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February 8th 1855: ‘Devil’s Footprints’ appear

On this day in 1855, heavy snowfall hit southern Devon in the United Kingdom. The next morning locals awoke to find a mysterious set of footprints in the snow. The footprints were in single file in the shape of cloven hooves, and supposedly stretched for hundreds of miles, going through walls, houses and over water and rooftops. The single file footprints suggested a creature on two legs rather than four, and the cloven shape fitted with contemporary imagery of the Devil. Satan is traditionally pictured with cloven hooves, as its image was adapted from a pagan deity, and the wings represent Lucifer’s nature as a fallen angel. There have been numerous theories put forward beyond the supernatural, from escaped kangaroos, a hot air balloon dangling a rope, to roaming badgers. It is unlikely the footprints were faked, though their appearance did certainly benefit the Devon clergy as the churches were filled with people terrified by the Devil. The mystery remains unsolved to this day, but modern thinkers tend to reject the notion that the Devil traversed across nineteenth century Devon.

I’m already getting started on my Volume 5 wish list, and here’s what’s at the top:

I want Ruby and Oscar to be best pals. 

Besides the fact that Ruby would be thrilled to find out Ozpin isn’t dead and the fact that they’re both precious cinnamon rolls, she and Oscar would be able to relate to each other so much! Mysterious destiny, unexpected mission, being a tool of authorities and supernatural powers beyond their very imaginings…

Just give me one scene where Oscar goes, “Yeah, I got stuck with this weird power I didn’t ask for, and now it’s my responsibility to right all the wrongs in the world. And whenever someone in power who I trust knows something that could help me, they withhold the information until the last second.”

And Ruby goes, “Same.”


Is anyone else starting to see a pattern with Dean’s taste in ‘male acquaintances’?

when youre complete Casifer and Crowley trash and yoU SUDDNLY REALIZE THEYRE GETTNG IN A FIGHT SCENE TOGEHTER