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One thing I can’t get over in Star Trek Beyond is how when Spock starts laughing, Bones, for a quick second, looks really happy like damn I didn’t know you could smile it’s a good look for you. 

And then he immediately proceeds to panic because shit waIT THAT’S NOT RIGHT.

Everything I loved about Star Trek Beyond

•The opening scene with Kirk and the aliens 

•"I ripped my shirt again.“ 

•The scene with Bones and Kirk drinking. 

•Kirk and Bones

•Kirk not flirting with anybody/being a womanizer 

•Sulu being gay 

•Sulu’s family 


•Kirk gazing lovingly up at Spock from the captain’s chair 

•The battle against the aliens 

•Bones and Spock getting on the turbolift together super badass 

•Bones and Spock going through the wrecked corridors together 

•Bones and Spock leaving on an escape pod together  

•Bones and Spock 

•Uhura kicking ass 

•Uhura risking her life to separate the saucer section 


•"Montgomery Scotty" 


•Kirk and Chekov sliding down the enterprise hull  

•Bones and Spock 


•”What’s your favorite color?" 

•Bones carrying Spock around 

•Bones being bothered that Spock was planning on leaving  

•Spock laughing 

•Spock insisting that he does "respect” Bones 

•Non sexualized Jaylah 

•Jaylah’s music 

•Scotty and Jaylah’s friendship 

•Uhura and Sulu’s friendship 

•"My innards feel like they’ve been to a barn dance.“ 

•Spock and Bones shared glance when Kirk says to Spock, "What would I do without you?" 

•"You gave your girlfriend radioactive jewelry?!” •"You gave your girlfriend a tracking device?!“ 

•"I’m glad you don’t respect me." 

•The motorcycle holograms 

•Kirk grabbing Jaylah’s hand midairwhilespining ashskdj 

•Scotty and Keenser’s reunion 

•I can fly anything 

•Sulu being badass 

•Spock wanting Bones to come with him 

•Spock and Bones  

•Jaylah’s "Let me do it!” Then Uhura’s “Let her do it!" 


•Sulu and Chekov tapping to the beat 

•Bones flying the alien ship 

•Spock being a "damn backseat driver." 


•Kirk’s birthday party 

•Jaylah being accepted into starfleet 

•Chekov flirting with everybody 

•Spock and Kirk 

•Everybody getting equal and quality screen time

•The main seven all saying "Space, the final frontier…" 

•The Rihanna song 

•The entire soundtrack 

•The space credits 


•Star Trek Beyond 

•The entire movie 

•In memory of Leonard Nimoy 

•For Anton


Let’s just say he had some help.

The moment Nicky told Lorna to go without her in the hallway, to the guards.
I had tears.
The moment when Daya turned herself in.
I had tears.
The moment Flaritza was split into and Mari yelled “I love you.”
I had tears.
The moment when Brook was pulled away while watching the hanging book memorial.
I had tears.
The moment when Piper gave Alex her glasses before proposing.
I had tears.
Mendoza had me in tears.
Red had me in tears.
Suzanne had me in tears.

But the moment I actually cried was when Taystee broke down at the very end.


Star Trek Beyond | Uhura

I’m tired of DC putting Damian as a villain in every fucking future universe, he is so much better that a potential villain, if you need to get rid of him give him a better future, put him as an actor or in charge of a section of Wayne Enterprise that save and rescue animals don’t screw him character development.

A summary of the Powers who will meet on the first ship to the Dark Continent, and their motives and relationships to each other

The Zodiacs are escorting Beyond Netero, and want to turn the DC into a place to hunt with the success of this first mission. Beyond Netero is currently under their custody. On stake is the trust of the Hunter Association’s most valued clients, and V6 pressures them into making sure Beyond’s expedition does not succeed.

Kurapika’s goals, for the most part, align with the Zodiacs (as he is replacing Pariston), however, his true goal is to retrieve the Kurta Eyes from the fourth Prince of Kakin, Tserriednich. For that he has assembled a party of friends who infiltrated the ship as hired bodyguards for five different Princes. Kurapika himself, trying to find the ninth Prince of Kakin, Harkenburg, has found himself bodyguard of the fourteenth Princeand pledged to protect him. He also bears a strong grudge and is in a state of open hostility with thePhantom Troupe. The exception is Hisoka Morow who provided him with invaluable information regarding the Troupe in the past.

The Traitor, or traitors among the Zodiacs are supporting Beyond Netero for unknown reasons. It can be assumed he planted them in the Association and prepared them for this expedition for years. One of the traitors is Saiyu “Monkey”, the Zodiac.

Beyond Netero’s expedition team, funded by King Nasubi, are leading Kakin into the DC to make history and transform the Dark Continent into a place humans can live in. He hired Pariston as his Number 2, butGing (who is also part of the expedition party) has split the team into two factions: Those that accept Ging’s money and him as the new Number 2, and those which do not. Pariston seemed to have had some plans which Gings actions have foiled.

Pariston Hill, on his own, almost certainly has different motives than Beyond Netero and is also in control of a army of Chimera Soldiers, which may or may not come into play during the expedition. Pariston also wants to make Ging hate him as he hates Ging himself.

Ging Freecss is, on top of being part of the expedition team, on the Hunt for his relative, Don Freecss and the book which he is (presumably) still writing. He is willing to spend a large amount of money to become the new Number 2 which could mean he has some plans or knowledge concerning Beyond Netero. Hisoka is interested in fighting him.

Hisoka Morow is currently hunting the Phantom Troupe, who believe him to have perished in his fight with Chrollo. He let Machi escape to warn the Troupe but has already taken the lives of two Phantom Troupe Members and has declared to make sure they won’t have the choice who or where they will have to fight anymore. He is most likely targeting Kalluto as well, which could cause complications with Illumi, who is affiliated with both Hisoka and the Phantom Troupe, and the rest of the Zoldyck Family. He is, however, not targeted by Kurapika despite being a former Phantom Troupe Member. He is on bad terms with some of theZodiacs and interested to fight Ging.

The Phantom Troupe is planning to infiltrate and meet up at the ship and steal from the Princes. Seeing as Kurapika did not know of the war of succession until he was hired, they are most likely heading into the War ignorant of the forces that each Prince has assembled. Chrollo Lucifer and most of the Phantom Troupe also currently believe Hisoka to be dead, though he let Machi live to spread the word. There may also be a new Member replacing the former #8, and one of the Members is part of the Zoldyck Family. They bear a grudge against Kurapika for killing Uvogin and Paku, some Members more so than others.

The Zoldyck Family have, in the past, participated in expeditions to the DC. One of the Family Members,Kalluto, is currently part of the Phantom Troupe and may be targeted by both Hisoka and Kurapika. Silva is mistrustful and on bad terms with the Phantom Troupe and Chrollo specifically, while Illumi is friends withHisoka and has been hired by Chrollo in the past. As they are a family of Assassins, they may be hired by any of the other Powers on the ship, including the Kakin Princes.

The Kakin Princes are about to start a war of succession on the ship. Some of the Princes look forward to this and have meticulously prepared forces designed to wipe out a army of Nen Users on the level of Pro Hunters. The princes the story focused on so far are the fourth Prince, who is in possession of the Kurta Eyes, the ninth Prince Harkenburg, and the sixth, seventh, tenth, twelvfth, thirteenth Princes who hired Izunavi, Basho, Melody, Hanzo and Biscuit respectively and the fourteenth Prince, who is under Kurapika'sprotection. They also need to keep up social appearances in order to avoid a mass panic of bystanders.

The bystanders admire King Nasubi, are ignorant of the dangers the BC poses and run danger to being caught up in the war of succession. They include the common population of Kakin who have drawn a ticket for the first ship, and most likely a number of politicians and various other rich and influential people.

Tl;dr this is going to be a merciless slaughter which will make the CAA look cute. And we haven’t even reached the Dark Continent.

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