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Gift - [BTS] Husband!Taehyung Au

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Great thing about being a medical professional is the fact that you could talk about sex intellectually that it didn’t feel like such a dirty topic to discuss about, when you throw in medical terminology as you go.

“Stress could also be the reason for a reduced libido you know.” Your doctor best friend was signing off a prescription as she sandwiched her phone in between her ears and shoulder.

You were doing the exact same thing but instead of signing prescription, you were slicing potatoes for the spicy stew Taehyung requested. Your mother in law just passed the hallway, carrying some folded laundries. It was weekend at the in-laws, and the day is on full swing.

Taehyung went fishing with his father and had just returned. You hadn’t speak to him today because he was out before the sun came up. He did nothing more than plant a kiss on your temple when he walked in, a little sweatier than usual, and a bit dishevelled. He announced that he was going to take a shower and said he wasn’t going to take long.

You leave the knife and potatoes behind, and followed after him. Wiping your hands on your apron, as your eyes wandered to his wide set of shoulders from the back. The stew is left to boil down, to thicken the broth. It tastes better that way. You need to take Taehyung’s clothes to wash. “Did you catch a lot?” You chirped and Taehyung glanced behind, smiling playfully.

“I was extremely lucky today…” he gushes and turned the knob to the bedroom you shared with him, leaving the leaf open for you. He pulled the dampened shirt over his head, sighing loudly. You could hear how tired he was but oh still, so very mesmerizing. The glistening sweat down his back, made him look like he’s glowing. “It was very hot outside…” his voice dropped an octave lower without him realizing. He handed the shirt with both hand and again, brushed his lips to the skin just above your brows before heading to the bathroom.

You watch him from the door sill as he rinsed his face roughly. Then he grabbed a razor from the side drawer, mumbling, “I didn’t even got to shave because we left in a hurry… how was your sleep?” He asked, eyeing you from the mirror. He had on a pink headband that was initially yours but you gave it to him because he likes it.

“So-so.” You pursed your lips, wrapping his shirt around your arm. “Oh yes, I was going to tell you—” he halted because he thougjt he heard something and he was right. His mother was calling for you. In a way that isn’t a scolding, but more of a enquiry kind. You sped out of the room with Taehyung’s shirt and was by her side at once.

“Yes, mother?”

“The stew tastes really good already, I added the potatoes for you. I was thinking of making a green onion pancakes….” his mother suggested. She was requesting it in a way that doesn’t sound too harsh. Of course you would fulfil. You only had a million things to do at once.

But still, you smiled. How hard can it be.. The laundries that had been dried wouldn’t fold themselves, these new dirty laundries aren’t going to wash themselves, and these stew wouldn’t cook themselves. And this was not why you were bitter. Well, not the least.

Taehyung didn’t remember. Not the slightest. None of his family member realises. Everyone was asking something from you and you were fulfilling every wish since you set foot here and no one, not even your husband remembered.

That it was a very special day today.

After collecting everyone’s dirty clothes, including father’s, you didn’t waste a second longer to have it washed. Then, you head to your room with Taehyung to charge Taehyung’s phone for him. It has been bleeping since he went into the shower. You could hear him exhaling heavily when the water hits him. So you rushed to the laundry room to pause the washing. The water in the shower gets really hot if the washing machine is being used.

Setting away the stew from the stove, you placed a pan, next. You heard Taehyung exiting the washroom but is too occupied with making coffee for the evening, to have told him you charged his phone. “I’ll tell him when he asks for it.” You thought. Mother slid her arms around your waist and smiled at you. “Everything okay?” She asked.

Of course you said yes. You simply didn’t have the heart to say otherwise.

“The stew tastes amazing. I have the rice cooked. All we need to do is set the table.” She patted your shoulder and like always, you will get to it, immediately. You were already kneeling to the lower cabinet to grab bowls when you heard Taehyung calling for you.

“Darling. Where is my pants?” He shouted from afar. “In the drawer!” You yelled back. Mother was grinning and shaking her head as she lifts the pan and coat it with oil. “Which one?” Taehyung asked.

“The first one the left. Bottom left.” You yelled, still taking out bowls.

“Why can’t I find it!?” Taehyung pouts. You rolled your eyes and felt mother patting your shoulder gently. “Go, I’ll finish everything here.” She smiled and urged you to help your helpless husband who is also your greatest challenge in life.

“If I find it the moment I stepped into the room, I’m gonna…” you nagged, fixing the last bowl on the dining table and you heard Taehyung finished your sentence for you, “…kiss me?” And you bit your smile as you dragged your feet down the hall to his bedroom.

Walking in to him, not in sight, and having a pair of strong arms giving you a back hug, startled you. He plants a kiss on the back of your head and you could smell the fresh scent of his shower cream, dancing around your nose. “What are you doing… you found your pants…” you said, looking down. Your feet is so much smaller compared to his.

He is smiling. You could feel it. He lifts one fist in front of your eyes, pressing his chin on your head, and dangle down a necklace, with it’s pendant, twinkling. Taehyung brushed his lips on the shell of your right ear and whispered in his gravely deep voice, “Happy birthday, honey.”

You couldn’t believe your eyes. You were astounded. The day had you sweating endlessly, wishing that you could just lay down for five minutes to celebrate your forgotten birthday alone. You were already accepting the fact that your birthday will pass without anyone knowing or anyone caring. Also, you did all the prep talk about how your dream surprise party will never come to be, and yet, Taehyung had a necklace around your neck now, muttering sweet things in your ear, touching, and caressing you in all the right places, all the while being fully clothed.

“I have a dinner to attend.” You said pushing his hands away to fiddle with the necklace he just put on you. “I know, but we got to buy some time. Jungkook is late with the donuts.” He murmurs to your lips, and have you backed up against the wall. “I just want to thank you, for being my wife. And I know I put you through hell today. You thought I went fishing with my dad? We went to a jewellery shop in town to take the custom made necklace I designed, last February.” He smiled and gave you a hug instead.

“But your shirt. It was damp.” You pursed your lips, gazing up at him. “We ran laps. You didn’t even realized that we didn’t bring our fishing rods. The plan was to stress you out so much that you wouldn’t speak. And then give you this necklace and have donuts, since you hate cakes.”

Taehyung led you out of the room and, “Surprise!”

Birthday caps, donuts, and hugs. The greatest gifts are here. In all of these people. Especially that one. With that boxy smile and an attractive nose mole, that one who’s name is, “Kim. Taehyung.”


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Jungkook is sketching something here and I’m almost 100% certain it’s the same portrait of Yoongi he was holding in his BEGIN short film


They were NEVER normal

When you promised yourself you wouldn’t fall for BTS anymore:

*After watching Jimin’s Seredepity video*