off of the type of music I like, story, characters and animation. Macross Delta is not being considered because it is still in progress. 

Numbers 10-6 I like, but have nothing of note to say on each other then I enjoy them

10) The IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls

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9) STARMYU (aka High School Star Musical)

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8) Wake Up, Girls!

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7) Macorss Frontier

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6) HaNaYaMaTa

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5) K-On!

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Lite Music Club, Afternoon Tea Time. Overall a very good feeling silly anime with good music and amusing antics. 

4) Love Live School Idol Project

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While I love the music and the series, this is lower on my list because of how mainstream it became…

3) Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Symphogear G & Symphogear GX

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First Season was rough, but getting though GX was great, with the songs Radiant Force and Senkin: Daurudabura, it just made it seem beyond epic at times. 

2) Show By Rock!!

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Cute, catchy, please bring the mobile game over to the states… and season 2 please!!!

1) AKB0048 & AKB0048 Next Stage

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One of the first series that got me looking at music and idol animes. Made me expand beyond just anime music and look at J-pop other international music. The micsabers helped too. 

30 Day Negan Challenge: Day 11

I am so behind on this, but I’m jumping back in because your comments encouraged me to! Day 11 of @mypapawinchester‘s 30 Day Negan Challenge is A Negan Scene That Makes You Angry. I should have a scene where his actual behavior pisses me off, I suppose, but I can’t think of one! I guess I am blinded by love! Hehe. (Glenn and Abraham make me sad rather than mad, FYI.)

But a scene that makes me angry in a different way is the shaving scene. I knew it was coming and I thought we’d get a nice shirtless situation to drool over! Don’t get me wrong, Judith’s adorable expression watching him shave was beyond epic. But Negan needs to show off that lean, tanned bod of his. Come on, TWD! You know the third squad is watching! ;-P

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