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Beyond jazzed I got the chance to create an illustration for ‘Two Scoops’, an ice cream shop dating sim. 💕🍨💕

If you’d like to see this game come to life or even snag a postcard of this piece, make sure to head on over to the Kickstarter and make a donation (No cash? Don’t sweat it, retweets/re-blogs are always appreciated)!

P.S. Only 11 days left on the campaign so swing on by soon if you’re interested!…/two-scoops-an-ice-cream-shop-…

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In the arrange of dope I only saw 6 of them on stage, do you know who was missing?

  • This ask is about this post about Dope Jazzy Vers that not many ARMYs are aware of HERE
  • Find the full performance (Butterfly +Dope Jazzy vers + Run) from KBS Music Festival Part.1 (151230), f  HERE 

Rapmonster was absent. Prior to the live broadcasting of the music festival, Big Hit wrote, “We are letting you know that BTS member Rap Monster will be absent from the stage at the ‘2015 KBS Music Festival,’ which will air live at 7:50 PM tonight (December 30).  Right after the on-site rehearsal today, Rap Monster fell over while going down an incline, and there was an accident.  While there is no external injury, he went straight to a nearby hospital just in case and is currently waiting for a thorough examination for a more detailed analysis.  We ask for understanding from the fans as we disclose the news that Rap Monster will hence be absent from today’s stage.  We sincerely apologize for making the fans worry.” 

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Rapmon makes me worry on a daily I swear … lately he does not injure himself that much but in the past I swear ARMYs had a trauma.

Part IV of that Danny Phantom fic with Lancer.

(The Trouble with Ghosts: Prologue/Part I/Part II/Part III/Part IV/Part V)

When Danny opened his eyes, he was staring into Jazz’s anxious face. He tried to smile but, judging by the increase in worry in Jazz’s expression, it came out more like a grimace. “Hey,” he managed.

“This is bad, Danny,” Jazz said bluntly. “You need help.”

“Thanks for sugar coating it, Jazz.” Another attempt at a smile. “Just what I needed.”

“I’m serious,” Jazz insisted. “You’re not healing properly. Not like you usually do. Do you know how long it took me to wake you up? Danny, I don’t even know how long you’ve been unconscious. I don’t know how bad this is!”

“So you’re worried because you don’t know everything?”

“Quit that,” Jazz snapped, losing her patience. “Stop pretending this isn’t something we need to deal with. You were plenty worried yourself when you called me.” Then, immediately, “Oh, I’m sorry, little brother, I just….”

“You’re worried. I get it.” Stupid throbbing head. Stupid aching everything. Jazz was right. He was better at pretending now than he had been on the phone. Probably because he had to look her in the eye, to see her reaction to every grimace and moan on his part. “So now what?”

“I don’t know,” Jazz admitted. “Maybe we should take you to Frostbite. You said he helped you before, right?”

“Yeah, but now’s different.” Danny shifted, trying to get into a more comfortable position. It didn’t work. Every movement he made just started the shooting pains running through his body again. “This isn’t a ghost thing.”

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I've headcanoned for a long time that Danny dies super young - like, late teens/early twenties. He's been too lucky for too long, even if most ghosts aren't actively trying to kill him. Maybe it's not even ghosts - maybe he's just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But he dies early and since he has unfinished business, he's back again - but maybe not ALL of him. He's not the Danny we all know and love. Maybe he realises this. Maybe he doesn't. Either way, he's around to watch everyone die.

Hold onto your seat Anon because Danny dying then coming back is an idea I love.

When ghosts die, they melt into ectoplasm. Danny is no different, and if he dies in his ghost form there won’t be a body left to bury. Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom both go missing, and Sam, Tucker, and Jazz are beyond worried. They search everywhere- and Vlad’s twice. It’s two weeks after he goes ‘missing’ that Jazz, while getting out of the shower, finds her name written in the steam on the mirror.

Of course, she’s terrified. That is in no way shape or form natural, and then she thinks she sees something in the corner of her eye. Jazz screams and puts her hand on the mirror to support herself, but when she turns towards it there’s nothing there. And she’s smudged her name.

The next event that happens is a group of ten year old boys playing with an Ouija board. They contact a spirit who says his name’s Danny, and one of them asks if the spirit is Danny Phantom. Their reply is 'Yes and no’, and when one of the boys ask what that means, Danny tells them he 'was a Fenton first.’

One of the boys tell their mom, who freaks and goes to Maddie and Jack demanding they explain. She doesn’t get a chance to, and ends up yelling at Jazz instead. Jazz gets Sam and Tucker, and they get an Ouija board.

They don’t talk to Danny personally, but the spirit they talk to claims the beings like him are called 'Flickers’, since they flicker between this world and another. Flickers, by most people, can only be seen from the corner of your eye and sometime in mirrors. And then that Flicker tells them a location that they might be interested in.

It’s behind a dumpster in an alleyway, and there’s a Fenton Thermos a little ways away. And all over this location is one of the biggest puddles of ectoplasm they have ever seen. And in the dust and the dirt, there’s something written which looks suspiciously like 'I’m sorry.’

It’s Tucker who breaks down first. Then Jazz, but Sam just stares at it numbly for a few minutes. Then she sees a broken mirror a little ways away, and it almost looks like Danny is standing right behind them.

is there a fic where the EMH sets eyes on Vic Fontaine and falls in love instantly because?????? honestly????????????

they’d be so great for each other.

Vic is so fantastically humble to a bit of a self-deprecating degree and i feel like he’d help the Doc figure out a lot and help him be comfortable in his photons and forcefields as a hologram and on the flipside the Doctor would help Vic see that it would be worth it to expand beyond his base programming and ask for more. write his own songs, play with genres, get to know the galaxy on a personal level instead of serving as a translation matrix for others’ problems. 

they have some foils in their writing like the doc is programmed to heal while he loves to perform and vic is programmed to perform but he ends up healing [nog’s leg] 

and they have a very odd couple type of contrast in their personalities too


after voyager gets back the doctor expects to somehow find a perfect life with a wife and 2.5 kids but he ends up with a jazzy husband and starts work on a second mobile emitter for him and they end up mutually punching holes in federation music vernacular because their combined musical interests lead to places beyond classical and smooth jazz (thank fuck)

Curious isn’t care.  a poem by Ryan Lowrie

Grocery shopping with a limp from a torn thing that was treated as far as it could go

I’m standing in front of the glass doors of the frozen food section.  

Pondering between types of frozen french fries.

  above and beyond the soft jazz musak pop rock that flutters down from the dusty bunnied ceiling I hear a grown woman whimper.

Over my shoulder I spot a woman blowing her nose.  She looks like a supervisor I used to have in shameless laborious wage chasing adulthood.  Using a tissue covered thumb to clean out the unpleasantness from her proboscis, she spots me gandering over my shoulder at her and split second polite smiles before registering that I was another wage chimp beneath her iron fist.

Long time no see, sighed in defeat.  How have you been?

I shrug and ask her what she’s crying about.  She asks me why do I care about what she cares and I tell her that I don’t care but I’m curious.

She was picking out a frozen cake to take to her mom’s for her mother’s birthday next week because she didn’t have time to cook a cake.  She could cook a cake in a week.  It’s not a question of time.  It’s a question of wanting to and she doesn’t want to and that makes her feel guilty because it’s her mom and she should care more about her mother but she doesn’t and that makes her feel bad that she didn’t become a better person to her mother.  She just realized that she didn’t become the person her mother wanted her to be.

We stood quiet in the frozen food section for a few minutes nodding and then I asked if her mother had become the woman she wanted her to be as a kid.  What does that have to do with anything?  Everything.  

You feel you didn’t become the person your parents wanted you to be.  They probably didn’t become who you wanted them to be either.

Chances of them becoming the older person you wanted them to be are just as slim because you’re not them and they’re not you and eventually you’re going to have to do your own thing and sever the parents’ leash.  The sooner the better.  If your mother doesn’t want to eat crow then let her eat cake. 

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Welcome to EverythingTimeless’ Weekly Roundtable, a sprawling discussion in which your friendly neighborhood Mod Time Team breaks down episodes of our favorite show, Timeless. We can’t promise to be coherent, but we’ll try our best. Lovely header gif courtesy of our pal @lady-demelza.

This week: Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot

Sarah: I think that we should first state that we are currently blogging this from what we consider the present: Wednesday, the 11th of July.

Ann: I hate to break it to you, Sarah. But it is actually the 12th of July.

Sarah: Well, I am in the past. Apparently. Changing it.

Ann: *Lucy screams in the distance*

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“Bobby has a very open mind. He hears and feels a lot of things that are beyond the limits of jazz as that term has been conventionally used. Also, he’s a very warm person–direct and candid–and that comes through in his music. What he plays has a particular lift to it because he himself is so alive, because he so digs being.” - Herbie Hancock 

Bobby Hutcherson during the recording session for Andrew Hill, Judgement 1964

“The closer we get to the holidays, like, the happier I am. Can you believe it’s only forty three days until christmas? That’s like, nothing! I’m beyond jazzed, you have no idea,” Pina squeaked, going through her pinterest board of holiday ideas.

My love for p.o.v. mixes is only surpassed by my love for Beyond Belief. These jazz mixes will work for for just about any of your other adorable otps though, I’m sure. And just in time for Valentine’s Day! [you can listen on 8tracks by clicking the titles]

You Couldn’t Be Cuter (Frank’s Mix):  Let’s Fall In LoveHarold Arlen ❤ My Kind of GirlDean Martin ❤ I Only Have Eyes For YouBen Selvin ❤ You Were Meant For Me | The Piccadilly Players ❤ Night And DayFrank Sinatra ❤ S` WonderfulDonald O'Connor ❤ Would You Like to Be the Love of My LifeFred Astaire ❤ You Couldn’t Be CuterAl Bowlly with Lew Stone and the Monseigneur Band ❤I Didn’t Know What Time It WasBobby Darin ❤ How Deep is the Ocean Artie Shaw with Hal Stevens ❤ (I Love You) For Sentimental ReasonsNat King Cole ❤ Only ForeverTommy Dorsey with Allan Storr ❤ Our Love Is Here To StayAbe Lyman 

You Hit the Spot (Sadie’s Mix): ❤ Isn’t it a PitySarah Vaughan ❤ Just You, Just MeRosemary Clooney ❤ Them There EyesPeggy Lee ❤ Mr. WonderfulKeely Smith ❤ You’d Be So Nice to Come Home ToElla Fitzgerald ❤ ‘Deed I Do | Lena Horne ❤ We’re TogetherBlossom Dearie ❤ You Hit The SpotKay Thompson ❤ I’m Glad There Is YouJulie London ❤ Ev'rything I LoveClaude Thornhill & Lillian Lane ❤ SugarBillie Holiday ❤ Till the End of TimeLes Brown & Doris Day ❤ What is There to Say | Beverly Kenney