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That was the most perfect and wonderful thing I have ever listened to in my entire life. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an album like it.

Thank you so much Bastille.

Lucy: What was it like working with the cast and crew of Supernatural?

Travis: I live in an independent world and I’ve worked in an independent world for 15 years and the hardest thing is that just as you start to get going the project is wrapped. Just as everybody starts to learn their job the project is wrapped, that’s the hard part about independent filmmaking. This production is beyond a well oiled machine. To step onto a set where everybody knows each other, not just each other work-wise but also personally. They know each others families, their kids, they know how each other prepares; they know that Jensen will only need two takes for that scene or that he’ll get that [scene] done in one. These boys they come in and boom it’s done. Even with the fight scenes, Jensen could practically choreograph them himself! He comes in and we have the wonderful stunt coordinator “Big Lou” who choreographs the fight. But he says ‘just let Jensen do this because he knows what he’s doing.’ So Jensen comes in and he’s like boom boom boom and you’re like holy shit…

Lucy: Like the alleyway fight scene where Dean throws Cole through the window.

Travis: All of the fight scenes. Jensen, after 10 years doing this, is just so good at this stage fighting. You can be a professional boxer but that doesn’t mean you know how to camera fight. I think I’m four years older than Jensen but I felt like he was a senior in high school and I was a freshmen. Like he could have said ‘Okay kid I’m gonna show you how it works around here!’ He didn’t say that, he’s super sweet, but it’s like walking on campus for the first time as a freshman. He could put his arm around you and tell you how it is. I really looked up to him and I could not have been taught by anybody better. It was probably the best three fight scenes of my life where it came off great, looked good, acting was done well and nobody got injured.

Lucy: I thought the scene in the alleyway was fantastic; the violence of the fight leading into the emotional discussion afterwards.

Travis: *laughs* I hope you get to see the outtakes for season ten and I believe they’ll use this; the scene where I throw the holy water at Dean in 10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls, they originally gave me an entire jug of water and I was like ‘would Cole really be carrying around this jug of water? Don’t I need like a flask?’ But that was all they had. It was this huge container of water and they drilled a small hole in the top of it, so on the first take when I first tried to do the splash barely any water came out. So they drilled this huge hole and on top of that they didn’t fasten the top very well. So in the next take, we’re doing it, and I throw the water and the entire thing of water came out and up in Jensen’s face and up his nose. He was saturated. In my entire 15 year career I have never laughed so hard. And I felt so bad for laughing because it was genuinely not the funnest to get a jug of water up his nostrils, but he handled it well and even managed to stay in character. And managed to say his line afterwards. If they were to use that in the actual take it would have been like a comedy! I hope people get to see it. A day later I walked up to him and said, ‘Dude you’re the star of the show and I did not make that happen, I hope you know that, I would never do that.’ He was kind about it but in the back of my mind after that, any scenes with Jensen I was thinking, ‘He is going to get me back.’


Hey, Big Corporations, You Can Do Better. Here’s One Place To Start.

Wild World in a nutshell
  • Good Grief:the first track of the album!!!
  • The Currents:OH MY GOD MY GOD. I need air...
  • An Act of Kindness:stalker alert! a song for slow dancing in a club
  • Warmth:there it is! the albums title OMFG. hold me close.
  • Glory:there's no looking up for heaven after that moment at 3:05 MY GOD THAT WAS PRECIOUS
  • Power:the guitar parts in this song is POWERful
  • Two Evils:yup. still reminds me of that falling girl...
  • Send Them Off!:EPIC. brass wind instruments for the win!
  • Four Walls(The Ballad of Perry Smith):when Dan says "four walls" is eargasmic af
  • Blame:at last a studio version of this song!
  • Fake It:the drums are strong in this one. Dan singing 'my love' and 'go back' in the end is life
  • Snakes:finally the lyrics are settled in this song!
  • Winter Of Our Youth:a song that's kinda reminiscing of Laughter Lines
  • Way Beyond:Dan throws shade to social media people
  • Oil On Water:kind of like the sequel to What Would You Do?
  • Campus:FFS HEAVEN. HELP DAN. HELP HIM. college life is hard you know...
  • Shame:I CAN SEE A CHANGE. what is this? i feel funkiness coursing through me. in a good way that is..

“Beyond The Infinite”
oil on wood

Bennett Slater

My contribution to Gallery 1988’s 10th Anniversary show! I’m incredibly honoured to be included in celebrating their landmark, and I’m humbled by the list of artists in the show.

The theme of this show could be anything we wanted, with a subtle inclusion of pop culture. With SUCH an open theme, it was incredibly difficult to get started. I decided on tackling my favourite filmmaker of all time, Stanley Kubrick.. because.. Stanley Kubrick.

running into other players in level 50 dungeons, more or less

WAR: Has been playing the class since 2.2 and hasn’t updated his or her gear since then beyond maybe sands or oils. Either the best tank you could ask for or an insufferable speedrunning asshole because they haven’t updated their attitude towards dungeons since 2.2 speedflox, either.

PLD: Either godly or literally just picked the class up and struggling to hold aggro. There is very little space in between. (That space is filled by somebody with 7k+ HP who still can’t hold aggro.)

DRG: Usually inoffensive, but seething with a passive-aggressive desire to stand out enough to get the commendation that they will never get because they are a dragoon. Most likely to use unprompted limit breaks. Alternatively, this is their first non-tank class and they still want to set the party’s pace by pulling everything and telling everyone what to do.

MNK: In terms of playing ability, monks are universally competent and contribute good DPS. Unfortunately, this makes absolutely no guarantees about their attitude and behavior. If you’re lucky, you’ve got one who doesn’t talk much, or is even friendly. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be praying they drop before the second boss.

NIN: 8/10 times this will be the melee DPS you queue with. Ninjas are a wide range of players of varying skill and gear lev- oh who am I kidding, knowing your luck you’re going to get stuck with an incredibly nasty one for whom this is their ninth relic and who literally does not care about anything other than getting lights quickly, or one for whom this is their first relic and who still doesn’t actually know their class mechanics.

BLM: At least half of all DPS who queue for level 50 content are going to be black mages. At least. Regardless of who they are, the black mage is simultaneously your best friend and worst enemy. You will breeze through trash mobs at the speed of light, but they will rip aggro in new and exciting ways on a regular basis, and you’ll never quite be sure if they mean anything by it. They probably didn’t even notice.

SMN: Encountering summoners in the duty finder is a myth. The only time you will ever have this happen is if you also queue as a summoner, and then there will be a really awkward moment of gauging each other regarding who ought to bring out Ifrit-egi. If it happens, it’s always the other guy.

WHM: Be on your best behavior, because WHMs are the more likely healer class to withhold healing if you’re being an asshole. They know they’re valuable, and that they aren’t going to be undermined by a fairy’s AI if they decide one of you little shits has been misbehaving. White mages are battle-scarred veterans of duty finder bullshit. Even the fresh 50s.

SCH: The more likely healer class to be tabbed out and watching Netflix, because they know they can get away with it. If they have Eos out, it is because they are watching Netflix or because they are insecure about their ability to play their job. If they have Selene out, they are confident and probably just want to be done as soon as possible.

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Anonymous asked: 

In your opinion, if the Lannisters lived today, what would they do? What would their professions and jobs be for example, their hobbies, politics, social stuff etc? :)

The road to becoming the richest family in Europe ( and only number 9 in the world) was not easy for the Lannisters (but the fact that their ancestors struck oil certainly didn’t hurt). Today, Lord Tywin Lannister is the head of Lannister Industries, a multinational company that, beyond the oil business, is involved in, well, everything.

And as the company itself, Tywin has been involved in just as much : after graduating Oxford School of Business summa cum laudae,  Lord Tywin inherited his father’s company, completely destroyed any competition that he might have had, and after serving as a consultant for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills for many years, Tywin is definitely considered one of the most powerful men in the UK. In fact, he may be as powerful enough to be voted the next Prime Minister.

Jaime Lannister, Tywin’s eldest son, does not like to be in the spotlight, but accepts it as a family curse. In his youth, Jaime served in Afghanistan, and a difficult decision almost ended his life : Jaime had to choose between the order he was given and the safety of his comrades. His father’s influence was the only thing that saved him from  Military Justice. Today, Jaime runs a group destined to protect soldiers who face similar situations, despite his father’s requests to take over the family company. 

Cersei, Jaime’s twin, has always been in charge with the family’s charity work , even though she hates it with a burning passion. She feels that organizing glamorous parties and simply being the feminine side of the Lannisters is not worthy of her Master’s Degree in Business. A degree she felt she wasted the moment she had to marry Robert Baratheon, in order to ensure her father’s biggest merger. Ever since, she hopes that her father’s last will and testament will name her heir to everything the family holds.  Today, tabloids always talk of her spending more time at her family’s house than her husband’s, always in the company of her handsome  brother. 

Tyrion, the youngest of the Lannister siblings, has faced unwanted attention ever since he was a baby, due to the circumstances of his birth. For months, the tabloids raved about the death of Joanna Lannister and the disability of Tywin Lannister’s newborn son. But Tyrion never allowed it to rule his life. Instead, he graduated Oxford School of Business summa cum laude and became the unofficial spokesperson of Lannister Industries, the media loving his witty remarks and always comparing him to his father.  However, his love of drinking, gambling and pretty women always gives Tywin  a reason to threaten his not so beloved son that he will disinherit him.