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He followed me home, chap. 4

Title: Hew followed me home,,  

Rating:   T

Summary :  The whole world gets involved when you and your new boyfriend, Chris Evans, adopt a friend for Dodger but then can’t settle on a name.   .

This chapter:  Chris and reader navigate some unexpected twists.  Fluff and some angst, a teensy bit of social anxiety and a little making out. 

Happy Birthday @theycallmebecca!!    We’re finally at the end!    Thanks so much to @arizonapoppy for her awesome and timely help.   Oenethera5 is the one who came up with the winning name.  Hope you all like it.   Because I rushed to get this up for Becca’s big day it is not beta’d.  If y’all spot anything too heinous let me know :)

You can find Chapter 1  etc. here:    He Followed Me Home,   .tags for folks below the cut

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Two weeks after puppy comes home Chris goes back to work.  

 There’s a whirlwind of press to do for Red Sea Diving and Avengers 3, and with the rave reviews for both (and his Broadway debut) your giant, bouncing labrador of a boyfriend is on a high.  

 This night his assignment is Jimmy Kimmel Live.  

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