beyond the chain

Unreleased Hurts songs (in alphabetical order, regularly updated)

  1. Angel Chasing
  2. AU
  3. Beyond Tonight
  4. Chain Reaction
  5. Find A Way
  6. Gone
  7. Green Eyes
  8. High
  9. I want You
  10. If We Never Fall In Love
  11. Imitation Of Love
  12. In A Vice
  13. Jet
  14. Jezebel
  15. Leave
  16. Misunderstood
  17. Nuclear
  18. Oblivion
  19. Pedestal
  20. Saints In The System
  21. Satellite
  22. Save You
  23. Seventeen
  24. Sorry I Loved You
  25. Throne
  26. Welcome To The Family
  27. Widow Maker
  28. Without You
  29. Wrecking Ball

1. Querl Dox, age thirteen, did not know who his mother was.

His guardians made sure of that.

They also ensured that there was not even a possibility that he would ask that question, by sequestering him so far from humanity that he wouldn’t be aware of the concept of mothers at all, let alone wonder if he had one or wonder what kind of person she was, if she existed.

Unfortunately for them, his attempted isolation didn’t go as planned.

Clark Kent, age eleven and a half, had lived in Smallville his entire life, in a completely normal house on a completely normal farm with completely normal parents, and an equally normal cousin who visited from Midvale sometimes with her older sister, also normal.

But he still didn’t know what lay beyond the chain-link fence at the edge of town, the fence that bore a wooden sign with ‘KEEP OUT’ written on it in loud block letters, and then below it, a smaller wooden sign, adding ‘please’ in cursive.

He’d seen a large, person-shaped…structure (he didn’t know whether to call it a building or not) from over the fence, but everyone saw that, if only from behind.

He’d occasionally see birds perch on the fence, all in singular colors like purple or gray or blue. Sometimes, he got the feeling they were watching him.

And once, just once, he’d seen a blond-haired boy, around his age, seemingly exit the structure, look around as if he, too, was being watched, and walk toward the fence, examining it with a careful eye, perhaps to see how high it was, and how much effort it would take to climb over it.

Clark wanted to climb the fence. Clark wanted the boy to climb the fence.

Someday, somehow, that barrier would have to be crossed.

2. Clark figures that, if he’s going to climb the fence, he’ll do it when nobody’s watching.

So he waits.

Then he gets his favorite foldable lawn chair and a book, and takes them over the fence with him, balancing the lawn chair on his back and stuffing the book down into one of his pants pockets.

He makes sure not to make any noise as he descends, then sets up his chair a reasonable distance away from the fence, below an outcropping of rock forming part of the structure, pulls out his book, and sits down to read.

Querl sees him, out of the corner of his eye, and panics.

This gem-less being, whoever they are, is going to suffer if someone sees them. he thinks. I do not want that to happen.

He’d been told that, although he was discouraged from directly interacting with the gem-less beings, known as 'humans’ on this planet, he and the rest of the Gem Legion were 'saving their lives’, protecting them each day from the Gem monsters that sought to destroy whatever was in their path, including the town known to the humans as 'Smallville’. Clearly, this human did not know the danger they were in, and it would have to be up to him to protect them.

Even though he couldn’t control his powers yet.

3. Really, Querl had the earthquake to thank for what happened next.

Earthquakes, according to Mahogany Obsidian, weren’t common in their region of Earth, but with gem monsters around, one never knew for sure what the source of a tremor on the surface would be.

The ground began to shake, and a crack formed above the human, presumably about to break a section of rock off of the structure, sending it crashing down on top of the human, killing them instantly.

Having the human discovered on their side of the fence was bad enough, but their memories of the experience could easily be wiped by Pink Topaz and they’d be sent away, living out their mundane human life again with no recollection of the Gem Legion or what had happened to them when they’d crossed the fence.

Having the human discovered dead on their side of the fence, though…the humans would investigate that. Which would not be good for the reputation the Gem Legion had wanted to build.

Querl was usually the type to think things through before acting, carefully weighing every option prior to choosing the most logical one.

Clarity of thought before rashness of action.”, he’d always told himself.

Well, there was no clarity in his thoughts that day, and the rashness of his actions was going to save someone’s life.

4. He rushed forward, knocking over the human’s sitting apparatus and positioning himself directly on top of the human, as his gem glowed and a bright yellow shield, a pattern that Clark would later in his mind compare to that of a honeycomb, formed over them. The shield solidified over and around them, becoming more of a bubble, and the section of rock crashed down onto the bubble, but the bubble held and neither the human nor the Gem who saved him were harmed.

“How…did I do that?” he asked. He realized too late that he’d said it out loud. Then, he looked at the human, and, thinking it wouldn’t do any harm for him to introduce himself, said, “Hello. My name is Querl.”

The human stared at him for a moment, adjusted their glasses, then said “Clark.”

Querl helped Clark to his feet, and the two stood inside the bubble.

Querl knew they were trapped, at least for the moment, but Clark thought it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him.

5. When the Gem Legion found Clark and Querl, after the two of them had managed to defeat the Gem monster that had caused the tremors, Querl feared the worst was about to happen. He stood in front of the human, arms out as if he was going to summon his shield again.

“Don’t touch him!” he said, more emotionally than he’d intended. “Don’t do anything to him. He’s been through enough today, because of me.”

“Well, what are we supposed to do?” Sphalerite said.

“Our existence has to remain as secret as possible. The humans have to think of us as a mystery.” Howlite contributed.

“Just…trust me, alright?” Querl said. “This one is good. He just wanted to find out more about us. You’ve seen him around before. He doesn’t want to hurt us.”

“You know the rules, Querl.” said Pink Topaz. “Your friend will be safe.”

“Please?” He looked up at her with pleading eyes. “Having one human know some of our secrets won’t be too bad, right? As long as he’s trustworthy?”

He then turned to Clark. “You are trustworthy, yes?”

Clark nodded nervously.

Querl turned back to Pink Topaz, who was consulting with the other Gems.

She seemed to be deep in thought for a moment, before answering.

“Alright. But just this one.” she said.

Querl smiled. Then, he helped Clark gather his belongings from where he had been sitting, before any of this had happened.

“Come on. Let’s get you home.”


because you were a good noodle and finished your essay, headcanons! for the first meeting between Clark and Brainy, in the “Brainy is the half-human son of Yellow Diamond” AU

  • Scotty: I have an idea, sir. But I'm gonna need your permission.
  • Kirk: Why would you need my permission?

Yeah! New Years Day behind the scenes on tour with Motionless In White as they play their hometown show in Anaheim, California.

Save the Boy

Band Member: Calum Hood

Type: Hunger Games AU

Description: You won last year, you fought tooth and nail to make it home to the boy you loved. But the person who came home pushed him away until he left. Now you’re forced to mentor him and perhaps kiss goodbye to the boy who loved you too.

Your thoughts were of the forest that stretched beyond the chain-linked fence. It was a place you went to escape. You wasted your time identifying herbs and gathering them or throwing knives at the tree trunks. You stared out longingly at it then towards the beach and ocean that skirted the edge of District Four. The television rambled on about how hard the times of war were. They claimed it was so that history wasn’t repeated twice, so the Dark Days were a thing of the past, but humankind were fickle and tainted in your opinion. Nature, on the other hand, was stable enough for you to trust. Your mother told you that you had healer’s hands, which was why you were less suspicious of the wilderness. You could almost imagine the soft grass under your bare feet by the lake your parents took you to when you and your sister were children. Your mother taught you to swim one summer in the lake since the ocean filled you with dread. You were almost into your father’s arms when you had fallen under the calm water from the shock that you were actually swimming. Your mother had screamed in horror until your father had pulled you back up and she’d hugged you close to her chest in fear it might happen again, that was your last memory of her. Alive, at least.

You heard the front door close and assumed it would be your sister. It was never going to be your father this early on Reaping Day. He was going spend the entire thing in the tavern, trying hopelessly to drown the memories of when you were reaped. You were happy to have the Victor’s house to yourself. Leah was the social butterfly, with a seemingly never-ending string of boys that chased after her. She was exactly like your mother apparently. Leah had to tell you stories about her since you were almost too young to remember if she even existed at all. Your father never spoke about your mother except on her birthday when he brought home a single water lily and left it next to their wedding photograph.

“No time to sit around, you have to be at the Justice building at two,” Leah called out from the kitchen.

She appeared a moment later, wiping her hands on an old towel. She’d had her hair pinned up for the ceremony which made her look even more like your mother. You were glad your father wasn’t around to see her. Leah looked worried again, the threat of you being reaped had ended but now you had to be a mentor, her fear had renewed itself but nowhere near the levels you were feeling. She was concerned the stress of mentoring would be too much while you were worried about President Snow, he wasn’t known for his kindness or fairness.

“You have to look your best for the cameras!” she argued as she walked closer. “What would Mum think if—?”

“If she was here? She’d want to know how her little girl was capable of murder,” you fired back before shuddering.

Leah flinched, she hated you calling yourself that. But it was true, wasn’t it? Twenty three children hadn’t returned home last year. The physical scars had been wiped away in the days after you’d made it out but the mental ones weren’t so easy to airbrush out. You still slept with a knife tucked under your pillow, you still screamed yourself awake – your only comfort was knowing the big house was too well built for the screaming to wake Leah and your father.

“I know you’re worried about Calum—”

“Why would I be worried about him?” you fired back with raised eyebrows.

“You still love him for goodness sake!” Leah snapped at you before her expression softened. “It’s his final year. After this, you can forget the Games. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

You bit your lip rather than retort. Your sister was so naïve and trusting of the Capitol. You weren’t stupid, you knew they’d take every cheap shot they could manage and Calum was a perfect way to get to you.

“Come on, I’ve laid out a dress,” she said quietly. “Dad wanted me to say good luck, he’s bartering the daily catch in the tavern like usual.”

“Don’t lie to me, Leah. He’s getting blind drunk to forget last year, it’s just a shame I can’t join him.”

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What’s most amazing thing about the Baltic Way is that the organisers couldn’t even hope in their wildest dreams that the turnout would be 2 millions from Baltic states.

They calculated with precision how many people would have to be standing per kilometre so that chain would work. They hoped that 200 000 people from each state would show up. Instead 700 000 (Estonia), 1 000 000 (Lithuania) and 400 000 (Latvia) showed up. Thanks to that the chain was almost continuous across the countryside.

The organisers hoped that people would just show up. Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians went far and beyond to reach the chain - some would start travelling very, very, very early in the morning to drive over 200 km to be part of the chain. People took buses off the routes in towns to help people reach their spots in the chain. People picked up random people with their cars to help them get to the chain.

At 19.00 church bells rang across 3 countries as 2 million people demanded the same human rights as rest of the world.

Baltics stood as one and asked the World to listen…

and the World did.


Ohuaya! Ohuaya! Azure Shining One! In vain I sacrificed myself! In vain I tried to resist the Shadow Queen!
Her Dark Servant of Death pulled me from the bodiless place, then compelled me to show them the way to Mother Moon.
The Dark Servant is pulling the oldest children of Azteca back from the beyond, and chaining them for the Shadow Queen!

Pyramid of Mother Moon, Azteca