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Can we celebrate November 20th as the airdate anniversary of the greatest webseries episode ever (or at least ONE OF the greatest ever, even if you don’t love AoJE)? Personally, if I ever had to pick a “Webseries Appreciation Day”, it would be then. Not because there weren’t more significant dates prior and not because it’s the most dramatic and not because nothing since has had any significance. But because I legitimately believe that “Kidnapped” marked the new ways in which webseries could go. They could go outside. They could go “off plot”. They could realistic without sacrificing interest. They could introduce music in a way that was significant to the story and significant to the viewer. They could show off a specific landscape/cityscape (not simply through transmedia).

Basically, “Kidnapped” was and remains revolutionary in the field and I just want to remember it always.

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Thank you for reopening your ask box! I've been wanting to ask if you know any fantasy AUs? Thank you and all the best in your studies!

Here are the supernatural!au , vampire!au , harry potter!au and werewolf!au tags for previously recommended fics! ^-^ I’m also going to add few that have been recommended before but are still ongoing if you’d like to check them out too! 

  • vampires

Where I’m From… Taehyung’s a vampire. Jungkook’s supposed to be a vampire hunter. But there’s no way that Taehyung would tell the other what he is. After all, the average nineteen-year old doesn’t want to turn into a pile of dust.

The Red Forest He was supposed to die, but before that they were planing to give him something more than just the pain. (PWP aka smut)

  •  Witches, wizards and everything magical

✄ Together, We Form a Necessary Paradox; Not a Senseless Contradiction The Curseproof Boys want to perform for the upcoming Wizarding Schools Quidditch Cup but Professor McGonagall disapproves (whilst Jimin wants a new guitarist but Taehyung has a problem with Slytherins). (Harry Potter! AU)

The Absolution Of Jeon Jungkook The day Jungkook entered the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, the War had been over for a decade. (Ongoing)

✄ Call It Magic The first time Taehyung sneezes, his hair turns purple.“Shit.” (Warlock!Taehyung, Ongoing)

  • other mythical fantastic stuff

✄ Don’t Be Shy (I’ll See You At Midnight) Jeongguk and Taehyung have always been a threat to the supernatural realm, their freedom stripped away from them as a precaution many years ago. But once King Yoongi deserts his post in order to chase after a human boy, everything starts to fall apart, and secrets that were once left buried rise to the surface. (Ongoing)

Into Smoke I’m Turned How do mortals kill a god? (Elemental magic)

✄ تقبرني Why must fireflies die so young?—Setsuko, Grave of the Fireflies, 1988, The word تقبرني, Ya'aburnee, has the literal meaning “you bury me” and expresses the hope that a person or loved one will outlive you, thereby sparing you the pain of living life beyond that person. (Magical Realism, Ghosts)

(If one quotes The Grave Of Fireflies in the summary, you know it’s gonna be an emotional rollercoaster) 

Mal'chut Hebrew;n. an attribute of God which does not emanate from God directly. Rather it emanates from God’s creation—when that creation reflects and evinces God’s glory from within itself. (Puella Magi Madoka Magica AU) 

Some of the fics are fluffy, some angsty, some who knows what, so check the tags of the fic before reading! 

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And So It Begins - Pilot Arrow 1x01 Review

Summer project time!!! I’m going to review Season 1 and 2 of Arrow as part of the Arrow rewatch. I’ve never reviewed episodes I’ve already watched, so this will be an interesting little experiment. Rest assured they will be shorter than my S3 reviews if I have any hope of maintaining my sanity this summer. Well some will be.

Before we get to the pilot I must first tell you my pilot story. I was knee deep into my Vampire Diaries obsession, headed into Season 4, when I saw a few promos for Arrow. I recognized Stephen from The Vampire Diaries (rest in peace Brady the werewolf), but didn’t know much about him or the show. However, any actor who looks like this 

and does that

…will grab my attention. My husband and I debate Fall TV shows like we’re choosing our Fantasy Football picks. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: What about Arrow?

Husband: (shrugs) Eh.

Me: It looks good.

Husband: You know what it’s about right?

Me: No.

Husband: The Green Arrow.

Me: What’s a Green Arrow?

He rolls his eyes.

Husband: Not A Green Arrow, THE Green Arrow. It’s a comic book character. Think Batman with a bow and arrow.

At the word “Batman” my ears perked up and my eyes brightened.

Husband: Yeah. Figured that’d get your attention.

Me: Oh I am so watching that. What else do you know?

Husband: He’s not a “good” superhero exactly. The Green Arrow kills people. Also, he’s married to The Black Canary.

Me: Who’s the Black Canary?

Husband: Sort of like a poor man’s Wonder Woman. My guess is that’s who Katie Cassidy is playing.

Me: Why don’t you want to watch?

Husband: I’m not a big Green Arrow guy.

Me: Well, he’s dark & twisty with a built in romance. I’m sold.

You can insert your laughing gifs here about my excitement over Laurel & Oliver.

I watched the pilot. I was AMAZED. I demanded my husband watch it. It was non negotiable. This was a must see. He watched the pilot in total silence. After it was over he turned to me and said, “Holy shit. That was awesome.” My response? “I KNOW!!!!” We were both hooked.

I say this having nearly 30 years of television viewing under my belt. 

Arrow is the best pilot I’ve ever seen.

Let’s dig in…

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Dream beyond the realm of realism! Give a smile brighter than the LED in your flashlights! Live a full life where its filled with ups, downs, positive energy and bliss! XDD

Dress/Forever 21 Plus/14.90$/Up to 3X
Shoes/Forever 21/27.90$/Up to 12

So this roster image is going around, and I wanna talk about it.

It could be real. I can’t find any of the unconfirmed characters artwork online, which is the first sign. It’s also disappointing, the second sign. Fakes tend to go above and beyond realism, but this has definitely undershot, if it’s not real.
And it could still be fake, it’s not something I’m believing is 100%, but it’s not disproven as far as I can see.

This roster is not very good. Seven newcomers total, and five characters lost. Marginally better if Ganondorf has been reworked (though without the Trident it’s still kinda lame :P). Toon Link so far doesn’t bode well for the future of Falco and Ganondorf.

Losses here. No Snake, which people are pretty confident in. No Lucas or Wolf, which is a shame, but lots of people are against these semi-clone characters (though I personally like Wolf and Lucas better than their ‘original’ counterparts).
No Ike, which everyone seems to think is happening, but I honestly don’t. He’s unique, and pretty popular. I’d be disappointed to see him go. 
ROB as well, people aren’t sure if he’ll be back, but he’s a unique fighter with an important history! I’m not gonna be cut up too much if he isn’t back, but I was thinking if he was, it would be to make room for a new character.

Gains, literally just Chrom. Another sword user. While I’m almost sure he’ll be in, I really hoped that he wouldn’t replace Ike, and have him be the only newcomer not yet revealed? How disappointing.