beyond the bath house


I used white, mint greenish blue polish, & black acrylic paint for this design. I dont really remember the polishes I used but anything similar will work for this design or go completely different with what ever color you want. I placed striping tape on my thumb, index & half of my middle finger & polished with the mint blue green, then I drew on half of the design on my middle finger with a detail brush & then the whole print on the ring finger, and just so my pinky wouldnt be lonely I added some pearls. Now all you have to do is deal it all in with topcoat. I really hope yall enjoy this design & let me know if you give it a try.this was when I had just gotten my ring light in & was still learning how to get good lighting with it so some of these pics are a little too bright lol A few weeks ago I got a gift certificate to Bed Bath & Beyond & since I bought my house a few years ago I havent really been able to put much into getting nice things for it because we just dont have that kind of money at the moment, so I used the GC and I bought 2 shower curtains & a group of 3 picture frames that are adorable ! SO for todays design I decided I wanted to recreate the shower curtain print. I has a gorgeous Filigree print & a mint blue color to it, which you cant see in the picture of the curtain.