Victuuri Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) AU, because for all its gratuitous fanservice and confusing plot line, KNK remains one of the most beautiful anime I’ve ever watched. Also. Just - Chris and Victor as Hiroomi and Akihito. And Yuuri with his megane eros.

Part 2 Part 3

Me Preparing for a Binge Watching Session of Anime


20~ minutes = 1 ep (without ads/op/ending)

20~ mins x 3 eps = 1 h

1 season = 12 eps/24 eps

20~ mins x 12eps = 240 mins = 4 h

240 mins x 2 = 480 mins = 8 h

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there are characters you:

then there are CHARACTERS you:

I need more friends who watch anime!

Please like/reblog if you watch or reblog similar to:


Yuri!!! On Ice

Beyond the Boundary

Your Name.

Hunter x Hunter


Soul Eater

My Little Monster

My Teen Romantic Comedy

Food Wars

I’m sure there are more but I can’t think right now!